The shop of the Thanh Xuan Dynasty of Da Lat: a place to touch a peaceful alley in the city of flowers

Thanh Xuan’s shop is one of the beautiful cafes located in the center of Dalat city. Not only for visitors to delicate space, delicious tea flavor, but also a special destination to help you away from the chaos and worries to feel the beautiful moments of yourself and your people.

Those who love to travel to Da Lat – a beautiful city located in the middle of the mountains and hills will be very familiar with beautiful cafe spaces everywhere, whether in the city center or quietly by the pine forest. It can be said whether bustling or quiet, these cafe addresses have their own unique features, attracting visitors because of different strengths.

If Dalat View Coffee offers visitors top beautiful corners, super quality check-in, top pet cafes in Da Lat are super beautiful and lovely, Thanh Xuan’s shop again To those who visit the delicate flavor of the fragrant tea, the cake between the corners of the shop is cared for every small detail and thereby awakening the value of the surrounding beauty, helping us to temporarily dismiss the mess daily, worrying about and feel more fully every breath of life. 

Even more impressive, this cafe is also a humanistic social project with the aim of helping young people who cannot hear or speak to have independent experiences in their career as well as working style. then accumulate capital so that they can be self-reliant in the future.The shop of Thanh Xuan Dynasty, Da Lat - A poetic corner of the restaurantA poetic corner at Thanh Xuan. Photo: huyhieutravel

Find a bar of Thanh Xuan Dynasty in Da Lat

For many tourists from Dalat , the Thanh Xuan Dynasty cafe is an interesting cafe. Right from the name of the restaurant also reminds me of a youth full of dreams and enthusiasm. At the stage that is considered the most beautiful of a person’s life, besides what has been achieved, there are many unfinished things that we have not done with so much regret. 

But from the moment we entered the restaurant, everyone suddenly returned to their youthful years. And then each of them was greeted with the simple but intimate affection of the deaf young people working here. 

Living together and working with all their youth, they sincerely and thoughtfully welcome guests. At this cafe, there seem to be no barriers, no jealousy or jealousy, but only love and trust in a dreamy youthful sky.Quan of Thanh Xuan Dynasty, Da Lat - A unique tourist destinationUnique tourist destination Da Lat. Photo: @bbicchh

Thanh Xuan’s cafe is hidden, neatly under a small number at No. 9, Trieu Viet Vuong Street is about 2 km from the center of Dalat city and not far from Dalat market. Right next door is the village of Boho with nomadic style and open spirit open to nature.

With a very dear name, Thanh Xuan Thoi shop is a tea shop created by young people and a number of young deaf and mute people. They leave all the differences behind to make a unique Dalat tourist destination – a place that brings peace to everyone.

It can be said that this small beautiful space located right near the center of Dalat is both a cafe and a hospitable house, ready to welcome those who love and visit Dalat. Currently, the cafe named Thoi Thanh Xuan is currently frequented by many tourists when having the opportunity to come to the city of flowers.

 As soon as you take your first steps into the green wooden door without any gate, you will see a small wooden board with the name of the restaurant “Youthful Time” evoking many nostalgic memories of the past. Everything in the restaurant is neatly arranged and comfortable because the staff here believes there will be no loss or theft.

The way of calculating the bill for water, cake, as well as handicraft products in the restaurant, is derived from the trust and heart of the owner with the customer.The shop of Thanh Xuan Dynasty, Dalat - The cafe is full of funInteresting cafe in Da Lat. Photo: huyhieutravel

Thanh Xuan Dynasty’s shop is actually a humanistic social project with the role of helping deaf young people to experience valuable career as well as working style at cafes. From there, accumulate living capital and experience so that he can be independent in the future.

Here, there is absolutely no distinction between the employer or employee. Everyone has the same roles and responsibilities, no matter who is a baker or a baker. The diet, rest, or work of the members of the restaurant are the same, according to a specific schedule. 

Currently, most of the staff of the restaurant are deaf friends who can communicate with each other with smiles and special sign language even though they cannot hear or speak normally. Coming to the restaurant, visitors will be served by the friendly and hospitable staff.Quan of Thanh Xuan Dynasty, Da Lat - A social project full of humanityA social project full of humanity. Photo: @nhitrinh_theora

Visitors who visit and drink water at the restaurant often communicate with paper and pen. Except in more difficult cases, there will be the help of volunteers, most commonly using sign language.

Address: No. 9 Trieu Viet Vuong, Ward 4, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province.

Popular price: 25,000 to 55,000 VND.

Opening hours: from 8:00 to 22:00.

Guide the way to Dalat’s Thanh Xuan restaurant

Because it is located in the center and also only about 2km from Da Lat market, the way to Thanh Xuan Dalat is quite easy.People often choose to come here by motorbike or on foot if you rent a hotel in the city center. Da Lat.The shop of Thanh Xuan Dynasty, Da Lat - The shop was located on the 9th slopeThe shop is located on the slope number 9. Photo: puolotrip

The right time to go to the cafe of Thanh Xuan Period

Opening hours of the cafe with this attractive name are from 8:00 to 22:00, so you can come here anytime during the above time frame. However, according to Da Lat travel experience and visiting Thanh Xuan cafe of many guests, you should come in the morning. 

