Dak Nong yellow ant and sour soup – a specialty of the Ede people

In addition to salt, yellow ant salt, Dak Nong yellow ant and sour soup is also an extremely attractive and unique specialty of the Ede people here.

The Ede people in Dak Nong not only have a typical lifestyle with rich indigenous cultural customs, but also have extremely unique cuisine, many of today’s rustic dishes have been classified as special and loved by travelers everywhere. Referring to the most unique and exotic specialties of the Ede people, the yellow ant and sour soup is definitely one of the most prominent suggestions. This rustic dish bearing the breath of the mountains is an attractive culinary highlight in Dak Nong  , making diners far away be curious and attached when having the opportunity to enjoy.

Dak Nong yellow ant and sour soup

Sour soup is a famous specialty of Dak Nong. Photo: Dan Viet

Back to the Central Highlands, immersed in the strange taste of Dak Nong yellow ant and sour soup

For the E De people, weaver ants are considered “forest buds” and a familiar food source in everyday life. The Central Highlands yellow ants often nest on tall branches, they act as natural enemies, destroy insects that harm plants and are also an attractive source of nutrients. 

Dak Nong specialty yellow ant sour soup

Golden ants to the Ede are the fortune of the world. Photo: Law Newspaper

To make a sour soup for weaver ants , the E De people usually choose the time to hunt for ants at the end of May, when the rainy season in the Central Highlands begins. At this time, the ant nests are often heavy and full of round, fat ant eggs, this is also the time when the ants multiply the most, so the number of ant nests is very large, people can easily hunt large batches. 

Dak Nong yellow ant and sour soup is attractive

People will hunt for weaver ants at the end of May. Photo: Bao Gia Lai

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To cook yellow ants, people use ingredients that come around in their gardens or hunt them from the forest. Accordingly, in addition to the main material which is weaver ants, there are also shrimp, fish, river crabs, compressed cilantro, price, “djam tang” flowers … Depending on the garden, people will use ingredients. corresponding. However, the best sour soup must be cooked with fish, shrimp and crab caught from the Serepok line.

Ingredients for cooking Dak Nong yellow ant and sour soup is attractive

The ingredients for cooking and sour soup are very simple. Youtube

If the sour soup in other regions often uses tomatoes, tamarinds, and giang leaves to create a unique flavor, with the sour soup of the Ede people, weaver ants are a special ingredient to create a characteristic acidity. The nest filled with eggs will make the soup more delicious and nutritious. 

Before cooking the ants sour soup , people will first pre-process the ants by smashing the ant nests into the water so that the eggs and ants fall to the continent, then rinse them many times. Other ingredients are also prepared and washed.

How to cook attractive Dak Nong yellow ant and sour soup

Break the ants down into the water bath and rinse it off. Photo: Bao Gia Lai

The way to cook soup is also very simple. First, people will north on the stove a pot of water just enough to use and boil. Then, the ingredients including shrimp, crab, and small fish are prepared and crushed into the pot of water to create aroma.

How to cook attractive Dak Nong yellow ant and sour soup

Soup, crab and fish of the Serepok river. Photo: Knowledge Newspaper

Simmer for about 5 minutes to make the ingredients in the soup cook completely and the water reaches a characteristic sweetness, then add “djam tang” flowers and weaver ants, adding this ingredient later to prevent vegetables and ants. mushy. 

How to cook and sour soup with Dak Nong yellow ant

Flower “djam tang” is a familiar ingredient of sour soup. Photo: Knowledge Newspaper

Finally, add monosodium glutamate, salt and add a little bit of native herbs to create a variety of flavor in your dish. For those who like to eat spicy, you can add a few chili to the pot finely. 

The taste of Dak Nong yellow ant and sour soup is very special and can make diners remember forever with just one taste. The special sour taste from weaver ants will stimulate the taste buds of the eater, the fatty ant eggs and fragrant sweet shrimp, crab, and fish all combine to make the dish particularly attractive and exotic. 

How to cook and sour soup with Dak Nong yellow ant

The taste of the sour soup is very special. New newspaper

In particular, the Ede people often use this sour soup with white rice. Regular rice tray does not need anything luxury, just have a pot of sour soup with yellow ants , white rice and a few vegetables in the garden to have a delicious meal. How to cook and sour soup with Dak Nong yellow antThe soup’s characteristic sour taste is made up of ants. Photo: VtimesHow to cook famous specialty yellow ant and sour soupSour soup with yellow ants often appears in the daily tray of the Ede people. Photo: Bao Gia Lai

Having the opportunity to travel to Dak Nong , you should visit the Ede villages such as Nui, Buôr, Trum and E Po Po, in Tam Thang commune, Cu Jut district to enjoy this special golden ant sour soup . In addition to this attractive and sour soup, you can also enjoy other attractive specialties such as yellow ant salted beef, bitter tomato soup, fried noodles, fried bamboo shoots with beef, blue meat, and green rice … A unique culinary experience with traditional Ede delicacies will leave you with a lasting impression. 

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