Xuan Dai Bay Phu Yen lyrical beauty of nature

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Going along Vietnam, there are many beautiful and poetic sea tourist spots. During this summer, try to plan to explore Xuan Dai Phu Yen Bay with 12 interesting places. To see this place, the mountain scenery blends with the beautiful sea.

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Xuan Dai Bay, Phu Yen

Xuan Dai Bay Phu Yen (Photo: ST)

Coming to Phu Yen Xuan Dai Bay , visitors cannot ignore the following 12 places:

1. Ganh Lights

Ganh Den has a lighthouse with two colors of white and red rising high, silhouetted against the deep blue sky, signaling to ships offshore to know the direction and distance of the rocky beaches when entering and leaving Xuan Dai Bay.

Lighthouse on Ganh Den (Photo: ST)

In the past, this place was called Black Rock. Since the construction of two coastal lighthouses, people have gradually become known as Ganh Den. Perhaps because the light emitted from the lighthouse makes people so impressed, but there is always an image of the lighthouse in mind. 

Looking out from the shore, the smooth rocks, high and low, large and small, alternating as if they were preparing for battle waiting for fishermen’s boats to rush in. Waves creeping into white foamy rock niches. 

Under the cliffs, between the seaweed fluttering, the small fish gently swim. From the lighthouse, watching the sunrise on Ganh Den in the early morning was wonderful.

Sunrise at Ganh Den (Photo: ST)

Ganh Den lighthouse has an altitude of 22m above sea level. Every 5 seconds the light turns a turn, emitting a very strong light source for ships offshore to be able to identify within a range of 17 knots. From here, you can see an immense area of ​​the eastern blue sea and islands, large and small cliffs jutting south of Xuan Dai Bay’s mouth. The road to Ganh Den has been concreted for convenient travel, the far side is the living area for the lighthouse staff to rest.

The way to Ganh Den lighthouse is paved with concrete (Photo: ST)

2. Ganh Do

An old legend has it that near Ong Amn island, there is a long stretch of land forming a barrage in front of the pool door. At high tide, a giant seabass swam across the shore and into the pool, until the water receded, the fish could not swim out. Petrified dead fish form a large rocky shore. People call it a sea bass.

Early morning on Ganh Do (Photo: ST)

Ganh Do rocky beach (Photo: ST)

You can come to enjoy the peaceful night space at Ganh Do fishing village, bring a tent to camp on the beach, and enjoy fresh seafood dishes. Early in the morning, we go down to the fishing village to pick up a fisherman’s boat to come ashore to choose the best seafood, then ask the local people to prepare it for processing.

Road to Ganh Do fishing village (Photo: ST)

The livelihoods of the people are mostly associated with the sea, the sea is the mother that has supported them for many generations. The children here are very good at swimming, children’s laughter mixed with the sound of the waves. Gives a sense of simplicity, extremely rustic.

3. Vung Dong

Vung Dong has a sand dune running along the water’s edge, which is the habitat of the Thunderstorm species, at first glance it is easy to mistake a gecko. Thunderstorms are a type of reptile of the lizard family, adapted to the natural sandy coastal areas of the provinces along the Central Coast. They burrow very deep in the sandy layer to hide.

Scenes of the Thunder Valley (Photo: St)

Thunderstorm is a favorite dish that people here set traps to catch for daily food or to sell in the market.thunderstorms in Xuan Dai Phu Yen Bay

Thunderstorms are caught for food (Photo: St)

4. Vung Hi

In Vung Chao, people mainly work in fishing, often catch large fish such as beef, tuna … Boats and fishing boats come from many places to choose to buy seafood, because Vung Chao is famous for having many types. big fish.

Beautiful and poetic Vung Chao (Photo: ST)

The people are very friendly in business, especially for visitors from far away. Perhaps because of that tradition, this place is called Vung Chao.

The fine sand on the Chao Valley (Photo: ST)

5. Vung La

Vung La is one of the pools in the overall Xuan Dai Bay . Due to the terrain here is a lot of fish and shrimp, the protruding rocks forming a small bow are an ideal place for fish and shrimp to shelter, especially during the rough sea season.

Vung La has a lot of fish and shrimp (Photo: ST)

The fishing job is quite enough, each time there are large batches of fish coming ashore, people are happy like the association, the people call out to bring boats together, bring baskets to catch fish.

Fishing in Vung La (Photo: ST)

Previously, because there was no big road, Vung La was isolated like an oasis. Coming to Vinh Xuan Dai and passing Vung La, you will have a real feeling in a deserted island, in addition, the density of people here is not high. Because the land is not wide horizontally, the fishermen’s house must be close to the bay, outside the house is shady coconut trees. 

