Grab your backpack and explore the enchanting sea walking path on Diep Son Island

Travel to Diep Son Island to walk through the sea, at the feet of sand, surrounded by water, a green island in front, sunny and windy sky above, dream scenery is enough to make you Feel enchanted by this unspoiled island. 

Referring to the Diep Son island of Khanh Hoa province , people will immediately think of this famous sea-walking path . This is a very hot check-in spot that fascinates tourists, by its unique beauty along with enchanting natural scenery. Coming to the unspoiled island of Diep Son and exploring the path across the sea will be a great experience that will make you fall in love. 

 Beautiful sea walking path in Diep Son The walking path across the sea in Diep Son is enchanting beautiful. Photo: dulichchat

Check-in the hottest sea walking path on Diep Son Khanh Hoa Island 

To many people, Diep Son Island seems to be a strange name, because this pristine island is not so famous as other places in Khanh Hoa. People only remember this island thanks to a beautiful walk on the sea , but that is why Diep Son still retains its untouched beauty. The walking path through the sea here is one of the reasons why visitors are increasingly loving and coming to explore this unspoiled island.  Impressive sea walking path of the island in Diep Son Diep Son is a pristine destination of Khanh Hoa. Photo: @ luckyviviii6

Walking across the sea – an experience only available on Diep Son Island 

Diep Son Island is an archipelago with three islands located in Van Phong Bay. In which, there is a large island named Diep island and two small islands, O island and Crow island. The famous sea ​​walkway is natural sandbar, connecting each other to create a shallow sandy path at low tide and filling with water at high tide.  

The highest water level in this section is about half a meter when the tide is at its peak. The scenery created by the sea walk of Diep Son is considered to be the most beautiful and unique in Vietnam. This road is also one of the main attractions on Diep Son Island. 

 Walking path on the sea of ​​Diep Son Island Sea walking path formed by natural sandbar. Photo: @banhbaodalat

 a walk on the sea connecting the islands in Diep Son This road connects the small islands of Diep Son. Photo: @vntrekkingmoments

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 The road winds through the water level and has no fixed shape, only about 3 meters wide. Depending on the tidal water, this sea walkway will be exposed on the surface of the sea or lying a few feet below the clear blue sea surface. 

Diep Son's sea walking path The soft winding road follows the water. Photo: @thrivesaigon

Experience walking on the sea walking path, feeling the fine sand at your feet and watching the beautiful scenery of Diep Son island will give you a special feeling of delight. The feeling will be extremely strange when you can leisurely walk between the vast ocean full of wonder. This special sea ​​walk is a wonderful gift of nature, to adorn the unique beauty of this unspoiled island. 

Walking path on the sea fascinates tourists in Diep Son A romantic scene at the sea walk of Diep Son. Photo: @ -asiamastertours

To be able to check-in at the most beautiful sea ​​walk on Diep Son Island , please pay attention to the time frame of water up and down here. Accordingly, from the 1st to the 15th of the lunar month, water will withdraw in the afternoon and from the 16th of the lunar month to the end of the month, water will withdraw in the morning. Therefore, depending on the time of your visit, choose the appropriate time to check-in on this road to see the perfect beauty. 

Check-in at the footpath on Diep Son beach The path will be visible or submerged, depending on the tide. Photo: @ lalleamy.96

Diep Son is not only a walking path on the sea!

Referring to Diep Son Island, most visitors will remember the sea walking path here, but Diep Son has many other wonderful things waiting for discovery. This unspoiled island looks like a beautiful muse who has fallen asleep for many years and has only recently been awakened by the popularity of its cross-sea walking path . However, when traveling on this island, visitors will be even more surprised by the impressive beauty of this place. 

Diep Son island tourism check-in at the sea walk Diep Son has a very poetic scene. Photo: @lieuki

The best thing about coming to Diep Son is being immersed in the beautiful space of nature. Everything here is pristine and strange in nature, from people, beaches, islands or even the sound of wind and waves is strangely innocent. At Diep Son, you will feel like you are completely separated from the noisy life out there and truly immerse yourself in the vast, endless but peacefulness of nature and the sea. 

Kayak after check-in at the beach walkway Rowing to explore the island is an experimental experience. Photo: dulichchat

After checking-in the sea walk you can kayak or rent a boat to explore the surrounding small islands. The scenery at any corner on the island is beautiful and peaceful. In addition, you can also explore the life of the people on the island in the fishing villages, the people here are very sincere and hospitable.

Although it is a small island and tourism services are not yet developed, there are small restaurants in Diep Son to serve your culinary experience, along with accommodation services for those who want to stay. Night enjoy the peace on the island.

Eat seafood upon check-in at the beach walkway Food on Diep Son Island is also quite attractive. Photo: Zing

Traveling to Diep Son and checking in the walking path on the sea to enjoy the romantic scenery, immersing in the tranquility will be an unforgettable experience for anyone. Come to Diep Son to be able to relax with the sound of the waves once and enjoy peaceful and relieved days in your life. 

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