Tuy Hoa specialty – cake asked the pig heart

Cake asking for pig’s heart has long been a favorite breakfast dish of the people of Tuy Hoa city. Although it is not sophisticated, it is the simplicity and familiarity of the cake to asking the pig’s heart that makes this dish a Tuy Hoa specialty that cannot be ignored for visitors.

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The cake asked the pork heart - Tuy Hoa specialty

The cake asked for the pig’s heart – a specialty dish Tuy Hoa must try when coming here (Photo: ST)

Despite its simple name, preparing a portion of the cake requires a pig’s heart, requiring a lot of effort from the seller. Because a plate of cake asked for a full pig heart, it is indispensable for questionnaires, pork hearts, rice paper, raw vegetables and fish sauce. Each ingredient requires different processing stages.
To make cakes (which are specialties in the Central provinces such as Binh Dinh, Phu Yen, Phan Rang, Binh Thuan …), rice flour must be chosen from clean rice to have a milky white color. The ground rice is mixed into the flour, stirring in a hot pan until the rice flour thickens. 

The next step is considered to be the most arduous and the most arduous when the processor has to pour the cooked dough into a compression mold. The compressed cake yarn from the mold has a size slightly larger than the thread, cleverly spun on a bamboo rack that moves smoothly to make the cake thread into a string. 

Bread asked – Tuy Hoa specialty – after being steamed, it was cut into pieces, mixed with chives oil to have a glossy and greasy texture.Tuy Hoa specialties

Depending on the way of eating, the cake asking for the pig’s heart will bring different taste and feel (Photo: ST)

If you have not had the opportunity to enjoy it, it is difficult to imagine that the pig’s heart and the cake can combine so perfectly together. Tuy Hoa people often enjoy the cake to ask the pig’s heart in two ways. Soft rice paper wrapped with heart, a little cake ask, raw vegetables, rolled and dipped with characteristic fish sauce is a very popular way. In addition

Tuy Hoa people also like to mix all the ingredients in the bowl with a little sauce and crispy rice cake, which is also very delicious and strange. Unlike the Phan Rang people, Ninh Thuan eats cakes to ask the pork heart with seasoning sauce, Tuy Hoa people choose pure, flavorful sauce, and add a few slices of green pepper.

Depending on the way of eating, the cake asking for the pig’s heart will bring a different taste and feel. Crispy rice cake mixed with the cake is soft, and the pork belly is chewy and greasy, all of them are flavored and blended. The dish seemed simple but surprisingly delicious.The cake asked the pork heart - Tuy Hoa specialty

(Photo: ST)

In particular, the cake asked for the pig’s heart – Tuy Hoa specialty is often served with a bowl of hot porridge. The sweetness of the heart blending in a bowl of fragrant porridge is the perfect way to end a full and unique breakfast in Tuy Hoa. Perhaps because of that, this dish is loved and enjoyed by many Tuy Hoa people at breakfast. Also for that reason, the cake asking for the pig’s heart has become a famous Tuy Hoa dish for many tourists. However, it would be very regretful that the cake asking for the pig’s heart is very difficult to become  Tuy Hoa specialty as a gift  for loved ones, but if possible, take great pictures with this dish so that every time you look back, That taste will still be subtle here.Specialties Tuy Hoa

A portion of the cake asks the plump pig’s heart to indispensable porridge (Photo: ST)

If you have the opportunity to visit Tuy Hoa – Phu Yen, do not hesitate to choose a corner of the bakery to ask for the pig’s heart, to sit with the locals and enjoy the specialties Tuy Hoa has become a special culinary feature. of this land.