Experience in hunting clouds on Da Phu hill: a way to go, the ideal time

The scene is romantic, pristine, and idyllic like stepping out from a Korean movie. Da Phu Hill captivates young people who love to explore and check-in. Camping overnight to watch the sunrise, sunset, or hunt clouds on Da Phu hill will help you clearly feel the unique beauty of the peaceful mountain town.  

Introduction of Da Phu Hill, Da Lat

Da Phu Hill has located 12km from the center of Da Lat city, this place possesses a rare and wild beauty due to the lack of entertainment or tourism services. This place is loved by young people, especially the association of enthusiasts who love to come to check in amid the romantic scenery of the mountains and hills, like stepping away to the land of Kim Chi . An interesting walk between the clouds and the mountains of this city.cloud hunting on Da Phu hill - the top destination in Da LatPhoto: @ dq.thiiCloud hunting on Da Phu hill - a romantic destinationPhoto: @ maihann_14

Amidst the modern and bustling vistas of today’s foggy city, come here to feel the peaceful atmosphere of nature. Immerse yourself in the wild, rustic and simple scenery. In the afternoon, we are waiting for the golden sun to disappear behind the pine forests. In the evening, we will come with friends to camp, make a fire and hold a warm barbecue in the cold weather. Get up very early in the morning to hunt clouds on Da Phu hill , waiting for dawn to shine sunlight through floating white clouds.Cloud hunting on Da Phu hill - wedding photographyPhoto: @ nnhk93Cloud hunting on Da Phu hill - amidst the wild sceneryPhoto: @ _my.nguyen

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Guide the way to Da Phu hill to hunt clouds

Although not in the center, the way here is quite easy to find. You can go by motorbike the most convenient way, starting from the city center, following Ankoret road through Dalat Golden valley . Then stop at Duc A Phu pagoda, this is the foothill area, continue about 4km to reach the top of Da Phu hill. Note that the road is quite rocky so you must be careful, especially on slippery rainy days. Cloud hunting on Da Phu hill - the wayPhoto: @ kyuubei.nguyenCloud hunting on Da Phu hill - way to the top of the hillPhoto: @bngluong

The best time to hunt for clouds

The beautiful scenery of Da Phu hill is impressive without a doubt, the harmonious combination of majestic mountains with chilly, peaceful and romantic atmosphere makes it difficult for people to control. Coming here to hunt for clouds, you can go any season of the year, just avoid bad weather days. Besides, in order not to miss the best moments, come as early as 4-5 hours or camp overnight on the top of the hill so that you can hunt clouds as soon as you wake up.Cloud hunting on Da Phu hill - watching dawnPhoto: @nhutlatoiCloud hunting on Da Phu hill - beautiful check inPhoto: @ tranghuynh.1612

What is so attractive about cloud hunting on Da Phu hill?

Dubbed the land of fog, it is not difficult for you to find the ideal place to watch the clouds. However, when it comes to the famous cloud hunting spot in Dalat , people often think of Da Phu hill because it has its own impressive beauty that is hard to resist. Bringing a pure, poetic beauty in the heart of the city, no dust, no bustle, only nature surrounds.

On this hill, clouds, sky and earth are mixed together to create a beautiful scene with no angle, making the traveler arriving in shock because of the vibrations. Coming here with friends to camp and hunt clouds, capturing the wonderful moments is the most beautiful journey in my brilliant youth in this mountainous land. cloud hunting on Da Phu hill - a journey of brilliant youthPhoto: @ _dat.1stjancloud hunting on Da Phu hill - romantic with loved onesPhoto: @ thu_le_309

Be experienced hunter on the hill Da Phu cloudy in the morning , witnessed the scene each cloud floating in the mist blurred, virtual virtual. Seeing the sea of ​​clouds from this position is like contemplating the heavenly landscape. Stepping through each patch of grass with still dew drops in the morning, watching the rolling clouds, surely anyone there just wanted to pause time to immerse himself in that wonderful scenery. cloud hunting on Da Phu hill - watching clouds in mountainsPhoto: @ duongtuyen.612cloud hunting on Da Phu hill - to a peaceful, green placePhoto: @_____ 17.7 million

