Back to Kong Forest Nha Trang is ‘swinging’ with green nature

Traveling to Nha Trang, you can not only see the blue sea, white sand, yellow sunshine but also have the opportunity to explore a beautiful tropical forest with countless interesting experiences when checking-in at Kong Forest.

Kong Forest Nha Trang is a very hot place recently on the tourist map of Khanh Hoa province. Completely different from familiar tourist destinations in Khanh Hoa, Kong Forest offers visitors a completely new experience with extremely interesting activities. If you like mysterious, active, and passionate rainforests, Kong Forest is the ideal meeting place that you should not miss.

Kong Forest Nha Makeup interesting check-in Kong Forest Nha Trang is an attractive destination for those who love nature. Photo: FB / Kong Forest Nha Trang

Introducing Kong Forest Nha Trang

Kong Forest is located in Hon Ba area of ​​Suoi Cat commune, Cam Lam district, Khanh Hoa province . This place is located about 1 hour from Nha Trang city center by car. To come to Kong Forest Nha Trang, you need to move through a long mountain and through the forest. 

Kong Forest Nha Makeup interesting check-in This interesting destination is located on Hon Ba Mountain, 1 hour away from Nha Trang. Photo: FB / Kong Forest Nha Trang

Kong Forest Nha Trang is the perfect destination for those who like to “change the wind” when traveling in Khanh Hoa . Located right on Hon Ba mountain at an altitude of 1,578m above sea level, Kong Forest has an extremely impressive beauty and fresh and cool air.

Kong Forest Nha Trang is a beautiful forestKong Forest Nha Trang is a beautiful tropical forest. Photo: FB / Kong Forest

The natural scenery here is enchanting with floating water clouds, long green forests, undulating hillsides, small paths, clear streams, and lovely animals. Coming to this place and enjoying the fresh space, watching the natural scenery, the fairytale will definitely be an unforgettable experience.  Kong Forest Nha Trang Green space, fresh air, spaciousness. Photo: FB / Kong Forest

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Great experience in Kong Forest Nha Trang

Traveling in Kong Forest Nha Trang, you will have the opportunity to participate in countless interesting experiences. Especially, those who are passionate about conquering and challenging themselves with adventure games, then this place is truly paradise for you. 

Zipline cable slide

This is a great experience, enchanting many visitors at Kong Forest Nha Trang . With this experience, you will be able to slide and fly under the forest canopy to enjoy and explore the wild and poetic beauty of Hon Ba. Clean Kong Forest Nha Trang Zipline sliding is a wonderful experience. Photo: FB / Kong Forest Nha Trang

In about 2 hours, you will truly immerse yourself in nature when you slide the Zipline from tree to tree, check-in at the high wooden floors surrounding the trees, conquer the trees. grid bridge, suspension bridge, railway bridge, spiral staircase, straight staircase. You will also be swinging in the middle of the jungle or check-in at the tree houses to see the sweeping views of the surrounding beauty. 

Zipline in Kong Forest Nha Trang You can enjoy a wonderful view from above. Photo: FB / Kong Forest

Hanging from the Kong Forest Nha Trang Hanging from the trees. Photo: FB / Kong Forest Nha Trang

An interesting thing at Kong Forest Nha Trang will make you feel happy and satisfied, when all the works inside this tourist area are designed on the basis of nature as a fulcrum. Specifically, the works will be built in a sustainable way, only trees of the right size will be selected for the Zipline, no screws or screws are attached to the tree trunk. Everything here is designed in the direction of blending with nature and preserved to the maximum. 

Tourism Kong Forest Nha Trang All buildings in Kong Forest are designed in a sustainable way. Photo: FB / Kong Forest

Drive an ATV through the woods

The experience of driving an ATV through the forest in Kong Forest Nha Trang is its own “specialty”, making fans who love speed feel extremely excited. With this experience you will be able to see the natural beauty of Hon Ba in a very special way. 

Tourism Kong Forest Nha Trang Driving an ATV through the forest is also a great activity. Photo: FB / Kong Forest

You will be able to drive your own off-road motorcycles through trails, beautiful forests filled with wild flora and fauna. The interesting challenges in this journey such as mud wading, crossing streams will make the village more excited. 

Explore Kong Forest Nha Trang You will have an attractive 9km journey through the forest. Photo: @ tamtit.official

The most exciting thing about riding an ATV through the forest is that you will have more time to admire and immerse yourself in the beautiful natural scenery of this place, enjoying the cool, fresh atmosphere of the area. tropical forest. Especially, during the 9km long journey through the forest, you will stop at 5 rest stops and enjoy specialties in the wild. 

ATV driver in Kong Forest Nha Trang On the way, there will be rest stops for you to check-in. Photo: @laiknimir

Coming to Kong Frest Nha Trang, you will feel the peaceful rhythm of nature, listen to the murmur of streams and temporarily forget the noisy city. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel in Khanh Hoa, do not miss the opportunity to explore this amazing “tropical forest”. 

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