Not only Vinwonders, but this is also a list of amusement parks in Phu Quoc that are ‘on the edge of the clouds’.

Not only famous for Vinwonders, the famous amusement parks in Phu Quoc below promise to be an ideal destination that you should not miss to enjoy memorable relaxing moments with family and friends. 

The amusement parks in Phu Quoc are popular 

Aquatopia Water Park, Phu Quoc casino, Sailing Club … are amusement parks in Phu Quoc that are loved by many tourists today when traveling to Phu Quoc . Let’s explore what these places are so attractive:  

1. Aquatopia Water Park 

  • Address: Hon Thom Island, Hon Thom Commune, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang
  • Ticket price: From 200,000 VND / person 

Aquatopia Water Park is also known as Hon Thom water park , attractive with many thrilling games. This park was built on Hon Thom island about 3km from the center of Phu Quoc. To move to this water park in Phu Quoc , you will take the longest Hon Thom cable car in the world, with a travel time of about 15 minutes. You can buy tickets at the cable car station, Aquatopia Water Park gate, or through the agents of Aquatopia Water Park.  
Amusement park in Phu Quoc - Have fun at Aquatopia Water Park Aquatopia Water Park attracts visitors

Let’s explore and see what Aquatopia Water Park is so attractive? Attractive with more than 20 thrilling games for all ages and is a super virtual living place. As you step into the gate of Aquatopia Water Park, visitors will be overwhelmed with fountains and statues carved with fruits and coconut trees.

 If you have children with your family, go to the theme play area with the cartoon character designs that are loved by the children. Especially in the “green forest beast” area, children will admire the realistic statues of monkeys, crocodiles or python lying on trees. 
Amusement park in Phu Quoc - Aquatopia Water Park All kinds of attractive game themes at Aquatopia Water Park

Coming to this famous amusement park in Phu Quoc , if you are adventurous, you can go to “Thuy Monster”. The scene recreates the treasure kept in the forest, surrounded by giant beasts and pythons. Or participating in the super thrilling game in the pirate village is also an interesting experience. 

A lot of interesting games that you should not miss when coming to Aquatopia Water Park such as: mischievous ocean current, tropical cyclone, underground wave cave, starfish competition, pearl canyon, dragonfish dance, snake Tiny sea … 
Amusement park in Phu Quoc - Aquatopia Water Park interesting amusementA fun paradise for children at Aquatopia Water Park

2. Sailing Club entertainment area

  • Address: Bai Truong, Phu Quoc

An attractive amusement park in Phu Quoc that cannot be ignored Sailing Club is located in Truong beach. Sailing Club has a total area of ​​up to 2600m2, including bars, restaurants, and extremely exciting entertainment clubs. Sailing Club entertainment area is a destination suitable for all ages when visiting the pearl island. After exploring the beautiful scenery in Phu Quoc, go to Sailing Club to enjoy memorable relaxing moments. 
The amusement park in Phu Quoc - The Sailing Club entertainment areaSailing Club impresses with beautiful sea view

Coming to Sailing Club, you will be delighted to check-in virtual live with beautiful pictures. Sailing Club Phu Quoc has a swimming pool view overlooking the beach, with super cool angles. You can relax reading, sunbathing, watching the sunset or sitting on the swing to take pictures. 

Not only the beautiful scenery, coming to this amusement place in Phu Quoc , you will enjoy many delicious and attractive dishes. Those are very hearty parties prepared in Asian – European style. You can enjoy delicious cocktails or fine beers. 
The amusement park in Phu Quoc - The Sailing Club entertainment area swimming poolSailing Club has a luxurious swimming pool for relaxation

The most interesting experience at Sailing Club Phu Quoc is to be full of fire dancing performances, bustling night clubs, and popular DJs. You will enjoy the vibrant space and forget all the fatigue of life in this tropical paradise. 
The amusement park in Phu Quoc - The Sailing Club entertainment barRocking out with exciting music at Sailing Club

3. Phu Quoc Casino entertainment area

  • Address: Bai Dai, Ganh Dau, Phu Quoc

Casino Phu Quoc is the largest casino in Vietnam and is also an amusement park in Phu Quoc . Casino Phu Quoc is located in Dai beach, Ganh Dau commune, Phu Quoc district, very close to famous entertainment complexes in the pearl island such as Vietwonders, Vinpearl Safari, Vinpearl golf course … With a total area of ​​30,000 m2, Casino was licensed to build 400 slot machines and thousands of slot machines.  
The amusement park in Phu Quoc - Casino Phu Quoc resortCasino Phu Quoc is famous for its luxury resorts

Coming to Phu Quoc casino, visitors will be able to participate in legal gambling on a world-class scale, relax at high-end resorts, enjoy delicious dishes at a luxury restaurant, relax at a specialized spa. Especially, there are theaters, shopping, entertainment … One thing you need to keep in mind when going to Phu Quoc casino is that it is necessary to prove your legal financial status to participate in gambling. 
Amusement park in Phu Quoc - Casino Phu Quoc casinoCasino Phu Quoc attracts tourists

4. Vinpearl Safari entertainment area

  • Address: Bai Dai, Ganh Dau, Ganh Dau, Phu Quoc
  • Ticket price: Children: 520,000 VND / person and adults 700,000 VND / person

Vinpearl Safari is an amusement park in Phu Quoc that is loved , especially by families with children. Vinpearl Safari is home to more than 3,000 species of rare wildlife from all over the world. Vinpearl Safari is divided into many different areas: Zoo area, Safari area, performance area, food court, shopping mall … Phu Quoc Safari is divided into two main areas: zoo and safari area. When visiting the safari area, you will be riding in a security car. 

amusement park in Phu Quoc - Safari Phu Quoc

Vinpearl Safari entertainment area

Coming to Phu Quoc Safari , you can not only admire the world of wild animals such as antelopes, black and white lemurs, Bengal tigers, Arab antelope … but also enjoy the Excellent performances by interesting “athletes”. The performances were extremely attractive such as: Animal performance, watching “dancing dancers”, feeding elephants, taking pictures, … 
Amusement park in Phu Quoc - Safari Phu Quoc discover the animal worldDirectly admire the animals through the protective car

Safari Phu Quoc stipulates that passengers are not allowed to bring food in, if violating, they will be fined $ 50. Safari restaurants serve a variety of dishes from traditional to European dishes for visitors to enjoy. For snacks and drinks you can buy on the road in Safari. 
Amusement park in Phu Quoc - Safari Phu Quoc many attractive activitiesEnjoy attractive performances

If you have the opportunity to visit pearl island, you should once come to the amusement parks in Phu Quoc which are interesting and attractive above. Surely you will have memorable relaxing moments with your family and friends. 

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