Experience to go to Snow Town Saigon ‘lost’ in a beautiful snowy paradise like Europe

Snow Town Saigon is a famous ski area and attracts young people in Saigon today with many attractive games. If you are planning to join your party to drop gas at the Snow Town ski area, please refer to the following article. 

Address Snow Town Saigon 

Where is Snow Town in Saigon ? This famous ski resort in Saigon is located on the 3rd and 4th floors of The CBD Premium Home Building, at 125 Dong Van Cong, Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, Saigon. This is also an entertainment place that attracts families and groups of friends on weekends or big holidays when traveling to Saigon .

How to move to Snow Town Saigon : To explore this amusement park, you need to first go to Saigon by means of transport such as: Airplane, bus or motorbike. Then, go by one of the following three roads to this entertainment area in HCM: 

– First: Take Mai Chi Tho Street to 125 Pham Van Cong Street.

– Monday: From Mai Chi Tho Street, turn right down to Giong Ong To Bridge, remember to go at the foot of the bridge and cross Nguyen Thi Dinh and look to The CBD building.

– Tuesday: Take Luong Dinh Cua Street, go straight to Nguyen Thi Dinh, you will see The CBD building.

When you reach the CBD building you go to the elevator door to move to the 3rd and 4th floors of the Snow Town ski building. 
 Snow Town Saigon - where is the addressThis famous ski resort in Saigon is located on the 3rd and 4th floors of The CBD Premium Home

Opening times and ticket prices to Snow Town Saigon

Experience to go to Snow Town , first of all you need to find out information about opening time and ticket prices below:

Open time

– When does Snow Town open now? From Monday to Friday, open from 9am – 9pm. Particularly for the artificial skiing area, it is open from 9am – 5pm and 5pm – 9pm. 

– Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays: Open from 9am – 9pm. Artificial skiing area from 9am – 11am, 11am – 13pm, 13h – 15h, 15h – 17h, 17h – 19h, 19h – 21pm. 

Snow Town fares charge if customers are over 90cm tall and free for those under 90cm. Fares are divided into two categories as follows: 

– Regular day tickets (from Monday to Friday): 150,000 VND.

– Weekend tickets (Saturday and Sunday, public holidays): 180,000 VND.
 Snow Town Saigon - an attractive destination for touristsExperience to go to Snow Town Saigon

– The entrance fee for the Snow Town amusement park includes: Specialized tools, body warmers and if you want to join the climbing game area, virtual reality area, shooting … you need to lose one more fee. 

Admission tickets to Snow Town  include a snow house humidifier and specialized equipment at the snow playground. Also, to participate in other game zones such as Virtual Reality Zone interactive, playing climbing games, shooting … it takes a small extra fee.

When you come to Snow Town, you should bring cameras and cameras to take pictures to keep beautiful and romantic images with white snow. In addition, you should take care to avoid carrying prohibited items and flammable substances.

Should I go to Snow Town Saigon? 

Snow Town  is loved by young Saigon people with attractive games, let’s review what is this amusement park so interesting? 

Snow Town HCMC is designed into 10 separate zones, serving the needs of dining, entertainment, event organization, entertainment and photography, including: stage area, virtual reality game area, game area including small areas (ball house, shooting, rope adventure), Snow Town ski area, virtual live check-in area, food court, drink zone, ticket booth, shoe area and organizer birthday.
 Snow Town Saigon - amusement park in SaigonSnow Town is loved by young Saigon people

Coming to Snow Town, visitors will admire the romantic snowfall in the heart of Saigon. Enjoy the cold air as if you were in a distant European country. All snow in Snow Town uses real snow making technology from Japan. 

Accordingly, the snow in this amusement park has a temperature of about 18 degrees C, with a humidity of about 8%, ideal for fun. Especially, with this ski technology, you can also touch the real white and soft snow. 

In addition, the Snow Town amusement park also has a dining area, a cafe for visitors to watch the snow and enjoy British, French, American, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines. 

Snow Town is highly appreciated for its quality of service that meets international standards, with attractive adventure games, good medical and customer care services. If you come to Snow Town on the big holidays, you will enjoy many attractive promotions. 
 Snow Town Saigon - interesting destination in SaigonSnow Town Saigon attracts young people

Where to go, what to play in Snow Town? 

What does Snow Town Saigon play ? Skiing, shaping snowmen, relaxing, making handmade items are interesting experiences that you should not miss when coming to Snow Town.

Amusement Park: Various games suitable for all subjects and have interesting experiences such as shooting, soccer, climbing ropes … Besides the entrance fee, you need to pay an additional fee when join the game in this area. 

Skiing: Experience going to Snow Town , the most enjoyable experience when coming to this amusement park is skiing. You will be able to touch each layer of smooth, spongy snow and snowboard. Overall, the ski area in Snow Town is moderate slope and full of protective gear.
 Snow Town Saigon - Have fun in SaigonLots of interesting games in Snow Town

Playing snowman: Coming to this area, you will be immersed in the coming Christmas atmosphere, you will be able to participate in snow making activities and are loved by the children.

Handmade area: If you want to test your ingenuity, you can try making gifts yourself to give to your friends and relatives. 

Relaxation area: After having fun at Snow Town Saigon, you can also relax with massage therapy, spa in spacious space and skilled staff. 

Beautiful and beautiful virtual living: In addition, when you come to this ski area in Saigon, you can also check-in freely in the middle of a beautiful white snowfield like you are in the West. Especially taking pictures with bamboo beds and carrying street vendors bearing Vietnamese national culture in this ski area. 
 Snow Town Saigon - attractive destination in SaigonHave fun skiing in Snow Town

If you want to experience the fascinating games with snow, watch the snow, take pictures with the snow, squeeze snowmen … then Snow Town Saigon is the ideal destination that you should not miss. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel to Saigon, you should once come to this famous amusement park to have fun and have memorable memories.

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