Surprised by the beauty of Mui Nai Ha Tien beach

Among the most famous tourist attractions in Kien Giang, it is impossible not to mention the Mui Nai beach, Ha Tien is one of the rare “Ha Tien cross scenes” that still exists today after more than 300 years of history.

Ha Tien tourism in addition to visiting famous spots and discovering the peaceful countryside life, you also have the opportunity to wave in the cool seawater with a pleasant atmosphere. You cannot miss the opportunity to come to Mui Nai Ha Tiêbeach – a green beach embracing the rolling mountains, the charming scenery here always makes people’s hearts shake the low notes of feeling

Ha Tien is blessed with an attractive beauty by nature, but just looking at it is enough to be captivated, with a very fresh space, cool Mui Nai beach is an ideal destination for visitors to rest and explore. .

About Mui Nai beach

Mui Nai Ha Tien beach is 8km northwest of Ha Tien town center. Mui Nai, also known as Loc Tri, is a beautiful beach located on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand, in My Duc Commune, Ha Tien Town, Kien Giang Province. The reason for this name is because when viewed from a distance, “Mui Nai” looks like a picture of a deer drinking water.
 net-ve-bien-mui-nai-ha-tienComing to Mui Nai, visitors will really live in the middle of nature because the beach here is still very wild (Photo: @tomppl_)

Coming to Mui Nai, visitors will really live in the middle of nature because the beach here is still very wild. Presently, Mui Nai has been built into a modern tourist area by Mui Nai Ha Tien Tourist Joint Stock Company with many works for tourists to visit and entertainment.

The beauty of Mui Nai Ha Tien beach

The coast of Mui Nai peninsula has a temperate climate all year round with 2 beautiful sandy beaches, namely No Beach and Bang Beach. Bai No is located next to the fishing village. Bang Beach, on the other hand, has gentle sandy slope and not big waves, ideal for immersing in cool water. From here you can see Phu Quoc Island, Hai Tac Islands in clear days. Mui Nai beach is not wide, sand is not white, but it is calm and gentle, waves are not big, the climate is mild, and cool all year round.
 The-roof-of-the-roof-of-deer-ha-tienMui Nai beach is not wide, sand is not white, but it is calm and gentle, the waves are not big, the climate is mild, cool all year round (Photo: @ lt.hong99)

The unique feature of Mui Nai Ha Tien beach is the dark brown sand, a color contrasting with the silver-white waves, when the waves jump up, blend into the sand, a black color appears strange. and beautiful. According to locals, this black color is because the sand here contains a lot of mud, which is very good for your skin, so the common image on Mui Nai beach is the scene where visitors enjoy sanding.

Next to the beach is a small market, selling all kinds of marine products. In each afternoon, each group of boats docked to bring goods to the market. Seafood here includes fresh fish, squid, shrimp, and clams, very delicious and cheap.
 net-beauty-of-the-convertible-deer-ha-tienThe unique feature of Mui Nai beach is the dark brown sand, a color that contrasts with the white and silver waves (Photo: @dangtruchang)

Around the beach is a fishing village lurking in the green of mountains and forests. With any fruit season, Mui Nai offers visitors all kinds of specialty fruits of the West. Especially, when coming to Mui Nai , do not forget to try a cup of jaggery with a typical taste of the poetic land of Ha Tien. This is also a unique feature in Mui Nai that few places can compare.

Have fun at Mui Nai Ha Tien beach

Activities not to be missed when coming to Mui Nai beach is every afternoon, sitting on Mui Nai beach, listening to seagulls, waves lapping, enjoying the cool sea breeze, watching red sunset drifting slowly on the vast sea … will be a great relaxing time for visitors.
 tam-o-bien-mui-nai-ha-tienComing to Mui Nai Ha Tien beach every afternoon, sitting on the beach listening to the seagulls, the sound of waves clapping to watch the red sunset slowly falling on the immense sea (Photo: @wabisabi_nha)

Today, with the available natural beauty, Mui Nai has been built into a modern tourist area, attracting many tourists to visit, swim, entertain or organize teambuilding activities … and become an Attractive destination in the journey to discover the land of Ha Tien.

