Da Lat cherry blossoms bloom early

LAM DONG – A typical spring leopard of Da Lat has been blooming since early November on a number of mountain streets.

From the beginning of November, on the tourist community sites of Da Lat, local people and tourists posted the news of cherry blossoms blooming on Nam Ho street (ward 11) and the bend of Cay Mai (Xuan Tho commune).

As a local, Mr. Nguyen Bui Duy Nguyen (1991), community administrator of Da Lat Da Lat on Facebook, said that since he was a child, he has not seen any flower season coming as early as this year. According to this situation, he predicted that Da Lat in December would be very touristy.

Some cherry apricot trees in Cay Mai crab (Xuan Tho commune) flower on November 6.  Photo: Pham Kim Nhan
Some cherry apricot trees in Cay Mai crab (Xuan Tho commune) flower on November 6. Photo: Pham Kim Nhan

Cherry apricot is a plant that lives in temperate climates, requiring a low enough temperature to flower. According to the normal growth cycle, at the end of autumn, the tree will lose all its leaves, then “hibernate” for about 2 weeks before blooming, maintaining 1-2 months. If the weather is favorable, the plant will produce beautiful and uniform flowers. However, if the weather is unusual, such as too cold, too hot or rainy a lot, the time when the flowers bloom will be affected.

Over the past 10 years, cherry apricots in Da Lat bloom erratically. In 2017, flowers bloom at the end of February. While in 2018 and 2019, at the end of December, flowers bloomed many routes. This year, many locals predict that cherry apricots will be in full bloom in early December and will no longer be blooming when the New Year comes.

Cherry apricot tree was planted in Da Lat more than 60 years ago, popular on the street. It is estimated that Da Lat currently has 80,000 cherry blossom trees.

Some areas where cherry blossoms are welcomed by tourists are Tran Hung Dao street, Hung Vuong street, Da Quy slope, along the way to Trai Mat, the direction of Cau Dat tea hill, Nam Ho road to Tho Xuan, around Xuan lake. Huong, Tuyen Lam lake, Dalat University, the forest behind Lang Biang, a residential area in Da Sar district (Lac Duong district) …

The time of bloom and the beauty of flowers are not similar in Da Lat City, Tuyen Lam Lake or Lac Duong district due to the weather, soil, soil moisture between different regions. Flowers usually bloom about half a month apart.

In addition to cherry apricot, Da Lat this season is also full of wildflowers, snow grass, rose grass.