Race to “live virtual” fire at the beautiful cafes in West Lake

It is a pity to visit Hanoi without knowing these beautiful cafes in West Lake. Why? These are all beautiful check-in places, with an airy and romantic view of the West Lake!

Sipping a cup of coffee or a cup of milk tea, chattering three big small stories, or just sitting indifferently watching the time drifting on the lake surface is enough for you to die in love at the beautiful cafes in the Lake This is west . Follow the Vietnam Tourists to discover!The beautiful cafes in West Lake-santorini-fb1@FB: Santorini Vibes

‘Only by name’ the beautiful cafes in West Lake have stunning virtual live views!

1. Gia Phuc Lounge & Cafe

West Lake is something special in the hearts of Hanoi people and tourists. There, storing many moods, there is also a dating place for couples and there is also a place for people to chill and relax. Happiness also visited, but sadness also passed by, West Lake has since become a ‘dear’ place for generations. And for the chill feeling to be even more chill, visit Gia Phuc Lounge & Cafe to ‘high’ emotions. Beautiful cafes in West Lake-ngokhanhlinh@Khanhlinhngo

In Gia Phuc, there is the quietest, most beautiful and quiet corner of West Lake. From the corner of the restaurant, you can see the whole large lake. At night, seeing the opposite bank of a city with brightly lit high-rise buildings, just watching it is enough to satisfy the craving.Beautiful cafes in Tay-Trangduong Lake@Trang Duong

The shop is designed in a modern direction, minimalistic decor, but still brings a feeling of closeness to visitors. Coming to this beautiful cafe on West Lake , in order to have the most complete view, you can look to the corner of the outside corridor, the view from above always welcomes the wind, also the ideal seat to you inhale nature.Beautiful cafes in West Lake-ngokhanhlinh@Khanhlinhngo

The virtual life club likes to take pictures at the views of the lake because there is a lake background, there is enough light and the scenery is romantic!

The restaurant serves both drinks and snacks and cakes with a variety of menus for you to choose from. Although the price is a little bit, but you will find “worth the money” extremely when the drinking water is delicious, standard, the coffee here must say is super rich.Beautiful cafes in West Lake-ngokhanhlinh@Khanhlinhngo

  • Address: 2 Ve Ho Street, Nhat Tan, Tay Ho
  • Time: Open all day

2. Ami Garden Tay Ho

The ‘mysterious forest’ named Ami Garden will make you lose your heart at first sight. Just entering the restaurant, a new breeze rushes into your soul, it is a cool primitive forest, filled with green. And to blend in with this space, every object decor in Ami has wood materials such as wooden tables, wooden chairs, check-in corners also make maximum use of wood, making people feel the magnolia spread throughout the shop , really close and very simple.beautiful cafes in West Lake-Ami-eternal.coffeehn@eternal.coffeehn

In addition to the green space like a tropical garden, does Ami also have a unique view of the West Lake, painted charming scenery? Imagine, inside is a green tree, outside is a vast, peaceful lake surface … Where can I find such a place to really feel the relaxation in my soul?Nice cafes in West Lake-Ami-phthao.pham@ phthao.pham

This lovely cafe in Hanoi offers 2 seats, you can sit outside to see the West Lake closer, or you can sit inside the restaurant on the rooftop to have a panoramic view from above. . Especially, when it is a bit sunny, being exposed in this space, chill must know!Beautiful cafes in West Lake-Ami__nhu_y@__nhu_y

  • Address: 181 Ve Ho, Tay Ho
  • Opening time: 09:00 – 21:00

3. Dreamers coffee

Located on windy To Ngoc Van street, Dreamers coffee is a beautiful cafe in West Lake with many impressive check-in corners in the house and garden, suitable for those who love virtual living. Beautiful cafes in West Lake-dreams-fb@FB Dreamers Coffee

All furniture here is designed entirely of wood, outside is filled with greenery from the trees. The design and combination of many green trees surrounding the restaurant space creates a feeling of closeness to nature and makes the guests fascinated by the tranquility and tranquility like a ‘noon dream’ in this cafe.Beautiful cafes in West Lake-dreams-Gaulonchomeo@Gaulonchomeo

