Take a tour of the unique Sam mountain mural village in the West

Mount Sam mural village in Nui Sam Cable Car tourist area is a tourist destination that attracts many visitors to check in because there are many beautiful paintings recreating the life of Chau Doc – An Giang, old and present.

Sam mountain is located 284m from the sea level, is one of the famous tourist destinations of An Giang with more than 200 temples, pagodas, temples, and shrines scattered all over the place, from the foot of the mountain, the ridge to the top of the mountain. . The most famous and sacred is known as Ba Chua Xu Temple of Sam mountain . Next is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Quan Am Temple, Duoc Du Palace, One Pillar Pagoda. There is also Sam mountain tourist area with cable car area up the mountain and most recently, the super-hot mural village has just appeared, has quickly become the favorite entertainment and entertainment destination of many tourists when Chau Doc An Giang tourism.Unique Sam mountain fresco village - Sam NuiSam Mountain is one of An Giang’s most renowned sites. Photo: vntrip

Guide the way to Sam Chau Doc mountain mural village

Nui Sam is located in Nui Sam ward, in Chau Doc city. This site is located in the population of Nui Sam National Tourist Area and belongs to the key tourism project of An Giang province.

The mural village area and Sam mountain tourist area is quite close to the center of Chau Doc city, just a few kilometers to the west. If you go from the center of Long Xuyen city, you will go to the Northwest, about 62km will come. If departing from Saigon, tourists can take a bus to Chau Doc or Long Xuyen and follow the specific routes as follows.Explore Sam mountain mural village - Festive seasonThe festive season has many tourists all over the country looking to Sam Mountain. Photo: vntrip

– Starting from Long Xuyen city, then you go along Highway 91 until the evening of Chau Doc city, go a few more kilometers to reach the tourist area and Sam mountain mural village .

– If you choose to go from Chau Doc city, you also follow the route through the old Highway 91. Pass about 6km and you will arrive.Explore the frescoed village of Sam mountain - New year funAttractive New Year’s fun spot. Photo: Lemon Lemon – An Giang’s FB

Check in for free at Nui Sam fresco village

If you are planning to travel to the West in the first days of the new year, you can note in the list of destinations for Nui Sam Cable Car Tourist Area and the mural village of the same name located in Nui Sam ward, Chau Doc city, An Giang province. Because this is an interesting site, there are many unique frescoes with many different styles, vividly reproducing the life and activities of the old Chau Doc region, promising to be an attractive photo spot.Unique Sam mountain mural village - Brand new check-in addressBrand new check-in address of young people. Photo: Lemon Lemon – An Giang’s FB

In addition, visitors to Sam mountain can admire the impressive frescoes of Bhutanese Buddhism or the Temple of the Medicine Buddha for the first time at Sam Mountain. It also becomes one of the favorite spring and check-in destinations for visitors on the days starting a new year because the surroundings are beautifully decorated and bright.Unique Sam mountain fresco village - country landscapeThe picture shows the countryside of the West. Photo: nld

Other attractive destinations in Sam mountain

Sam mountain mural village in particular and Nui Sam tourist area in general are two works in An Giang province implemented in 2016. The project includes many construction items and is partially exploited right after completion. each item.Unique Sam mountain fresco village - street landscapeStreet landscape painting. Photo: mitatour

Currently, there are many interesting and attractive attractions, a familiar destination for many visitors on holidays such as the beginning of the new year, the end of the year, and the summer. It can be said that when you come to Nui Sam national tourist complex, you both participate in activities of worshiping, going to pagodas, temples and pagodas while enjoying, entertaining, playing and sightseeing.Unique Sam mountain mural village - Vivid frescoesLiving frescoes. Photo: Lemon Lemon – An Giang’s FB

In addition to Ba Chua Xu Temple and Sam mountain mural village , there is also a cable car area, a tourist area with colorful flower lines in the campus for visitors to watch flowers and take photos … According to representatives of the resort Nui Sam Cable Car tourism  , the flower street model here is meticulously cared for by 25 skilled “artists” specializing in planting, tending and creating landscapes at the resort before. Until the right time for the Lunar New Year, do special care regimes for flowering plants to serve visitors.Explore Sam mountain mural village - A flower village modelFlower village pattern and colorful flower lines. Photo: Lemon Lemon – An Giang’s FB

Besides, there is a complex of impressive religious works to serve the spiritual and religious needs of people in the West in particular and throughout the country in general such as: Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Temple of Quan Am, Pharmacy Palace, One Pillar Pagoda …Explore Sam mountain fresco village - Buddhist muralsBhutanese Buddhist murals. Photo: Cong Tuan

The most prominent is probably the Western version of One Pillar Pagoda in Sam mountain mural village  with its own distinctive architecture. This is a tourist attraction that attracts many young people to “check-in”, especially those who have not had the opportunity to visit Ha Thanh temple to visit the original One Pillar Pagoda.Explore the mural village of Sam mountain - Western One Pillar PagodaOne Pillar Pagoda in Nui Sam tourist area. Photo: Pham Le

Program tour of An Giang and excursions mountain area Sam usually begins with trip and attend the Ba Chua Xu Temple sacred and works famous spiritual nearby, then stop tourist area cable Hang Sam mountain, visit – take photos at the mural village, go to the flower street – check in flower village and join many other interesting activities depending on the schedule and time of tourists.Explore the mural village of Sam mountain - tourist area cable carPanoramic view of Nui Sam Cable Car Tourist Area. Photo: mythodaipho

According to Chau Doc – An Giang dust tourism experience of many tourists, the entrance fee at the tourist area is extremely cheap, only from 30,000 VND / adult and 10,000 / child, especially the mountain mural village Sam is free to enter, so this place is always busy.

Set up the raffle check-in right at the mural village and Sam mountain area right away to have a very happy and exciting travel first day.

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