Welcome spring with Yang Bay

Speaking of Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa, visitors will surely think of the peaceful, poetic beauty of the blue sky, white sandy beaches stretching with countless entertainment, entertainment, and culinary services. .

Tourists at the sunflower garden are glowing with gold /// Photo: Yang Bay

Tourists at the sunflower garden are glowing with goldPHOTO: YANG BAYBut not only that, Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa also attracts tourists by the grandeur of the mountains and forests, the beautiful scenery of thousands of streams. That is Yang Bay Tourist Park.

Interesting destination

Tourists in Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa travel itinerary often goes to famous attractions and landmarks such as Vinpearl, Institute of Oceanography, Ponagar tower, Hon Chong, Long Son pagoda or discovery tour. islands on Nha Trang Bay… However, if it is only confined to the city, it is easy to bored visitors. Therefore, travel agents always make “themselves” with new tours and routes to meet the needs of tourists visiting and experiencing. 

Those who like the tranquility of nature, like to feel the breath of the mountains and forests can explore Yang Bay Tourist Park.Yang Bay – the name with the meaning of “Sky Waterfall”, is created by 3 streams of Yang Bay, Yang Khang and Ho Cho. This is an ecotourism area located in a valley of more than 480 hectares, mainly primary forests. It only takes about 40 minutes to drive from the center of Nha Trang city, visitors come to a lovely tourist area nestled under a large forest.

A romantic scene in Yang Bay - Photo: Yang BayPoetic scene at Yang Bay.PHOTO: YANG BAY

Yang Bay attracts tourists by the wildness of the vast mountains, trees and waterfalls, fresh and cool air. But not only that, this place is also blessed with mineral mud resources by nature, creating a new and unique tourism product, attracting many visitors to experience. A special feature in Yang Bay, unlike other mud baths, is a mud bath in the midst of a vast landscape. Visitors can both enjoy the vast scenery of the majestic mountains and forests, while soaking in the open hot mineral water with herbal mineral mud. This mineral source is very suitable for restoring health and relaxation.

Enjoying the game of bottle-feeding fish - Photo: Yang BayEnjoy the bottle-feeding gamePHOTO: YANG BAY

Diverse experience services

These days, Yang Bay Tourist Park is wearing a new, gorgeous shirt to prepare to serve visitors in spring. In addition to the games and services that make up the Yang Bay brand such as enjoying the Moc God tree, fish bottle feeding, crocodile fishing, ostrich riding, pig racing, cockfighting, folk games …, visitors can also enjoy Enjoy to admire, take a selfie with the brilliant flowers of a giant sunflower garden with 30,000 trees or visit a tropical flower garden of up to 5 hectares, stretching from Ngoc Island to a mud bath, with hundreds of flowers. come from all over the country. This can be seen as a miniature city of Da Lat amidst majestic mountains and forests.

The Pig Competition always attracts tourists because of its curiosity and prize for the winner - Photo: Yang BayThe Pig Competition always attracts visitors because of its curiosity and prize for the winnerPHOTO: YANG BAY

In addition to visiting, taking pictures of the surroundings or watching the typical traditional dances of Raglai people, visitors can also enjoy the unique and novel dishes through the talented hands of the chef like crocodile. , squeeze wild banana, forest bamboo shoot salad …Representative of Yang Bay Tourist Park said that this year, due to the influence of Covid translation, most of the visitors are domestic tourists. 

Therefore, the tourist area has carefully and carefully prepared from the stage of improving the landscape, decorating more small landscapes, flowers and ornamental plants to the festival’s cultural and culinary programs. Make sure that when visitors come here, they will feel a warm, happy spring with relatives, family and friends.Spring is the season when all things flourish, trees sprout and flourish. If you are planning a spring trip with your family, you should not ignore the romantic scenery, the close nature of this unique and attractive Yang Bay resort.

Hot mineral bath in the middle of the thousands - Photo: Yang BayHot mineral bath in the middle of thousands. PHOTO: YANG BAY

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