30-year-old vermicelli soup in Da Lat

LAM DONG – Located in a small alley, the vermicelli soup is still recommended by many locals to visitors to visit the mountain town.

Vermicelli soup Di Canh (Ba Trieu street) is considered a “very Dalat” noodle shop. In the center of the city, which is always busy, the shop is just printed in the courtyard of a small house, helping diners feel the typical peace of the mountain town.

Signboard There are typical vermicelli noodles of Aunt Canh.
Signboard “Still vermicelli” characteristic of Aunt Canh.

Ms. Canh’s shop has been open for sale for more than 30 years. Because she was over 90 years old, she transferred the shop to her daughter. Located in an alley with few people passing, the shop sells mostly to locals and patrons. However, the shop is always crowded with customers, selling about 50 kg of noodles every day, even though it is only open from 6am to 10am.

Vermicelli soup here has a characteristic delicious taste, different from that of the northern vermicelli. Ground crab is pounded mixed with dried shrimp and meat, about to fill in a bowl of noodles. Crab bricks form a large block, mixed with tomato-colored broth, stimulating the taste buds. Guests come to eat and share, after eating all the noodles, there are still many crab bricks. Many people often race that the shop is like “selling and giving”.

Aunt Canh's biological daughter is the shop's second life.
The plus point of the restaurant is that the shopkeepers are always warm to customers.

The restaurant always serves a variety of chili to serve such as: chopped fresh chili, green chili, chili powder, hot pepper, garlic and chili vinegar. The pungent chili taste helps both to increase the flavor and warm people in cold weather. The shop does not sell iced tea, but serves hot ginger tea. The owner shares, this is a way to help customers warm their stomach after eating shrimp paste. In addition, there is also home-cooked aloe vera.

A bowl of rich rieu vermicelli is priced from VND 25,000 - 35,000.
A bowl of rich rieu vermicelli is priced from VND 25,000 – 35,000.