Experience ‘hunting’ tomorrow season, Da Lat cherry blossoms are in full bloom

The cold Tet comes, when the pink cherry plum blossoms bloom, the mountain town turns to spring with warmer weather. Tomorrow season, the cherry blossoms of Da Lat will urge tourists from far away to enjoy them so as not to miss the enchanting scenery. 

Mai cherry – “young girl” is afraid of mountainous town

Cherry blossoms are a very interesting variety, different from the Japanese Sakura . This flower has a relative of the plum family, but the 5-petaled flower is like an apricot blossom with a gentle and shy beauty. As a familiar typical image of Da Lat city, it attracts tourists to admire every spring. Cherry apricots usually live at an altitude of over 1,000 meters in temperate climates and low temperatures before they can flower. Bringing a beauty close but also equally interesting for anyone to admire.Tomorrow season, cherry blossoms in Da Lat will be full of flavorPhoto: @yourinnguyen

The characteristic of the cherry apricot tree is that it usually falls off all its leaves in autumn and on hibernation days lies dormant until it blooms brilliantly. Flowers usually bloom from 1 to 2 months, sometimes alone each individual plant, dotted with sweetness and fragility in the wind. Makes anyone who comes to the foggy city standing under the pink cherry apricot trees in the spring weather feel indescribable vibrations. Tomorrow season, Da Lat cherry blossoms are beautiful and fragilePhoto: @__ yo.nguyenTomorrow season, Da Lat cherry blossoms everywherePhoto: @mymyaries

When the season is in full bloom, the rows of cherry apricot trees bloom together to create a beautiful, poetic, and impressive street. Cherry plum has been grown in Da Lat for over 60 years, so every tree has a big trunk and wide canopy. It is estimated that today there are about 8,000 trees scattered everywhere. Mainly in the streets, along Xuan Huong lake, Tuyen Lam lake or winding pass roads.Tomorrow season, Da Lat cherry blossoms bloom on the porchPhoto: Pham Kim NhanTomorrow season, Dalat cherry blossoms like Phu Tang countryPhoto: @i_thuongthuong

The ideal time to hunt for cherry blossoms in Dalat

The cherry blossoms in Da Lat bloom are not fixed and are not the same in each area because it depends a lot on the weather, humidity and soil. Ranging from early December to late February next year. Initially there were a few streets, then bloomed all over the city for about 2 weeks and then flowers began to fall off and young leaves to sprout. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the time until the flowers bloom to be the most beautiful. Tomorrow season, Dalat cherry blossoms - hunt for flowers at the right time to bloomPhoto: @ vie.viee__Tomorrow season cherry Da Lat - check in with flowers Photo: @ Raccoon

This year, Da Lat cherry blossoms bloom earlier than every year, around mid-November, tourists have come here to appear in some areas inside and outside the city. Therefore, on this Lunar New Year , you can immediately come here to enjoy the spring atmosphere in the colorful cherry blossoms. In the chill of the mountain town, the faint pink color adorns the lyrical and poetic charm inherent in dear Dalat.Tomorrow season of Dalat - capture impressive momentsPhoto: @nhitrinh_theora

Along with flower hunting, the ideal time to go to enjoy flowers and take pictures “virtual life” is in the early morning or late afternoon. Light rays of sunlight shine through, making the space bright, but not too bright for you to take pictures. Besides, also avoid cloudy days because of the difficult road, cherry tomorrow is also less sharp, losing its characteristic brilliance. Tomorrow season, cherry blossoms in Da Lat - time to be brilliantPhoto: @ bomakeup09

Suggest a place to see cherry blossoms in Da Lat

Xuan Huong lake 

This place is a familiar address of tourists when coming to the city of flowers. The experience of hunting tomorrow, when Da Lat cherry blossoms bloom around the lake, becomes even more brilliant and attractive. The stems are spindly and rough, but contribute to the embellishment of the lake bank with bright and colorful flowers. Standing in any position, you can watch the flowers, wander around the lake or sit in a Thanh Thuy coffee to enjoy the sweet moments of heaven and earth. Tomorrow season, Dalat cherry blossoms - take pictures by the side of Xuan Huong LakePhoto: @ blue.phannguyen

Tran Hung Dao Street

This road less than 1km long is also the place to see cherry blossoms that are loved by young people. Dotted with the old sad color of soaring pine trees and the perennial villas is the pink color of petals swaying in the wind. Walking along the road beside the old Cadasa villas or sitting in a certain cafe to watch the flowers is nothing more ideal.Tomorrow season, cherry blossoms are in Da Lat - photographed on Tran Hung Dao streetPhoto: @nhitrinh_theora

