Experience Hon Thom cable car with a panoramic view of Phu Quoc from above

There is no need to spend a large amount of money to board the luxury seaplane, you can completely watch the vast sea and sky when experiencing Hon Thom cable car in Phu Quoc. The dream of flying people into the air and watching the ocean will be realized without spending too much money. 

Introduction to Hon Thom cable car 

Hon Thom is a lovely little island in the An Thoi archipelago, P. An Thoi, TP. Phu Quoc. There is an extremely modern on Thom cable car line built here and is becoming a key spearhead for tourism development.Experience Hon Thom cable car Hon Thom cable car The journey to experience Hon Thom cable car  Beautiful ocean scenery captivating

This cable car route has set a Guinness record as the longest 3-wire cable car in the world , with a total length of 7899.9m. When sitting in the cabin, the whole of South Phu Quoc will appear in front of you. If you have the opportunity to come to Phu Quoc, you should choose to experience the Hon Thom cable car in the journey to discover Pearl Island. Experience Hon Thom cable car in Phu Quoc This cable car route has recorded the record of the longest 3-wire cable car crossing the planet (Image: phi.vo1708)

When is Hon Thom cable car ride the most beautiful?

According to Phu Quoc tourism experience , from November to April is the best time to explore Hon Thom. The climate at this time is extremely beautiful, with little rain, so it is suitable for sea travel and experience Hon Thom cable car without interruption. Ideal time to experience Hon Thom cable car November – April is the most attractive time to ride the Hon Thom cable car (Photo: tranggphuong)

How to move to Phu Quoc Hon Thom?

From the center of Duong Dong, rent a motorbike taxi, taxi or bus to get to An Thoi town and then go to Hon Thom. From here you will have 2 ways to get to the cable car. 

Travel by train

To take a boat, go to An Thoi seaport, buy a ticket and board the boat to Hon Thom within 30 minutes. Remember to take note of train travel schedules to avoid missing trips. Transportation to Hon Thom to experience Hon Thom cable car Travel by train

Travel by cable car

First you will start from An Thoi station , it only takes 15 minutes to reach Hon Thom. The advantage of traveling by cable car is that you won’t have to wait long hours waiting for the cable car to run so many times a day. Experience the unique Hon Thom cable car An Thoi Railway Station (Photo: blingindalat)

Route of Hon Thom cable car 

Hon Thom cable car will first go from An Thoi station to Hon Dua, Hon Roi and then continue to Hon Thom station in Phu Quoc. Experience Hon Thom cable car , visitors are not only “raised” to the sky but also the opportunity to admire the most spectacular things of the island paradise of Phu Quoc. Route to experience Hon Thom cable car (Photo: withmtu)

Opening hours of Hon Thom cable car

  • Opening hours: 7:00 – 18:00 
  • Frequency of movement: running for 45 minutes will take 60 minutes to rest 
  • Cable sitting time: 15 minutes 
  • Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 

Note that during holidays and high season, the cable car will be operated with a thicker frequency. 
 What time frame is Hon Thom cable car experience? Please pay attention to the hours of operation 

Ticket price to experience the latest Phu Quoc Hon Thom cable car 

Currently, if you want to experience Hon Thom cable car , you can buy two types of tickets: 2-way ticket at 400k / adult, 300k / child (ticket price includes water park entertainment); The next type of ticket will be 2-way cable car + buffet for 600k / adult, 400k / child (Ticket price is also included water park). Ticket price to experience Hon Thom cable car Cable car tickets are affordable for many travelers

Is it safe to sit on the Hon Thom Phu Quoc cable car?

Hon Thom cable car is a 3-wire cable car with the most modern technology investment in the world. In which 2 wires on the two sides act as two firmly fixed rails, the middle wire is the moving wire, the cabins are tightly clamped to the middle wire and run along the cable line. Thanks to that, the cable car when operating is very quiet, not shaking. This is the cable car system is considered to be the world’s top safety today. The cable car is very sensitive to magnetic fields, when it is struck by lightning, it has an automatic mode to stop running and broadcast a notice to visitors. Is the experience of Hon Thom cable car safe? Hon Thom cable car is very safe (Photo: mabel_goo)

The Hon Thom cable car experiences are very attractive 

Enjoy the view from above 

The most interesting experience when riding the Hon Thom cable car is probably the real view of the vast ocean through the cabin glass. When taking you to a certain height, the beauty of heaven and earth, the sea of ​​South Phu Quoc makes you overwhelmed. At this time, you will enjoy watching the immense blue sea enchanting, the sky is so high, the clouds floating high or the green patches of trees are very impressive.Experience Hon Thom cable car - watch the ocean from above(Photo: phamthuhoang)Enjoy the scenery as you experience the Hon Thom cable car (Photo: nxnmy)Immense ocean scenery when experiencing Hon Thom cable car Spectacular sea view, boats below 

Video of Phu Quoc Hon Thom cable car captures 360 degrees of the sky

Have fun at Aquatopia Water Park

After experiencing the  Phu Quoc Hon Thom cable car , visitors come to Aquatopia water park for fun and entertainment. This is considered the largest water park in Southeast Asia. Experience the Hon Thom cable car at the modern water park Aquatopia water park

Aquatopia Water Park has 6 zones with each individual theme. All of them promise to bring extreme entertainment moments to visitors. Experience Hon Thom cable car with nothing special Campus inside the park

There are many unique games such as: set foot to explore the mysterious land of the aboriginal tribe, conquer the pirate treasure, visit the fruit gardens, green forest beasts, modern water slide. .. Surely these activities will make the association extremely excited.  Aquatopia Water Park - a unique destination to experience Hon Thom cable car Many interesting games are waiting for you

Bathing at the private beach

After experiencing Hon Thom cable car, you should go down to the green beach to swim, relax on the smooth sand in Hon Thom, Bai Trao. Sea bathing is an attractive activity in the journey to experience the Hon Thom cable car (Photo: maihoa.hami)Experience the Hon Thom cable car is nothing fun (Photo: khanh_linh264)

Not only swimming, sunbathing, immersing in the cool space of Phu Quoc, you will also be able to participate in many attractive sports experiences such as kayaking, paragliding, water motorbikes, … Have fun exploring in the journey to experience the Hon Thom cable car Attractive sports games 

See the corals under the sea

Coming to Hon Thom, you definitely do not forget to sign up for a diving service to watch the coral or walk on the sea floor. The coral reefs in Hon Thom sea are very vibrant and quite thick, when you go down, in addition to admiring the coral, you can also witness mischievous fish swimming back and forth. Snorkeling - an outstanding activity in the Hon Thom cable car experience Dive and see coral

Check in 

During the journey to experience the Hon Thom cable car , checking in, virtual living is a very interesting activity. When you arrive at An Thoi station, take the camera right away to take a panning shot. This is a wonderful background on the picture. When sitting in the cabin, all the most captivating views of the ocean cover the space, now it’s hard to resist taking the camera to take pictures. Take photos while riding the Hon Thom cable car experience (Photo: jaydenchu091189)Take a selfie when going to experience Hon Thom cable car (Photo: thaoquyennnnn)Check in when going to experience Hon Thom cable car (Photo: chinspeed)Virtual life while going to experience Hon Thom cable car Every virtual life corner is very shimmering (Photo: hamymy.nguyen)

When traveling to Phu Quoc, you definitely should experience the Hon Thom cable car once. Vietnam Traveler believes that this is an extremely valuable and unique experience in life.  

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