Top famous check-in spots in Van Phong Bay

Van Phong Bay converges many of the best beauty of a sea with rare wilderness and tranquility. This is also a meeting place for many followers who love the sea, love the sea, and want to be immersed in the wonderful space of the sea. 

The spot check-in at Van Phong Bay is known for its diverse scenery. This place is bestowed by the mother of nature with picturesque beauty with vivid colors of clouds, sky, and sea. Instead of the noisy and bustling, this place still retains the wild and rare features with green beaches, golden sand, semi-desert forests or beautiful rocky rapids. If you are looking for a trip back to Van Phong, the following check-in spots are great suggestions for your Khanh Hoa travel itinerary . 

Check-in point in Van Phong bay is hottest for tourists Van Phong Bay has many extremely hot check-in spots for tourists. Photo: @ thuthu.ng1316

Discover the check-in spots in Van Phong Bay that are enchanting 

Van Phong Bay is located 80km from the center of Nha Trang city, in the middle of the vast sea of ​​water. To move to this place, you can choose to go by road or water through the sea. There is no need to go to the bay, but even the scenery from Nha Trang to Van Phong is wonderful that you must fall in love.

Check-in point in Van Phong bay, tourists love Van Phong has a wild and charming natural landscape. Photo: @linlungling

1. Diep Son Island

One of the most famous check-in points in Van Phong Bay is Diep Son Island , where there is a unique walking path on the sea. The beautiful winding road with a width of about 1m connects Hon O and Islet.

message painted check-in point in Van Phong BayDiep Son Island has an impressive natural landscape. Photo: vexe24

Walking in the middle of the vast ocean, watching the majestic nature, the swimming of sea fish is definitely an unforgettable experience. In addition to the walking path on the sea, Diep Son Island is also very attractive by the untouched natural scenery, compassionate people and delicious but delicious colonial cuisine. 

message painted check-in point in Van Phong BayWalking path on the sea in Diep Son. Photo: Dankotravel

2. Bai Son Dung 

It is difficult for any tourist to come to Van Phong Bay to miss Son Dung beach. It has beautiful natural scenery along with the peaceful rhythm of the coastal fishing village. 

Bai Son Do not check in at Van Phong BayThe pace of life in Son Do beach is very peaceful. Photo: @danhnc

An interesting thing at this check- in point in Van Phong Bay is the freshwater geyser running under the sand. Even in places close to the sea, when you dig into the sand a little deep, fresh water will be found.

Bai Son Do not check in at Van Phong BaySon Do beach is beautiful and poetic. Photo: @unng

3. Double Nose 

Mui Doi is a very hot check-in point in Van Phong Bay because this is the East Pole on the mainland of Vietnam , which will welcome the first morning sunshine of the new day. Therefore, Mui Doi is the place where many people come to watch the sunrise. The sunrise here is beautiful with a stretch of coast, sparkling by the red color of the shining sun. Watching the scenery while relaxing by the sea breeze to get rid of your troubles and find peace of mind is what you can find here. 

Double Cape, check-in point in Van Phong BayCape Doi is the easternmost place of the country. Photo: @ laduyen.1001

To see the extreme beauty of Mui Doi, you will need to go through many interesting terrains such as rock jumping, desert crossing, if you want you can bring a camping tent so you do not miss the sunrise moment at the place. this.

Double Cape, check-in point in Van Phong BayBinh Minh in Mui Doi is ravishingly beautiful. Photo: @dodaikon

4. Dai Lanh Sea 

This is a tourist attraction in Van Phong bay  classified as a landscape with wild and majestic scenery, clear blue sea with whispering waves.

Dai Lanh beach checked in at Van Phong bayDai Lanh sea is as clear as jade. Photo: Mytour

You can enjoy the scenery of Dai Lanh sea from the Ca Pass area. From here you can see fine white sand strips, emerald green seawater, rocky outcrops with unique interesting shapes. Dai Lanh beach is quite shallow, you can see the bottom and slopes gently, so you can bathe off the shore. 

Dai Lanh beach checked in at Van Phong bayYou can visit Dai Lanh KDL to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Photo: @dieuphuongg__

5. Hon Ong 

Hon Ong has an area of ​​up to 40,0000 hectares but the area for tourism exploitation is only 2 hectares, so the scenery here is preserved almost intact, especially the exploitation of birds here is managed extremely strictly. to preserve the ecosystem.

Hon Ong check-in point at Van Phong Bay

Hon Ong has a diverse ecosystem. Photo: @

This destination in Khanh Hoa  is like a pearl island because of its beautiful emerald green and clear water. At Hon Ong, there is only one resort, Whale Island Resort, this is a great place for tourists to enjoy the relaxing space and watch the beautiful natural scenery. 

Hon Ong check-in point at Van Phong Bay The scenery at Hon Ong is like a painting. Photo: dulichvntour

The check-in spots in Van Phong Bay are all fascinating sights, where you can see fine white sandy beaches, emerald-colored clear sea water wherever you go. Since the destinations in Van Phong are quite close to each other, you can go for a convenient day itinerary. Come to Van Phong Bay to wake up the “sleeping princess” and relax with the majestic mountains, mild climate and immense sea.

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