Top 10 specialties bought by Lam Dong as a quality gift everyone loves

Lam Dong is a plateau land with a fresh climate and fertile soil, very suitable for agricultural development. Therefore, there are many specialties of Lam Dong to buy as gifts for you to choose when traveling here. It’s delicious, cheap, but the clean quality is even better. 

Specialties bought by Lam Dong as gifts are popular with many people

1. Crispy persimmon Da Lat

If the day before, people often choose to buy ripe persimmon, dried, or made jam. In recent years, persimmon has become a favored specialty gift again, because it has both therapeutic effects and is not afraid to eat. Crispy persimmons of Dalat have 2 different types, which are flat-headed persimmon and egg persimmon, green or slightly yellowish in color.Lam Dong specialties bought as gifts - crispy persimmonPhoto: @

Persimmon will be picked earlier when the fruit is still hard, choose quality fruit, and then bring it to crunchy. This step will help the persimmon to be sweet, not acrid, but when bitten still remains crispy. This famous Dalat autumn dish is loved by tourists to enjoy every time they travel to this place, as well as bring it as a delicious gift without fear of spoiling. specialties bought by Lam Dong as gifts - crispy persimmons from Da LatPhoto: @ vian.b

2. Dried fruit

Referring to Lam Dong, especially Dalat , this is a famous specialty that everyone knows. Due to the cool climate and suitable soil, this place is the “paradise” for high quality fruits, vegetables and fruits. To be used for a long time, they will be taken to dry, if you come to the markets you will see a huge variety of colors for sale, spoiled for choice.specialties of Lam Dong bought as gifts - dried fruits of all kindsPhoto: @homestaydalat

Countless kinds of fruits from kiwi, sweet potato, strawberry, grapes, jackfruit, … are taken to dry but still retain their freshness. When eaten with a naturally sweet taste, not too harsh, all ages can use it at a low price. Choosing for yourself Lam Dong specialties bought as gifts to bring back snacks or to give to friends and relatives during Tet holidays, everyone will love them.specialties of Lam Dong bought as gifts - dried fruitPhoto: @cho_co_dan

3. Artichoke tea

Artichoke cotton is very good for health, curing many different diseases. But in Vietnam, there are very few places, Lam Dong is one of the rare growing areas, so people come here often looking to buy for them. Fresh artichokes can be processed into many nutritious dishes. But if you cannot bring it back while still fresh, the artichoke tea is also the ideal choice for you. There are many types to choose from, buy to drink or give to help cool the liver, easy to sleep, good heat.Lam Dong specialties bought as gifts - artichoke teaPhoto: @lifestyles_with_deanaLam Dong specialties bought as gifts - artichoke teaPhoto: @ bdbdbd3210

4. Fruit jam

Benefiting from fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables, the local people not only have to dry them but also create hundreds of jams with delicious flavors and eye-catching colors. Can be briefly mentioned as: olives, mangoes, strawberries, artichokes, persimmons, mulberries, tomatoes, apricots, plums, … All are made by traditional methods, when eaten with a sour or sweet taste. Of course, not too much sugar. When traveling to Lam Dong, do not forget to buy the wonderful gifts of this temperate region to enjoy and as gifts!specialties of Lam Dong bought as gifts - fruit jamPhoto: @ manyuki5697

5. Bao Loc Tea 

Bao Loc is known as the city of tea hills, which owns the famous tea brand throughout the country since the French colonial period up to now. For tourists, the tea hills here are the destination to visit, take extremely beautiful check-in pictures. But that is also the place where the famous premium drinks are born, the types such as matcha green tea, lotus tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea, … are flavored with the mist and wind of mountains and forests. private display. Bringing Bao Loc tea bags back to present is a cherished gift that everyone cherishes.Lam Dong specialties bought as gifts - Bao Loc tea hillPhoto: @ hoang0anhpamspecialties of Lam Dong bought as gifts - Bao Loc tea productsPhoto: @Pinterest

6. Wine needs Chu Ru

Chu Ru Canola wine is made by people from a very special yeast, bearing the characteristic ecstatic aroma of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands. This is one of the specialties bought by Lam Dong as a famous gift that tourists love. Brown rice is mixed with Kzut yeast and special plants in the new forest: Dong Patoi, Dong da, Dong Wong, Dong ơ mre . Then bring it to dry and ferment, the longer it is brewed, the better it will be to drink, especially not making you have a headache or get drunk like other types.specialties of Lam Dong bought as gifts - wine need Chu RuPhoto: @gocnhinamthuc

7. Banana Laba

This banana originated from Indonesia, but has long been grown in Lam Dong and is recognized as a specialty of this land. Unlike conventional varieties, Laba bananas produce evenly large fruits, and when ripe, they emit an attractive aroma. Eating in plastic has its own sweet taste, many other places also sell it, but coming here to enjoy the original taste of bananas and buy them are also more popular with many tourists.Lam Dong specialties bought as gifts - famous and famous Laba bananasPhoto: @ wefarmer.officialLam Dong specialties bought as gifts - dried Laba bananasPhoto: @nhinhishopvietnam

8. Dalat strawberries

Anyone who comes to this highland mountain town must want to swoop into one of the strawberry gardens of Dalat to visit and pick ripe berries to enjoy on the spot. Strawberries here have a sweet and sour taste and coolness, big and succulent, trying once will be difficult to control. Don’t forget to buy some boxes of fresh strawberries or strawberry jam, dried strawberries, … bring them as gifts for everyone to enjoy the typical taste of the city of flowers. Lam Dong specialties bought as gifts - strawberries from Da Lat Photo: @ vuhaiyen296Lam Dong specialties bought as gifts - strawberry garden in Da Lat Photo: @nguyenngoc_nd

9. Coffee

Referring to highland areas like Lam Dong, coffee is an indispensable specialty. Coffee in Lam Dong is grown on the plateau, embalmed with the typical flavor of the mountains and processed by hand, giving it excellent quality. 

Especially the famous weasel coffee, the process of brewing and fermentation in their body produces rare products. Sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee in the journey to discover this place or buy and use gradually and as a gift is not worth your trip.Lam Dong specialties bought as gifts - Lam Dong coffeePhoto: @peppervietnam

10. Dalat wine

This is known as the first wine product with Vietnamese brand to meet foreign standards and appeared in 1999. Since then, Lam Dong specialty bought as a gift has been loved by many people with its traditional flavor. of France and even more proud to be exported abroad. The wine is divided into two types of red and white, which are selected from quality grape varieties through tempering technology to create a premium quality taste that anyone who drinks once will find it hard to not be dazed.specialties of Lam Dong bought as gifts - wine from Da LatPhoto: @binsopspecialties of Lam Dong bought as gifts - wine from Da LatPhoto: @drinkingislander

Stroll immersed in the beautiful scenery of the mountains and forests and interesting check-in spots in Lam Dong. Do not forget to stop to enjoy the famous delicious specialties and choose your favorite ones to buy as gifts. With the above suggestions, hopefully you will have your own quality choice.

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