The main trees in Vung La are coconuts, people look after coconuts for shade and keep it from erosion along the coast. Walking along the sand under the coconut trees is an enjoyable experience in the sweltering atmosphere and the coconut ball is like dissolving that heat.

Vung La has many trees (Photo: ST)

6. Bai Om

Along the sea route Xuan Dai Bay asked for directions to Bai Om, the name Bai Om because it was embraced by two large protruding cliffs, viewed from one mountain to the other about 600 meters away. In the sun and wind, the waves of Bai Om flap rhythmically at noisy times, sometimes slowly into a non-stop harmonization of the sea. Perhaps in Xuan Dai Bay , Bai Om is the most secluded place with almost no fishermen’s house.

Om Beach in Xuan Dai Bay (Photo: ST)

Bai Om is also one of the beautiful beaches of Xuan Dai Phu Yen Bay, choosing to travel here will not make you disappointed.

The landscape of Om beach does not disappoint you (Photo: ST)

The water in Bai Om is not too deep, swimming and diving freely to see the corals and colorful fish. Falling down on Bai O in Dai Xuan Bay can easily see the coral without a diving tank. Unlike other deep-water areas, corals often grow into trees, branches, and here most of them are basal corals lying on rocks because there are reefs running along the coral reefs. Corals grow in clusters on rocks so they are also called coral flowers, coral dunes. Note small in the middle of the beach has a very clear offshore flow, if bathing, stay away from this area to avoid being taken away.

Corals are exposed at low tide (Image: ST)

The road along the beach of Om Xuan Dai (Photo: ST)

7. Tu Nham Beach

Tu Nham Beach has a soft bow shape, with a length of about 8 km. Walking along Tu Nham beach is enough to make visitors feel interesting because each section of the coast is a charming water-color painting of magnificent nature.

Tu Nham Beach (Photo: ST)

The more you go, the more you see Tu Nham beach with a wild but brilliant beauty and dangerous rocky headlands facing the sea as if challenging ships to enter.

Pristine Tu Nham Beach (Photo: ST)

On Tu Nham beach, there are many rocks and seaweeds washed ashore, dry seaweed collects on the rock surface forming strange shapes. Above the smooth white sand are pieces of coral rocks of different shapes, hot in the hot sun. You can pick up a few pieces of coral washed ashore as souvenirs, with many different colors.

Corals growing out of cliffs (Photo: ST)

Tu Nham people mainly go on basket boats and small boats, fish and shrimp, and squid fishing near the shore. Simple but meaningful life.

Fishermen’s basket boat (Photo: ST)

The life here is peaceful and gentle like the eyes of a child. Coming to Phu Yen Xuan Dai Bay , take some time to drop by Tu Nham Beach to enjoy the peaceful and simple life.

Life here is as simple as the eyes of a child (Photo: ST)

8. Mr. Xa Islet

The name of an isle of Vung Lam in Xuan Dai Phu Yen bay, about a few hundred meters from the foot of Ganh Do.

Ong Xa Islet (Photo: ST)

Surrounding Ong Xa islet is water. If we want to go, we have to hire a boat. The isle is shaped like a giant crocodile exposed in the sunny and windy sea. This image further increases the attractiveness of the wild features of Ong Xa Island.

Take a boat to Ong Xa Island (Photo: ST)

In the southern part of the island, small boats and boats can be anchored. Taking a boat out here is very attentive because around the island there are many reefs and jagged reefs that are quite dangerous.

9. Nhat Tu Son Island

With a natural area of ​​about 6 hectares, Nhat Tu Son Island in Xuan Dai Bay Phu Yen is considered as a wind shield for the two fishing villages of My Hai and My Thanh. According to local people, the name of Nhat Tu Son island is because the shape of this island has many scattered rocky outcrops like the word “Nhat” in Chinese.

Nhat Tu Son Island when water rises (Photo: ST)

Nhat Tu Son Island is located in the middle of the sea blocking the sea surface, because there is a strip of land rising up to form a shore when the tide falls, so from two sides, two waves clap together. Seeing that natural scene, the people here named it “Fighting Wave”. September every year is the time when the waves are high and hit each other the strongest. The waves jutting together and releasing white foam make people love more amazing nature, they find themselves small in front of those extraordinary phenomena.

Over time, the waves carrying sandy soil from the island to the sea accidentally accreting more for the rising strip of land on Nhat Tu Son Island.