The reason this place is not known is that it is hidden around the pine hills, if you want to reach the top of the hill, you have to cross the gravel roads. But once we arrived at the place and inhaled the fresh air, all fatigue disappeared. If you come to hunt clouds in the evening, at night there is a sea of ​​sparkling light, emanating from the electric lights that light up every corner of the city. Cloud hunting on Da Phu hill - watching the sunsetPhoto: @saptraicaynhatrongcloud hunting on Da Phu hill - between clouds and skyPhoto: @nguyetminhpt

The warm campfire, the dawn, and the opening of his eyes, is a brilliant galaxy that is almost within reach by just reaching out with your hand. In the morning, I step out and step out of the sea of ​​clouds in front of my eyes, floating and gently like cotton. Unlike in Cau Dat tea hill or other locations, standing from the height of Da Phu hill feels like clouds wrap around, right below the feet or horizontally. Slowly waiting for every flap of sunlight to turn clouds, the pine hills or the scene of Da Lat slowly appeared, bringing excitement for a good new day.cloud hunting on Da Phu hill - campingPhoto: @happyyusday

What to prepare before rattan hunting?

– See the weather forecast before going, avoid going up the hill on a rainy day because the difficult road will also affect the sightseeing.

– The road to Da Phu Hill is a rocky trail, so you should choose comfortable clothes and sports shoes for easy movement.

– If you intend to camp overnight to wake up to hunt clouds on Da Phu hill , bring all the necessary items such as sleeping tents, sleeping bags, insulation, food, firewood, warm clothes Because it is cold in the morning, …

– Bring a camera to capture the best moments.

– Bring garbage bags, clean up before leaving to not affect the landscape environment of this place and those who come later.cloud hunting on Da Phu hill - camping and playingPhoto: @tieudiep__

Attractions near Da Phu hill

After a journey to hunt clouds and explore the wild world on this hill. When leaving, do not forget to visit nearby tourist destinations to learn more about the beauty of Dalat city. Some places like:

– Ma Rung Lu Quan : a special tourist destination located in the middle of a dark place with a cup, but it is decorated and arranged like a fairyland. Here, there are beautiful small bungalows located by the lake, the flowers bring the typical gentle chill atmosphere of Dalat. Or visitors can also participate in interesting and fun outdoor activities.cloud hunting on Da Phu hill - check in Ma Rung Lu QuanPhoto: @ chinggii1103

– Golden Valley : This tourist area is equally unspoiled. Tourists come to this valley to check in with beautiful mountains and forests, brilliant flower gardens. Camping overnight to breathe fresh air, participate in canoeing or duck on the lake, …

– Lang Biang Mountain : the famous mountain of the Central Highlands as well as Dalat. From the foot of the mountain to the top is the journey to discover the peaceful beauty, check-in with the Langbiang statue, enjoy coffee, experience Jeeps or horse riding, … are unforgettable experiences.cloud hunting on Da Phu hill - visit Golden valleyPhoto: @ ctq.ctq

– Suoi Vang lake: a vast and vast lake located right below the poetic and impressive pink grass hill. This place is also crowded with young people because there is a lonely pine tree located on the romantic lake.

– Cu Lan Village : a small village at the foot of Langbiang Mountain, surrounded by primitive forest. The village has a unique impression of pure Vietnamese style, after hunting clouds on Da Phu hill, you will be able to visit, relax, play team building or enjoy rich ethnic cuisine. cloud hunting on Da Phu hill - watching Suoi Vang lakePhoto: @ hathai.truong

Whether standing in the middle of a huge tea hill or relaxing at a café, homestay, … everywhere is impressive. Therefore, the city of flowers is considered one of the hard-to-miss cloud hunting destinations. If you are familiar with the surrounding spots, do not hesitate to once cross the trail to Da Phu hill to feel the most beautiful blend of heaven and earth in a simple corner of this city. 

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