Because this is a great time to catch the early morning sun that is slowly creeping through the doors of the restaurant, creating an enchanting scene. Besides, coming early can help you avoid the crowded, bustling crowd in a place that is only the best when there are enough guests. Because recently the restaurant has become quite popular and known by many people.Quan Thanh Xuan Dalat - Morning is the right time to visitMorning is a good time to visit the restaurant. Photo: @quancuathoithanhxuan

Impressive space in the bar of Thanh Xuan Dynasty

The cafe space named Thanh Xuan is very peaceful and quiet. From the small kitchen to the front porch, the backyard of the garden full of vegetables and flowers to the basic items such as furniture, beds, bookshelves, dried flower pots, lotus pots … are simple, rustic but refined. elegant and beautiful, hiding specific characteristics of Da Lat but evoking a familiar feeling of intimacy. 

Occasionally visitors also encounter a few nostalgic items. Many visitors here have fallen in love with the simple but not monotonous layout and display of the restaurant.Quan Thanh Xuan Dalat - Tourists love taking picturesTourists love taking pictures at the restaurant.

When you check in at Thoi Thanh Xuan’s restaurant, you will realize that there is almost no dead corner. Because you can freely take pictures with many different styles in each private space. If you choose a view from a distance, the whole cafe appears with a prominent wooden furniture located in the middle of the garden, above with hanging many pine cones as a cute decoration.The shop of Thanh Xuan Dynasty, Da Lat - Small corner was cared forSmall corners are meticulous care. Photo: Huong Tran

This is also the ideal place for those who like to dream. If you are a pet lover, please enjoy playing and posing with dogs and cats running around here. Especially the “kings” cats because we will find them sleeping, heating the sun or in the pampered arms of the “subjects” in the shop. Contrary to the haughty cats, the dogs here are extremely friendly and willing to come play with anyone.The shop of Thanh Xuan Dynasty, Dalat - The space of the shop is decorated with very rustic objectsThe space of the restaurant is decorated with very rustic items that evoke a sense of nostalgia. Photo: pulolotrip

The deeper you go into the shop, you will find that the items here are mostly furniture, furniture are self-made and made by the skillful staff. Moreover, the bar space is more vintage, rustic but full of natural breath when more flowers are planted in Da Lat. All of them evoke a sense of familiarity and a mountain-like vibe when you visit. The furniture at the restaurant is also very tidy and clean because it is carefully cleaned, right from the smallest items.The shop of Thanh Xuan Dynasty in Dalat - The corners of the shop are cared for in every detail The corners of the shop are cared for every small detail. Photo: @__ gh1206__

The menu is bold Dalat

The menu at the bar of Thanh Xuan Dynasty revolves around simple tea dishes, but not so that it loses its appeal because each dish is carefully cared for from the selection of ingredients to the way of making and decorating. The shop of the Thanh Xuan Dynasty, Da Lat - Herbal tea is a specialtyHerbal tea is a specialty of youth. Photo: huyhieutravel

What makes the difference in this cafe is that the food here does not have a specific price, but it will let customers pay for the dish they choose. Even though there are times when both the owner and the waitresses have work out, the restaurant is still open and serves customers with an open kitchen. When you arrive, you can make your own tea, play leisurely, check in, take a photo and then freely put money in the box to pay before leaving.Coffee shop of the Thanh Xuan Dynasty, Dalat - The cup of fragrant youth teaThe cup of freshly scented youth tea. Photo: @dianaminhhanh

Not only exquisite drinks and delicious cakes here also sell cute and fragrant handmade items made by the disabled people. That could be a bottle of essential oils extracted from Dalat flowers, soap, bracelets, necklaces, cloth bags, stone lotus, …The shop of Thanh Xuan Dynasty, Da Lat - The shop also sells handmade productsThe shop also sells handmade Da Lat products. Photo of Huong Tran

Unique business model only available at Thanh Xuan Period

On a slope not far from the center of Da Lat, there is a cafe that has no barriers or iron walls, but just decorated a small fence with a signboard of the Thanh Xuan Dynasty and a lovely message about payment is up to customers. Because the staff here believe that every visitor has a sincere heart, wants to find out about their youthful years for a moment or reminisce about the best.Shop of Thanh Xuan Dynasty, Dalat - Small and beautiful pieces of paperPretty little pieces of paper are glued all over the house. Photo: Huong Tran

Stemming from that trust and sincerity, all the dishes served and sold, from the delicious homemade cakes, the wonderful herbal tea cups to the lovely hanmade items here are not priced, nor are they. Carefully stored in a glass case where guests are free to choose and take. Money will be charged and paid by the trust and satisfaction of guests.Quan Thanh Xuan Dalat - A place to keep memories and beautiful momentsA place to keep memories and beautiful moments of youth. Photo: Huong Tran

Another good impression to visitors is that the restaurant has a bookshelf with many good books in many fields for you to borrow and read while drinking tea. Each table is decorated with a vase of flowers and especially the gentle aroma of essential oils. In the midst of such a space, the love songs of Ngo Thuy Mien, Lam Anh or Trinh Cong Son music resounded, moving the hearts of tourists who stopped at the restaurant.The shop of Thanh Xuan Dynasty, Da Lat - Nice cafeNice cafe of Dalat. Photo: huyhieutravel

Thanh Xuan’s shop is not only a common roof, a workplace for deaf young people, not only a beautiful cafe in Dalat but also a meeting place for souls who love poetic dreams, those who are passionate about the year. The youthful month has been going through with nostalgic photos … Perhaps that is why this address is very popular with tourists, young visitors every occasion to visit the city of flowers.

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