The road clearly leads out to Nhat Tu Son (Photo: ST)

This road is the unique point of Nhat Tu Son, nestled under the sea water and gradually appears only when the tidal current begins to recede, creating a spectacular and stimulating landscape. Anyone walking on this path cannot help but be surprised and excited.

Nhat Tu Son is not far from the mainland, if you do not mind being tired, you should wade or walk on the sandy road to the island depending on the time of day’s receding. Water recedes according to the cycle of the lunar calendar, from the 1st lunar month to the 15th of the lunar month each month, water will recede at sunset, water recedes in the morning from 15th lunar month to the end of the month. Due to the gravity effect of the Moon, the water period is calculated according to the lunar calendar.Xuan Dai Bay Phu Yen sprinting road

The road appears as the sprint recedes (Image: ST)

Coming to Nhat Tu Son will not disappoint you about the variety of seafood here, moreover you have the opportunity to enjoy delicious and nutritious seafood dishes with very “chestnut” price. Also to mention the wildness of this place, it is the beauty that attracts the attention of many tourists. It is a condition for people to live and feel the proximity to the ocean nature more than ever.

Lobster caught on Nhat Tu Son Island (Photo: St)

10. Rock Disc rapids

Visiting Da Disc rapids will not stop connoisseurs from thinking of the Northeast coast of Ireland with Giant’s Causeway, the Órganos rock on the famous La Gomera Island of Spain, or in the Fingal Cave in Staffa Island , Scotland or in the Korean island of JeJu.

Da Dia rapids have a total area of ​​about 10,000 square meters, is one of the beautiful landscapes of Xuan Dai Phu Yen Bay.

Discus Rocks (Photo: ST)

The quiet rocky beach stretches out on the beach every day to hear the gentle waves, passing through the peaceful villages when the hills are rolling, sometimes the villages are looming, making it hard to forget your trip here.

Fishing on the Da Dia rapids (Photo: ST)

Standing high down the rapids of the sea with hexagonal faceted stones, fastened together like a giant, uniform piece of beeswax, creating a solid black gloss absorbent sea color.

How beautiful is the Discus Cliff (Photo: ST)

According to the scientists, this particular rocky area is formed when volcanoes flush lava flows towards the sea. The red pink liquid lava mass spills over the sea surface causing sudden temperature changes causing the lava to harden to rock, due to geological change with the impact of waves, the whole mass of lava being cracked apart creates a unique landscape.

Taking steps along the alternating folds of rock, you can walk close to the edge of the sea to watch the sunrise. Go deep down the rapids to find a cave deep in the foot of the mountain.

The beautiful sunrise (Photo: ST)

Play on the rocks (Photo: ST)

11. Hon Lao Roof

Nha Mai Islet is considered as a “rough pearl” in An Hai commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province. The reason is considered as “raw pearl” because there are still many primitive landscapes that have never been influenced by human hands. Although Hon Lao Mai Nha is not far from the mainland, this is definitely an interesting place to visit to explore the pristine beauty of coastal nature.

Charming scenery (Photo: ST)

Previously, there was only one roof on the island, so it was named Hon Lao Mai Nha. On the island, there are many loops, naturally upright soaring up into the sky. People live on the island, raising cows and lobsters for their livelihood.

Fresh water on Hon Lao Mai Nha is available but cannot be used for cooking because it is contaminated with brackish salty mud. Fresh water transported from the mainland serves only for cooking, eating and minimizes wasteful use.

Rent a boat to the island (Photo: ST)

Walking on Hon Lao Nha Nha, watching life slowly drifting, the sea water clears all tired and noisy daily. Standing on the top of the mountain and zooming out, the beautiful untouched white sand appears to dominate your vision and many colorful wild fruits dotted in the sand.

12. Cu Mong Lagoon

Cu Mong Lagoon is an ideal place for those who love backpacking. This is one of the tourist destinations of Xuan Dai Phu Yen Bay with a romantic, poetic and quiet beauty of the people here, always captivating visitors.

Poetic scenery with a bit of calmness (Photo: ST)

Cu Mong bay is long and narrow because it is surrounded by massif Cu Mong with a length of more than 15 km. This place stands out for its beautiful natural landscape, Cu Mong lagoon is also a high-value commercial lobster farming area of ​​the region, in addition you will find many rare seafood species here such as rock clams, seahorses … .

Seahorse breeding (Photo: ST)

People keep rock clams (Photo: St)

Hopefully, through the article Explore 12 interesting places in Xuan Dai Phu Yen Bay, you will have more information for a fun and memorable trip to Xuan Dai Phu Yen Bay.