Enjoy a wonderful vacation at Dua Beach in Vung Tau

Next to the vibrant and bustling Back Beach is Bai Dua Vung Tau, full of gentle and quiet like a princess who is in deep sleep, making visitors fall in love.

About Pineapple Beach Vung Tau

Located at 24 – 66 Ha Long Street of Ward 2, about 12 km from Vung Tau city center, at the same time west of Little Nui and near romantic Nghinh Phong Cape, Dua Beach is a destination where tourists should not be missed.Location of Pineapple Beach Vung TauCharming young country at Pineapple beach (Photo @ thuytra29)

The unique name of this beach comes from the old times, this area appears a lot of wild pineapples – a herb with thorns and the aroma of sticky rice spreads the whole area, making anyone passing by. Therefore, people named it “Bai Dua” to commemorate the once characteristic of the region.

In addition, when a person comes here to do business, realizes the dreamy and peaceful beauty of this beach, he changed the name to Bai Lang Du , although this name is not very popular, it is also a feature. Impressive identity of this place.

How to move to Vung Tau Pineapple Beach

– Private vehicle : From Ho Chi Minh City, you move along the highway in the direction of Long Thanh – Dau Giay, after arriving in Vung Tau city, go along Ha Long road to reach Dua beach , the total time. takes about 3 hours.car - means of transportation to Bai Dua Vung TauSelf-driving is a popular way of getting around (Photo @ anh.tran2810)

– Passenger car : You go to the East bus station to catch the bus routes to Vung Tau with the price from 60,000 to 80,000 VND / time / person.

Hydrofoils : This is a quite unique and interesting means for tourists who are not seasick to see the full beauty of the sea. The train lines usually operate from 6 hours to 17 hours daily and only take 1 hour 30 minutes to travel only.

– Airplanes : This is the most convenient means of transportation for those who are far away like in the northern or central provinces. However, because Vung Tau does not have an airport, you will have to get off at Tan Son Nhat airport – Saigon, then take a taxi here.

The scene is poetic like a painting of Bai Dua Vung Tau

Compared with other beaches, Pineapple Beach Vung Tau has a relatively small area, only enough for about 20 to 30 people to bathe at the same time. But that is why it makes this place seem rare and peaceful in the heart of the lavish city.Green water - the highlight of Vung Tau Pineapple BeachThe blue sea was like a jade (Photo @ thietphan1608)

The surroundings are surrounded and embraced by the majestic Cape Nghinh Phong , so the sea water is not only green, clear, but also very quiet, only occasionally ripples gently like a charming girl, e Hamlet, attracting people’s soul.peaceful scene of Pineapple Beach in Vung TauPeaceful scenery at sea (Photo @viet_nam_oi)

In particular, besides the fine white sand, Du Lang beach also makes visitors fascinated by the rocky rapids with strange shapes reaching out to the sea and the green trees standing on the shore like soldiers. Lam is protecting the peaceful sleep for the sea princess.rock - interesting point of Pineapple Beach in Vung TauAttractive exotic rocky rapids (Photo @betydd)

Seeing this seductive beauty, few can hold back without saying the words “awesome!” Okay here.

Interesting experiences at Pineapple Beach Vung Tau

With the advantage of being clear and calm seawater, Vung Tau Dua Beach is a very suitable place to immerse yourself in the cool water to dispel the heat of hot summer.

After taking a bath, you can go to the nearby sand to rest, listen to the sound of the whispering waves, rustling leaves and take a deep breath of the fresh, pure air here. surely all the fatigue will vanish to see. Moreover, thanks to the ancient trees radiating shade on the shore, you will not feel the sunshine of the sun.Enjoy the cool breeze at Vung Tau Pineapple BeachEnjoy every cool breeze (Photo @ aichan1501)

The best is to stand on the sandy beach of Pineapple beach to admire the sunrise dyed pink in the space, or watch the romantic scenery of the sunset – when the bright yellow rays of sunshine at the end of the day are slowly disappearing behind the mountains. to make room for the dark, sure to be a moment that will make you remember forever.dawn - sparkling scenery at Dua Beach in Vung TauA sparkling dawn (Photo @eienramen____)Sunset - a romantic scene at Dua Beach in Vung TauCharming sunset (Photo @tranthanhlanthao)

Besides, sitting on the net chairs stretching out on the beach, sipping a glass of cool water, watching the boats off the coast are working hard and chatting with friends is such a peaceful feeling. hard to describe.

In addition, coming to Vung Tau Pineapple Beach , visitors can also experience another extremely interesting activity, which is diving and admiring colorful coral reefs on the seabed in carefully protective and directed clothing. accompanying tour guide, so it’s extremely safe.

Well, don’t forget to take a virtual live photo, because this beach is one of the most beautiful virtual life views in Vung Tau , any corner: from the cliffs, the road along the beach, the coffee shop to the row green trees … all can give you a picture like that.virtual life - interesting activities at Dua Beach in Vung TauThe divine virtual life corner (Photo @gaau__)

Another very popular hobby at Dua Beach is camping overnight with family and friends under the shining starry sky like a galaxy, and then being put to sleep by the gentle waves, make sure to be drunk. love to forget the way backfanciful night sky at Dua Beach in Vung TauThe night of the moonlight shimmering fanciful (Photo @ dinh.chieu.thu)

Staying at Dua Beach in Vung Tau

1. Mercure Vung Tau

This is a luxurious European-style resort, comprising 80 rooms with modern equipment, helping you not only have comfortable moments of rest and also see the romantic scenery of the Beach. Pineapple Vung Tau .

Address : No. 3 Ha Long Street, Ward 2, Vung Tau City.

Reference price : from 1,600,000 VND / night.

2. Homestay CoCo

With modern, comfortable rooms, diverse services such as bars, restaurants, green gardens … and views of the open sea, Homestay CoCo will definitely be a great choice for your trip. Your vacation there.

Address : No. 66/1 Ha Long Street, Ward 1, Vung Tau City.

Reference price : from 650,000 VND / night.

3. Astoria Villa & Aparment

Located right next to Pineapple Beach , hidden in the lush tropical forest, all rooms have sea view, so Astoria Villa & Aparment will be the perfect choice for nature lovers.

Address : No. 8 Ha Long Street, Ward 2, Vung Tau City.

Reference price : from 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 VND / night.Luxury hotel - accommodation at Dua Beach in Vung TauLuxury accommodation (Photo @rymth)

4. Leman Cap Resort & Spa

If you love the architectural style intersecting between the two Vietnamese-French cultures of the 40s and 50s, eman Cap Resort & Spa is a stop that you should not miss.

Located on a cool green hillside in the heart of the city, the space is extremely quiet and cool, with luxurious services and a super-virtual infinity pool, so it is loved by many visitors.

Address: No. 66/15 Ha Long Street, Ward 2, Vung Tau City.

Reference price: from 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 VND / night.

If you are looking for a peaceful resort, Dua Beach Vung Tau is the ideal choice.

Photo: Internet