Tourists flocked to take pictures of cherry apricot on Langbiang mountain

LAM DONG – Cherry blossoms in the mountains and forests of Langbiang are racing to bloom, blazing around the sky in the first days of the new year

In the early days of 2021, cherry apricots on the slopes of Langbiang mountain in Lac Duong district, Lam Dong were in full bloom, dyed the whole space pink.

Langbiang mountain slopes 20 km from Dalat city center. This is one of the beautiful natural cherry apricot populations that has just been discovered in the past few years. In addition, the suburbs of Da Lat such as communes of Da Sar, Da Nhim, Da Chais, and Lac Duong town (Lac Duong district) also attract tourists.

Thousands of visitors from all directions flocked to the Langbiang hillside area to take photos and keep memories when visiting Dalat mountain town. The temperature in Dalat and the mountains of Langbiang is about 17-18 degrees Celsius, no rain, convenient for tourists to take pictures.

Tourists enjoy taking pictures of cherry blossoms. “On the holiday occasion, my group of friends invited each other to Da Lat, fortunately when an acquaintance introduced this address to explore. Surprisingly, flowers bloom so beautiful here”, Thuy Tien (25 years old) from Dong Nai said.

Bich Thuy (28 years old, from Nghe An) led her daughter to see cherry blossoms, admire the beauty of Langbiang mountain and forest. “Coming to Langbiang for the first time, seeing cherry blossoms blooming beautifully, I hope a peaceful and happy new year will come to her family and everyone,” said Thuy.

Beneath the mountainside are the farmer’s vegetable fields.

Many machines dive 300 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong … to Lam Dong this season to hunt for cherry blossoms.

A cherry apricot blossom blossomed on the hillside. Flowers often bloom on the occasion of the New Year as a sign of spring.

Besides cherry apricot, the wild flower area of ​​the forest mountains also attracts visitors.

The cherry apricot trees are located on the coffee field of the people, the wooden house on the hillside creates a beautiful space.

Although located in an area quite far from the center of Da Lat city, the cherry blossoms blooming early right on the occasion of the three-day New Year holiday has attracted quite a lot of visitors to enjoy and take pictures.