Lim coffee also serves quite basic drinks such as coffee, juice, yogurt, tea and a few snacks to sip, especially cute décor drinks and extremely lovely green. The price is also quite soft for a view of the luxury West Lake!Beautiful cafes in West Lake-dreams@FB Dreamers Coffee

  • Address: 181 Ve Ho, Tay Ho
  • Opening time: 09:00 – 21:00

4. Piiot Restaurant

Located on the top of the most luxurious hotel in Tay Ho district, Piiot possesses a windswept view of West Lake that will conquer any discerning guest. If you want to see the sweeping West Lake with the most magnificent scenery, then here, Piiot will satisfy you.Beautiful cafes in West Lake-piiot-caothuy0810@caothuy0810

From service style, view to space, Piiot brings exactly the essence of West Lake. In particular, at night, the scenery really captivates people, ecstatic beauty!

At this super beautiful West Lake cafe with thousands of virtual living corners, if you want a picture with white clouds, yellow sunshine, blue sky and a peaceful lake surface, Piiot will bring this background.Beautiful cafes in West Lake - Piiot@FB Piiot Restaurant

However, to have this golden view picture and luxurious seats, you will spend the price of the ‘expensive’ service! But to have a shot for life is not worth it compared to your budget. Piiot serves both a cafe and a European-style restaurant, you can book a private room to celebrate birthdays, propose, or you can book an outdoor table with a shimmering beautiful space.Beautiful cafes in West Lake - Piiot@FB Piiot Restaurant

  • Address: 9th Floor, Parosand Hanoi Hotel, 537 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho
  • Opening time: 06:00 – 22:00

5. Lim Coffee

This cafe has 3 super spacious floors, so Lim owns a scenic view straight to the windy West Lake. With a simple design style, the shop uses 2 main colors: white and brown, the outer surround is made entirely of transparent glass to ensure a spacious view and open space for this cafe!Nice cafes in Tay-lim-Cxkhoa Lake@Cxkhoa

Come here to check-in and enjoy the beautiful view of West Lake, you can choose to sit on the gongs of the 2nd floor of the 3rd floor or in the area outside the shop to watch the flow of the street, or fall into the sunset. beautiful windy West Lake.Nice cafes in Tay-lim-fb Lake@FB Lim coffee

The restaurant serves a variety of drinks, from tea, coffee, hot drinks for Hanoi winter and some pretty sweet cakes.Nice cafes in Tay-lim-fb-Minhanh0801 Lake@Minhanh0801

  • Address: 39 Quang Khanh Street, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi
  • Opening time: From 9:00 – 22:00

6. Santorini Vibes

This lovely West Lake cafe has a very impressive Mediterranean vibe in the heart of Hanoi!The beautiful cafes in Tay-santorini-oanh Lake@oanh

Just by hearing the name, you reminded me of Santorini of Greece, right? Yes, you will be very surprised to visit this cafe because it is definitely Mediterranean style with the outstanding Santorini Vibes located on a corner of the lake.The beautiful cafes in Tay-santorini Lake@FB Santorini Vibes

The outside space and the interior space of the restaurant are painted in 2 main colors, white and cool blue, looking especially pleasant, especially when you visit this shop in the summer!The beautiful cafes in Tay-santorini-hangnee Lake@hangnee

Santorini cafe is always open to welcome the wind, so the space is extremely airy and relaxing. Here you can find hundreds of thousands of virtual living corners, from outside the shop to inside the shop, check-in photos are flooded to where ever they are posted! Skillful, many people are jealous, thinking that if you are traveling to Santorini, the ‘real’ version will die!The beautiful cafes in the West Lake santorini-nguyenngocbich@nguyenngocbich

This cafe serves a variety of drinks, Mediterranean-style food, especially Detox Water is also quite ‘must try’ from cucumbers, oranges, lemons, black beans, … .!

  • Address: 181 Nhat Chieu, Tay Ho, Hanoi
  • Opening time: 8:30 – 23:00

If you visit Hanoi and take a walk around the famous tourist destination of this capital, be sure to check-in with all the beautiful cafes in West Lake with the scenery and space is so peaceful, so chill and real This refreshing offline!

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