Cu Mong Pass is a must-visit tourist destination in Phu Yen

Known as one of the most beautiful passes in Phu Yen , Cu Mong Pass is a breathtaking place to explore with amazing landscapes. When coming to Phu Yen, it will be great to experience the feeling of conquering the most dangerous pass in Vietnam. Let’s explore this unique road with We.

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Where is the buttocks pass?

Cu Mong Pass is one of the most famous passes in Vietnam because of its majestic and interesting wild beauty. Attracting tourists come here every year. Cu Mong Pass is the border between Binh Dinh and Phu Yen provinces. Cu Mong Pass is located on Highway 1A, the Northern foot of Pass is located in Bui Thi Xuan ward, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province. The southern pass foot belongs to the Xuan Loc commune, Song Cau district, Phu Yen province. 

The mountain pass is also called Cu Mong, a part of the Truong Son Nam range, also known as the Nam Son range. Previously, when there was no Quy Nhon-Song Cau route, the pass was the main road to go back and forth between Binh Dinh and Phu Yen and into the southern central provinces.

The beauty of Phu Yen Mong Pass


The legend of Cu Mong Pass Phu Yen?

Cu Mong Pass contains many anecdotes and stories from ancient times.

Visitors to Cu Mong pass are sometimes still told by the moss:

“The sound of anyone crying and begging

The animal soldier’s wife on Cu Mong island “

The origin of this poem is said to be a touching love story of a wife sending her husband to a male soldier to fight the enemy. They split up on the Cu Mong pass . The young woman’s crying and crying must be far from her husband, but anyone is resentful. Someone also told that this is the cry of the women in the journey “to the south”. At that time, the mountains were still dangerous without traffic as nowadays, traveling was difficult. 

To reach the south, we must climb a pass to wade streams. Anytime at Cu Mong PassThe mountains are dangerous, the mountains are steep, the two sides are cliffs, many wild animals, almost when they come here, women cannot pass here, partly because of illness, partly because of the dangerous difficult road. . So there appeared to be cries of anyone here. 

Many pure nights here appear young sounds, chirping with the wind where the wild boar’s mountain sucked farther away, making the bravest woodcutters stay in this mountain pass at night. In order for the souls to rest, the people on the other side of the pass (Binh Dinh people) have built a so-called spirit am. From then on, people could hardly hear these cries anymore.

One corner of Cu Mong pass


What is Cu Mong Pass tourism?

Cu Mong pass has the shortest length in Vietnam with a length of 7km, a peak of 245m above sea level, with a steep slope of 9%, many bends, the two sides are high slopes. This is the most dangerous and dangerous pass in our country. According to some documents, Cu Mong Pass is the boundary of Dai Viet and Chiem Thanh countries near the end of the 15th century.

The mountain next to Cu Mong Pass has the shape of a dragon sleeping at the top of the mountain. The tail stretched out to hold the foot of Ngoc Linh mountain.

Cu Mong Pass is seen from afar


The beauty of Cu Mong Pass

Cu Mong Pass runs along the cliff, on the other side is a fairly straight geological fault valley. So it can be said that this is the straightest pass in Vietnam. Although it is also quite dangerous, this pass still attracts tourists every year because of its majestic wild beauty. 

Along the two sides of the pass are mountains of vast green forests shading down the roads. The scent of forest flowers radiates a sweet, cool aroma. You can feel the fresh air, the birds chirping, the peaceful, rustic, far from the noise and bustle in the city.

The current pass is very beautiful. There are crooked sections that are a bit dangerous, but this is the ideal check-in place for travelers.

The beauty of the Cu Mong pass - Phu Yen


From the far side of Cu Mong Pass Phu Yen,  you can watch the beaches with immense white sand slopes, feel the sea breeze blowing in the mountains and forests with a very unique taste, very interesting. Right on that pass, visitors will pass through the gate of Tuy Hoa Phong Phong, which was formed more than 80 years ago. 

Here you can visit Han Mac Tu flower garden where Han wearing Tu used to live his last days. The flower garden is like understanding Han Mac Tu’s poetry as beautiful as his poems. Cu Mong Pass is interestingly beautiful, fresh air attracts and attracts tourists when coming to this place.

Cu Mong Pass Tourism

Cu Mong is probably the only pass in Vietnam to have 3 national highways passing through. It is like a cross-border pass connecting the two provinces and connecting the North and the South. “I went down to the South or I went back to the North, I brought your love through Cu Mong pass”.

A rare wild beauty with fresh air, beautiful scenery, suitable for those who love to go on a trip, feel adventurous with winding slopes. Are you ready? Come here and feel for yourself. Us wishes you an interesting experience. We are always with you.