Going to Ba Vi to watch the wildflowers bloom

HANOI – In the cold weather, mild sunshine, wildflowers spread brilliant yellow color on the slopes of Ba Vi National Park.

Anemones in Ba Vi National Park usually flower around October – November every year. The vivid yellow color of the flower forest becomes a feature that attracts many visitors to the garden during this time.

From the garden gate to the 1,100 m base (the foot of the Thuong Temple), the wildflowers are dyed yellow on both sides of the road. The most concentrated area is at a height of 400 m with a flower forest up to 10 ha wide. Left, wild anemones are scattered in many other areas.

Representatives of Ba Vi National Park said that in November, on average, each day, the park has about 700 to 1,000 visitors. Weekends reached about 8,000. However, compared with the number of visitors in the same period last year, this number still decreased by about 40-50%.

Minh Anh, a visitor from Hanoi, shared: “This is my first visit to the national park on this occasion, the flowers are blooming and thicker than Dalat. I looked at the pictures on the internet and people checked-in were very crowded, so I wanted to come and tell them “.

The flower hill is 3 km away from Thuong Temple.

The French brought this flower to plant in Ba Vi around 1930. For many years, wild anemones were considered wildflowers and were cut off whenever they cleared. Since 2015, realizing that tourists love this flower, the national park has grown more wild anemones to develop into a tourism product.

The wildflowers season lasts about a month and is most beautiful for 2 weeks when the flowers are in full bloom. Visitors should note that they do not pick flowers, litter, or leave the car in the right place.

Fly the hot air balloon as high as a 6-story building

In 2020, Ba Vi National Park will organize more activities to perform hot air balloons, watching wildflowers from a height of 50 m. Visitors to the national park need to buy an additional ticket for the event of 60,000 VND / person. If you want to experience flying, the cost is 300,000 VND / person.

Ngan Duong – Ngoc Diep

To reach Ba Vi National Park, visitors can follow Thang Long Avenue or Highway 32 and then follow the provincial highway 414 (Son Tay – Da Chong). When you meet the gate of Ba Vi district, go about 800 meters more to see the nameplate of the national park, turn left and go another 1 km to reach the gate.

The admission fee is 60,000 VND / person, 30,000 VND for students, students, and priority subjects.