Tuyen Lam Lake

The way to Tuyen Lam Lake to see the cherry blossoms is a bit away and a bit further, but this is an area where the flowers bloom a lot. Walking along the lake for tens of hectares is an irresistible pink sky in a lyrical landscape. Passing through the sculpture tunnel and the iron bridge is the largest area planted with cherry blossoms, where you can relax, take pictures with flowers by the dreamy lake.Tomorrow season, cherry Da Lat - check in by Tuyen Lam lakePhoto: @lieudinh

Doc Da Quy

This is a pretty steep slope, located about 8km from the city center. But as a place to watch cherry blossoms that is already a fan of Dalat, it will be difficult to ignore. On the way to Trai Mat, pass Linh Phuoc Dalat pagoda about 3km, this slope will be found on the right-hand side. The reason it is famous is that it is only about 600m long, but the two sides of the road are dense with ancient cherry apricots. When in season, the flowers bloom at the same time, making the road seem like stepping out from a dreamy beautiful fairy tale.Tomorrow season cherry Da Lat - check in Da Quy slopePhoto: @ mei_meika12

Trai Mat Street – Cau Dat

If you are bored with places near the crowded city, you can move a little further to Trai Mat – Cau Dat street to watch the flowers in a peaceful atmosphere. This is the “hot” virtual living “coordinate” all year round because each season brings its own beauty. After fields of purple, sunflower or wild yellow wildflowers, Da Lat cherry blossoms are blooming tomorrow . Adorn a beautiful part to the green tea hills. Tomorrow season, Da Lat cherry blossoms - the way to Trai MatPhoto: @sandwichezsTomorrow season, cherry blossoms are Da Lat - Trai Mat StreetPhoto: @nghialee_Tomorrow season, cherry Da Lat - Cau Dat areaPhoto: Nguyen Trung

Dalat University

It is a famous school in a mountainous town with “virtual living” corners like Korea right in the heart of Dalat. In the cherry blossom season tomorrow, this place becomes more attractive when dressed in a new color of pink roses. The whole school is immersed in the dreamy beautiful scenery in every corner, making young people love to take pictures forever.Tomorrow season, cherry Da Lat - Dalat UniversityPhoto: @khlyyTomorrow season, cherry blossoms from Da Lat - peaceful Dalat UniversityPhoto: Tiin

There are also some other beautiful areas that young people also love to check in and take wedding photos such as: 

– Ancient peach forest under Langbiang Mountain.

– Road area to Don Duong.

– Road to Cau Dat tea hill, Le Dai Hanh street.

– Truc Lam Zen Monastery , … Tomorrow season, cherry blossoms in Da Lat - behind Langbiang hillPhoto: @motchutmy_

Tips and notes when hunting cherry blossoms

– The time when the cherry blossoms bloom, although the weather is sunny but still quite cold, you should also remember to bring warm enough clothes to protect your body. Choose clothes with light colors and in addition you can add some accessories such as scarf, hat, hat, … to take pictures to look better. 

– Shoot with cherry apricot so you should stand in the middle of the tree, angle the most flowers to capture will make your photo stand out more. 

– Going on a sunny day, the weather is very beautiful, but if you unfortunately come on the occasion of heavy rain, do not worry, just adding a transparent umbrella will make the scene more romantic. Tomorrow season, cherry blossoms in Da Lat - hunting flowers on a sunny dayPhoto: @ meowchan87

– Because the number of visitors flocking to see the cherry blossom season in Dalat is very crowded, you need to book in advance to avoid all. When exploring and viewing flowers by motorbike is the most convenient, besides ensuring safety, order and absolute flowers break the flowers when taking photos. 

– In addition to checking in on the streets, you absolutely can sit and relax and enjoy flowers in equally famous “so deep” cafes such as: Panorama Café, An cafe, Kokoro, Garden Yen, …Tomorrow season, cherry blossom Dalat - check in at the side of the cafePhoto: @ ptbt84

Blooming cherry blossoms dispel the cold, signaling a new spring. One season, Da Lat cherry blossoms bloom, beautiful and cheerful as its image. Do not hesitate to buy the best outfits and go right to the foggy city to see the flowers and take impressive photo sets today!

Photo: Internet