8 famous places in Phu Yen make you want to pack and go right away

Phu Yen – Land of yellow flowers on green grass is not only beautiful in the pages of Nguyen Nhat Anh, in the movies of director Vitor Vu, but in real life, the scenery is more heartwarming than that. Compass Travel Vietnam will introduce to you 8 famous places in Phu Yen that make you want to pack up and go right away.

1. Dai Lanh Lighthouse – The place to welcome the first sunrise of the country

Dai Lanh (or Mui Dien) of Phu Yen province captivates people with the clear Mon beach, the stretching, and undulating sand. The most interesting is to follow the trail, go to the lighthouse, watch the vast blue sea, slow-moving trains, strangely shaped rocky mountains, or become one of the earliest people to welcome the new day at the “Eastmost lighthouse” of the Fatherland. This is one of eight lighthouses dating back more than 100 years out of a total of 79 operating lighthouses in our country.


Dai Lanh Lighthouse – The place to welcome the first sunrise of the country.

How to go: Dai Lanh Lighthouse is about 24km from Tuy Hoa city, follow National Highway 1A to the middle of Ca pass, meet the way down to Vung Ro, take the asphalt road to the East about 5km to Bai Mon – Mui Dien. The fee to visit Dai Lanh cape is currently about 10,000VND / person.

2. Hon Nua

105m high, Hon Nua has a shape like a pillar that divides the southern door into Vung Ro Bay, so in the unified Dai Nam, write it as the Pillar. Coming to Hon Nua, you will be amazed at the small beach about 500m long in an arc shape, with smooth white sand and fresh sea water. Better yet, if you bring diving gear, you will admire the enchanting beauty of the coral reefs on the coastal seabed.


Hon Nua – the beach is pure and wild. Way to go: Out to Hon Nua, the most convenient one should start from Vung Ro Port Bridge. With nearly 30 minutes of motorboats, you will be set foot on the island.

3. Vung Ro

Vung Ro is surrounded by Ca Pass, Da Bia mountain and Hon Ba, which used to be an important harbor of Ho Chi Minh road on the sea. Vung Ro has 12 small beaches, each with its own characteristics, but each is charming with a blue sea bow, long sandy stretches suitable for visitors, swimming or enjoying seafood. Visitors can also hire a fisherman’s boat to go to the sea to explore the vastness of the ocean or conquer the top of Da Bia mountain which is always immersed in the nearby white mist.


Vung Ro – charming waters in Phu Yen

How to go: From Tuy Hoa city, you follow National Highway 1A about 30 km, then to Ca Pass about, after 12 km of pass, you turn left on the road to Vung Ro port (total distance is about 45 km). Or you go along the coastal road Phuoc Tan – Bai Nga. If you have plenty of time to stop for sightseeing, you should rent a motorbike to go very conveniently.

4. Rock Disc

Da Dia rapids have an area of ​​about 2 square kilometers, the narrowest place is about 50 meters, the longest is 200 meters. From a distance, the rapids look like stacks of dishes in a ceramic kiln or steps protruding into the sea. After enjoying walking on the rapids, the beach stretching nearly 3km promises to bring visitors moments of relaxation. This is considered a nature that nature especially favors Phu Yen land .4_2Rock Disc is known as a masterpiece of nature

How to go: From Tuy Hoa city, follow National Highway 1A about 30km to the North, turn right to Chi Thanh town about 12km to reach Da Dia rapids. You can follow the coastal route, from Tuy Hoa City to Da Dia Ganh about 35km long. In spring or summer, you can go by boat (it takes 1-2 hours), departing from the port of Ward 6, Tuy Hoa city in the North direction to reach Da Dia cliff. Or from Dan Phuoc harbor, Song Cau town, take a boat to visit Xuan Dai Bay, go to the mouth of the bay in the south to reach Da Dia rapids.

5. Xuan Dai Bay

From the top of Gang slope, visitors will admire the charming painting with immense coconut forest, majestic mountains surrounding a clear green waters of Xuan Dai Bay in the territory of Xuan Tho and Xuan communes. Thinh and Song Cau town of Phu Yen province. In the bay, there are many beautiful pools and beaches such as Vung La, Vung Su, Vung Chao and many islands and peninsulas. The beaches here have clear and not deep water, visitors can swim far away without fear of danger.5_3Xuan Dai Bay – a bay that captivates the sea lovers who do not want to return.

How to go: From Tuy Hoa city, you follow Highway 1A to the North about 45km. Then you take the train to the bay.

6. Spraying Area

Coming here, visitors can not only enjoy the lyrical landscape of the country but also study cultural relics such as Huong Tich Pagoda – one of the ancient temples in Phu Yen. In addition, this charming mountainous landscape also has many attractive tourist activities such as: Learn forest ecology, rock climbing, stream bathing, camping …6_1Spray Area – A place to experience the thrills with cool water.

7. Hon Chua Island

Hon Chua , located off the coast of Long Thuy, in An Phu commune, Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province, about 6-7 kilometers from the coast. Looking out from the mainland, the pagoda is green like a carpet spread on the sea. In the sea bed around the Pagoda are colorful coral rapids, suitable for sheltering crabs and lobsters.


Hon Chua Island – A unique natural tectonics endowed with a beautiful land of Phu Yen.

Access: From Da Rang gate (Ward 6, Tuy Hoa city), visitors can board a boat to Hon Chua island. The second way is to go to the North following National Highway 1A, about 10 km from Tuy Hoa city center – Phu Yen, to Long Thuy beach, from here on boat to the island.

8. Van Hoa Plateau

This place is considered Da Lat of Phu Yen located at an altitude of 400m, including the communes of Son Xuan Son Long and Son Dinh. It is famous for its fragrant specialties, jackfruit and fish sauce made from these two fruits. Products bearing Phu Yen identity are sold everywhere in Van Hoa plateau , especially in Don market.


Van Hoa Plateau – ‘Da Lat’ of the land of yellow flowers and green grass.

 Directions : From Tuy Hoa city, follow National Highway 1A, go north for 14 km to Hoa Da village, turn left on DT 643 road and back to West about 25 km, you will reach Van Hoa plateau.

Above are 8 famous places in Phu Yen that make you want to carry your backpack and go in this upcoming summer. In this land of green-grass yellow flowers, full of beautiful landscapes that are bestowed by nature: mountains, sea, islands, bays, … pristine but poetic seascape, makes visitors come without wanting about.

 Unlike the sea areas for tourism on the central strip of land, Phu Yen is as peaceful as its name. People here are friendly and friendly. Especially, if you prepare a diving suit, you can freely watch the corals under the clear blue water of Phu Yen sea. 

About Phu Yen cuisine, Vietnam Travelers will introduce in another article in the same category, do not forget to follow them. And now, ‘List’ right into your travel guide of the above places to schedule to explore Phu Yen  !