Dai Lanh Lighthouse – The ecstatic beauty where the sunrise welcomes

Dai Lanh lighthouse in your Phu Yen trip may be just one of many destinations, but if you wake up very early, snake dragons climb to the sea lamp to catch the first sunshine of the day in Vietnam. just see how sacred that moment is.

As the easternmost point of Vietnam Dai Lanh Lighthouse is a tourist destination in the land of “Yellow Flowers with Green Grass” Phu Yen attracts many tourists to admire the first sunrise on the mainland in Vietnam.

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Located on Dai Lanh Cape (a branch of Truong Son mountain range), in Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen province, Dai Lanh lighthouse was built by the French in the late 19th century with an area of ​​over 300m2.

 The moment of welcoming the first rays of the sun gradually emerging on the horizon in the picturesque natural landscape of Dai Lanh lighthouse will be an enjoyable experience you will never forget throughout your life.

Dai Lanh lighthouse, beauty of the land “Yellow flowers, green grass”

Dai Dai lighthouse in Phu Yen

Sunrise panorama on Dai Lanh Cape, far away is the towering Dai Lanh lighthouse (Photo: Collectibles)

To reach this lighthouse, you can follow the coastal road of Phu Yen at the foot of Ca Pass and watch the immense beautiful sea by the road. From a distance, Dai Lanh lighthouse stands between the mountain space and the vast blue sea.

There are two ways to go up to Dai Lanh lighthouse, that is to climb the mountain and go along the stream. The road crossing the stream is a bit more strenuous, so you can choose to climb on the winding steps next to the white fence, while walking while watching the sea.

 Along the way, you will be able to see Bai Mon with its cool blue strait and beautiful white sand beside the murmuring waves on the shore by the ear.

The scenery of heaven, mountain and sea is picturesque harmony (Photo: Collectibles)

The more you go up, the more beautiful the landscape is with the vast sky around. Enter the lighthouse and climb more than 110 wooden stairs, the splendid landscape of nature is reduced to the eye.

 Standing on here, you are immersed in the splendid natural masterpiece of the sea, sky and mountains that nature has bestowed on the scenery here. Each cool breeze blowing high brings with it the salty sea flavor that makes us want to take a deep breath and fully enjoy the cool and refreshing space.

Dai Lanh lighthouse amidst wild rugged rock formations (Photo: Collectibles)

To catch the first sunrise on the mainland, you’ll have to get up here from 5 a.m. Standing on the towering Dai Lanh lighthouse, watching the sun slowly rise up in the midst of the majestic vast scenery of nature and heaven submerged in brilliant red will definitely be an interesting and rewarding experience. remember never forget.

The sun gradually rose from the horizon (Photo: Collectibles)

Stop on Dai Lanh Cape, do not forget to take a photo to mark your journey to conquer the easternmost point of the country by a stele that recognizes and records memorable moments in this beautiful natural scenery. !

East pole landmark – The place to welcome the first sunrise on the mainland

In addition to exploring Dai Lanh lighthouse, you can also combine swimming in the immense green Mon beach, relax and immerse in the clear blue water as well as enjoy delicious seafood dishes!

(Photo: Collectibles)

The feeling of welcoming the earliest sunrise in the country at Dai Lanh lighthouse will surely bring you special emotions and extremely interesting experiences!