You already know: What to eat at night in Can Tho?

If you wonder what Can Tho eat at night? This article will be the “guideline” to bring you closer to the unique street night foods to satisfy your hungry stomach after a day of fun.

Returning to Can Tho outside of the garden at famous places such as My Khanh tourist garden, Cai Rang floating market , Binh Thuy ancient house … then surely you must not lose the chance to walk the night in Can Tho. Although not as crowded and bustling as in Saigon, when night falls, Can Tho city becomes sparkling, fanciful, with heavy steps coming to Ninh Kieu wharf to enjoy a romantic dinner on the tour. boat, or move to Can Tho night market to enjoy delicious “big” snacks … what else? Now, what is interesting about the night atmosphere in Can Tho with Vietnam Travelers? to add answers to the question of Can Tho what to eat at night? you!Did you know: Have you eaten at night in Can Tho?A sweet and cool bowl of ice cream

What to eat at night in Can Tho?

At night in Can Tho, there are countless interesting things to wait for you to explore and enjoy the unique cuisine of the river countryside such as: experience the specialties at the night market, the delicacies along the road … Especially, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a romantic dinner, beautiful river view. Or you can also go to a certain cafe to enjoy and listen to music. For sure, you will have a great evening when you return to Can Tho.

Dinner on cruise by Hau river

What to eat at night in Can Tho? Yes, make sure to experience a sweet, cool dinner on a cruise along the Hau River. In the sparkling, fanciful scene of the electric light at night, Ninh Kieu wharf is crowded with visitors in and out to board the yacht to enjoy dinner with many delicious underarms such as: rolling fish, boiled snails … Medium Having dinner on a yacht, just watching the river or enjoying the amateurs’ songs is nothing more wonderful, right?What Can Tho eat at night - Dinner on a cruise on the Hau riverDinner on cruise by Hau river

Night bread

Located at the top of a pot 20 Nguyen Trai – Cai Khe – Ninh Kieu – Can Tho, the night bakery is a popular restaurant mainly serving tourists to buy at night. This bakery serves from 22h – 2am the next morning. The bread price here is also quite affordable from only 10,000 – 15,000 VND / loaf. There are many types of bread here such as: grilled meat, grilled pork, pork rolls, pork skin …

Therefore, if you want to find a nightclub to fill your hungry stomach after night travel in Can Tho, remember to visit this bakery. Certainly, the hot sandwiches blowing while eating will help you dispel the fatigue and fully recharge when going out at night in Can Tho.What Can Tho Eat At Night - Night BreadNight bread

Duck cooked with soya

What do we eat at night in Can Tho? surely you can not ignore the fried duck. This is one of the night dishes enjoyed by many tourists because of their deliciousness, taste and taste. And if you go out at night in Can Tho and want to enjoy this duck cooked with soya, visitors to 1/8 Ly Tu Trong – An Phu – Ninh Kieu – Can Tho to enjoy. 

The restaurant is open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, so it attracts many tourists, especially in the evening. In addition, guests can also enjoy some other Western specialties such as: fried mouse fish sauce, grilled frog with satay, grilled deer snail with pepper …What Can Tho eat at night - ducks cook?Duck cooked with soya

Street snacks

If you want to eat at night in Can Tho and want to experience the nightlife of the city here, surely you cannot miss the famous snacks loved by young people and tourists such as: rice paper mix, baked egg cake, tofu, chicken sticky rice, grilled beef with leaves, grilled chicken seeds … The price of this snack is quite cheap and suitable for the budget of 15,000 VND / piece.

And to enjoy this street snack, you should go to the snack street located along 2 streets of Phan Boi Chau and Phan Chu Trinh. Snacking street opens at 19h and ends at 22pm.What Can Tho eat at night - street snacksStreet snacks

Clam blood congee

Surely when asked: What can Can Tho eat at night? the blood cockle porridge dish will not be able to help but try when going out at night in Can Tho. Blood cockle porridge has a rich taste and is rich with roasted rice and hot cilantro. Eat extremely strong and warm. To enjoy blood cockle porridge, please visit Nguyen Van Linh and Ly Tu Trong streets. These are 2 busy streets with many delicious and delicious late-night dishes to fill your hungry stomach when walking around the streets.What Can Tho eat at night - cockle porridgeClam blood congee

Steamed rice

If you go to the Can Tho night market, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the fried rice. This is Can Tho night dish that is extremely famous and has a strong Western flavor because of its crisp, golden, thin, and bulging aroma, which makes many diners fall in love from the first meeting. This popular hot rice will be rolled into a flat round bar like a rice paper and then pan-fried through the hands of a chef, it becomes incredibly delicious.What Can Tho eat at night - Steamed riceVegetarian braised rice

Hopefully the night dishes that Vietnam Travel just listed above will help you partially answer the question: What do Can Tho eat at night? Now just prepare a lot of money to enjoy “drop brake” the attractive dishes at night in Can Tho with your best friends right now !!!

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