In addition to watching the pristine sea, visitors also participate in many entertainment activities. The resort has a mini water park right next to the sea for children, parents can rest assured for their children to play freely.
 road-truot-o-bien-mui-nai-ha-tienIn addition to watching the pristine sea, visitors also participate in many entertainment activities (Photo: @ min_chou_0206)

In particular, Ha Tien Mui Nai Beach Resort  also has a system of tube sleds imported synchronously from Germany, with a total length of 1,205m, of which the road pulling up to the top of Ta Pang mountain is 320m long, the road goes down 885m, the The difference between the up and down station is 125m … creating a lot of excitement for visitors.

System of restaurants, hotels, cafes … in the center of the tourist area, ready to serve fresh seafood all year round

What to eat in Mui Nai beach?

– Ha Tien crab spring  roll cake :  This is a crab cake soup with bold Kien Giang culinary style . Fresh crabs have just been caught, the meat is firm and sweet, making the dish very delicious. Fishball is made from mackerel meat combined with virtual fish. The special thing here is to mention the broth, the chef often adds a little dried shrimp, bones, meat and mackerel head to help the pot of broth taste very fragrant and sweet.Banh-canh-cha-ghe-bien-mui-nai-ha-tienComing to Ha Tien, you should try the crab cake soup with bold Kien Giang culinary style

Ha Tien silkworm cake : Silkworm cake has many items in the menu of the South West. The important ingredient of the cake is the soft and chewy fiber. This dish will taste richer thanks to the fatty taste of coconut milk. Fish sauce is mixed so that it has a sweet and spicy acidity to make the dish more attractive, served with raw vegetables, skin, raw sprouts, finely chopped cucumbers.

– Ha Tien’s noodle soup:  With sophisticated processing, many stages, the noodle dish becomes the very own dish of Ha Tien that most visitors here want to enjoy. bun-ken-bien-mui-nai-ha-tienWith sophisticated processing, many stages, vermicelli becomes a very unique dish of Ha Tien

– Ha Tien Cauliflower:  It sounds strange, but faint is a popular seafood in Ha Tien. Today’s ferns are processed into many dishes such as mango salad, toad salad. The sour, salty, sweet and spicy taste of the dish often makes guests feel excited.

Ha Tien herring salad : Ha Tien herring salad has its own appeal that makes it hard for visitors to resist. The Ha Tien people have a way of processing herring salad unlike elsewhere. People often take the herring fillet marinated in lemon juice or vinegar for a few minutes and then remove the water, then add fish sauce, sugar, ginger, chili and chopped onions … mix well.
 go-ca-trich-bien-convert-nai-ha-tienHa Tien herring salad has its own attraction that makes it hard for visitors to resist

– Ha Tien steamed noodle soup : is a rustic dish, often peddled on the side of the road, but steamed noodles are still very attractive to visitors. Unlike other places, the soft and chewy noodles in Ha Tien are steamed in a water bath instead of pouring into boiling water, the mixing water is made from coconut milk, which is made from greasy paste. Steamed rice noodles served with skin mixed with hearing and chopped lean pork, fried spring rolls.

– Ha Tien snail : A  snail is a large snail, with children over 1kg, often living in radiant rocky areas hidden under water or cliffs, submerged caves around the base of islands. The simple way of enjoying is boiling or baking and then dipping with salt, lemon pepper, chili or making salad are delicious.

– Nem grilled Ha Tien: N Kids grilled specialties as a plot reminiscent of Ha Tien in the tourists. Nem is rolled long and then skewered on a grill on the charcoal stove, when the spring rolls are fragrant and gradually turn to the color of the cockroach, you can enjoy. A characteristic feature when eating Ha Tien grilled spring rolls is the sauce made from sweet soy sauce cooked with sour tamarind juice. When served with lettuce, perilla, green banana, cucumber and dipping sauce, it is delicious without getting tired.

– Xoi Ha Tien:   Xoi Ha Tien has both salty sticky rice and sweet sticky rice, skillfully cooked with a characteristic delicious taste. Sweet sticky rice in Ha Tien has very little spice, only dried shrimp sprinkled on sticky rice but has a strong flavor. With sweet sticky rice, diners can enjoy mango sticky rice or chicken seed sticky rice, while coconut sticky rice is both fat and sweet. 

What are you waiting for, hurry to Mui Nai Ha Tien beach to enjoy the wonderful beauty of this place? Please share your journey of discovery as well as beautiful photos in Mui Nai for us and everyone. 

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