Quang Tri travel to enjoy the famous noodle soup Mai Xa that many people love

Mai Xa great-grandson noodle soup not only attracts tourists with its special delicious taste but also by its impressive name. If you have the opportunity to visit the “land of fire” of Quang Tri, you should once enjoy this specialty to feel together. 

Vermicelli the great-grandchildren Mai Xa – Top 100 typical dishes of Vietnam 

Mai Xa great-grandson noodle soup, also known as mussel Mai Xa, is a famous specialty in Mai Xa village, Gio Mai commune, Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province. Great great-grandchildren are the main ingredients to cook this vermicelli, shaped like a mussel but smaller than only about the size of corn.  

Grandchildren noodle dish is honored to be in the top 100 typical dishes of Vietnam and becomes the pride of Quang Tri people. Not only that, but many visitors when having the opportunity to visit Quang Tri must definitely enjoy this vermicelli once.   
Noodles great-grandchildren Mai Xa - an attractive dish in Quang TriVermicelli great-grandson Mai Xa is a favorite dish in Quang Tri

The way to cook great grand-grandchild noodles is extremely rustic

Quang Tri mussel dish is unique in its selection of ingredients. It is the great-grandchildren, a creature living in debt water, so it tastes very sweet and rich in nutrients. Grandchildren contain large amounts of copper, iron and vitamin 12, which are very healthy. In addition, great-grandchildren also have welding properties, helping to clear heat and diuretic.   
Vermicelli great-grandson Mai Xa - selection of ingredientsClean raw materials preliminary

The way to prepare the great-grandson Mai Xa noodle dish is very simple. The great-grandchildren after catching will be cleaned by soaking them with rice water to remove the viscous. Then put the great-grandchildren in the basket and rub it vigorously to remove the dirt clinging to the outside of the shell. 

Put the great-grandchildren in a saucepan and then boil it on the stove for about 10 minutes, when the great-grandchildren open their mouth, turn off the heat. The hard-boiled experience is that you have to set the fire evenly, because if the water is not boiling enough, the grandchildren will not open their mouth. Or when you see the water is boiling, you can use the chopsticks to stir well to open your mouth. 
Vermicelli great-grandson Mai Xa - how to processClean the great-grandchildren and stir-fry

Pour the great-grandson into the basket to drain the water and remember to take the boiled water to cook a very sweet soup. Put the pan on the stove to scent the onion, then pour the great-grandchildren into the pan and fry it to cook the meat. Add a little spices to stir fry for about 1-2 minutes, then turn off the heat. As for the broth, filter the hard-boiled water above to remove the dirt and add ginger, boiling spices as broth. Thus, the cooking stage of great-grandson Mai Xa Quang Tri has been completed. 
Noodles great-grandchildren Mai Xa - enjoy Quang Tri mussel noodle dishEnjoy an attractive bowl of great grandchild noodle

At this time, you need to mix chili salt to eat with fresh chili, salt and ginger. In order to have a delicious bowl of great-grandchildren noodles, the villagers of Mai Xa village are very sophisticated in choosing the type of small-sized noodle soup. Put noodles in a bowl, add herbs, sautéed great-grandchildren and pour broth to enjoy.  
Vermicelli great-grandson Mai Xa - great-grandchildren dish scooped with rice paperStir-fried great-grandchildren dishes are also served with rice paper scoop

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How to enjoy and where to eat delicious Mai Xa great-grandparent

To enjoy the most delicious noodle dish Mai Xa , it is indispensable to have a cup of salt and chili or garlic ginger sauce. Put raw vegetables, soy sauce, chili sauce and a little salt and ginger chili into the bowl of noodles, mix well and enjoy. Delicious chewy vermicelli fibers, great-grandchildren are stir-fried with delicious and juicy broth, all blended with delicious raw vegetables. 
Vermicelli great-grandson Mai Xa - how to enjoyIf you have the opportunity to come to Mai Xa Quang Tri, you should definitely enjoy the great-granddaughter noodle dish once

A bowl of great noodles costs 10,000 – 150,000 VND, very delicious and cheap. Many visitors can enjoy up to 2-3 bowls of noodles at the same time and don’t forget to buy them as gifts. The dish of fried great-grandchildren stir-fried with rice paper, delicious chewy great-grandchildren mixed with crispy rice paper is also loved by many visitors.

To enjoy the great-granddaughter of Mai Xa when traveling to Quang Tri , you can go to Mai Xa village, Gio Mai, Gio Linh, there are many restaurants serving this noodle dish. You can enjoy the Mai Xa mussel noodle dish at any market in Gio Mai.  

Mai Xa great-grandson noodle soup – a rustic dish that contains much culinary quintessences of Mai Xa people. If you have the opportunity to come to Quang Tri, you should once enjoy this famous mussel dish and feel it. 

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