7 beautiful pass roads in Da Lat ‘attract’ tourists who are passionate about traveling

Not only the beautiful flower gardens during the four seasons or the beautiful, beautiful pine valleys and hills. The beautiful mountain passes in Da Lat winding, winding covered by clouds or flooded with sunlight, also give this mountainous town an unforgettable dreamy look.

1. Ta Nung Pass

Ta Nung Pass Road, located on Lang Biang Plateau, is a famous and poetic road passing through a village with traditional craft weaving silk weaving of indigenous people since ancient times, so it is also called “Silk Road”. From the center of Da Lat city back to the direction of Cam Ly waterfall, turn left is a sign pointing to Ta Nung, connecting NH27 towards Dak Lak. The nearly 30km long pass winding, meandering, with this hand is a hill with tall green trees, the other hand watching out will be a deep abyss with long-life pine trees more than a decade away. sequentially. When the rainy season just fell on the red basalt plateau, around October and November, the whole pass road seemed to glow in the yellow color of wildflowers in full bloom, perhaps so, this pass is also called “the road. Ye Kwok “. Looking away from the middle of the mountain,

Ta Lat Da Lat

To reach Ta Nung pass, you will have to cross Van Thanh flower village and weaving village in Nam Ban town. Van Thanh Flower Village is the largest and famous flower village in Dalat. Van Thanh flower village used to be famous for roses, but now it also grows a variety of flowers such as velvet rose, Ly flower, salem, carnation, coin. Going through Nam Ban town, you can also stop to explore the weaving factories for silk production. You can visit, take pictures and chat with the talented hands of the craftsmen and artisans here.

Ta Nung Pass always makes you excited and excited by the slope of the pass and its charming scenery. You should rent a motorbike to fully enjoy the beauty here. Do not forget to visit the scenery of Van Duc Pagoda and feel the peace and tranquility at the Buddha’s door.

2. Ngoan Muc Pass

Ngoan Muc Pass is a bridge connecting Da Lat and Phan Rang with a length of more than 20km with the lowest height at 200m and the top of the pass nearly 1000m. Ngoan Muc Pass brings a feeling of hesitation because we do not know what “spectacular” awaits us. Ngoan Muc pass has sharp bends like the elbow, but this place has a strong charm for those who love to explore and love to conquer. 

Spectacular Da Lat pass

Algae on the road pass against the scorching sun of Phan Rang – Ninh Thuan until half of the road suddenly realized the cold mist of the land of Da Lat had drawn down ever since. Along the two sides of the winding, winding pass are the canopy of layers like a cover, trying to defend the dangers from nature, the side is the cliff, the side is the abyss, the deep forest, the rocks waterfall stream.

3. Dran pass is cloudy in Da Lat

Next to Ngoan Muc pass is Dran pass in Don Duong district, Lam Dong province. Dran Pass with few people passing, small and long about 10km. Because it is higher than Dalat and also the coldest place in the valley, the pass is foggy all year round.

Small, steep and winding pass with charming scenery on both sides. Throughout the pass are pine forests, tea hills and wild flowers blooming brightly. In the winter, the guests often rent motorbikes to go to the top of the pass to enjoy the cold feeling and walk in the sea of ​​floating clouds.

4. The Prenn Pass

Prenn Pass with a distance of 11 km, about 10 km from the center of Da Lat, is the gateway road from Lien Khuong airport to the city. Prenn Pass has a moderate slope, winding through a waterfall also called Prenn. There is no surprisingly high slope, but covering the two sides of the pass are tall pine trees with beautiful scenery. This place is also the place to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom every spring.

Resting on the pass, building a car on the corner of the road and visiting the white villa and discovering magical stories surrounding the mountain town villas will be a memorable experience. Coming to Prenn pass, you will feel the coldness of the mountain town even when it is sunny. Only around 13-14, the road will be covered with fog and mist.

5. Bao Loc Pass

Bao Loc pass is part of the territory of Bao Loc city and part of the district Đạ Huoai with a length of about 15 km with high slopes and sharp curves. It can be said that in the pass sections leading to Da Lat, Bao Loc is the most dangerous road.

This pass is located on Highway 20, also known as the B pass, Lao in the K language, it connects Ho Chi Minh City to Bao Loc city, Lam Dong. This pass was built in 1973, is the most dangerous path of landslides in Dalat. Nowadays, after being repaired and rebuilt, the road has been widened, more beautiful, through immense pine forests, green tea hills and smoking rubber forests.

6. Glitter Pass

Long Lanh Pass is also known as Omega Pass, Hon Giao Pass. This pass is located in Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province more than 30 km connecting Nha Trang to Da Lat.

It can be said that this is the top transit route for tourists who want to visit both of these fascinating cities. From here, you can go to Nha Trang from Dalat or vice versa in a few hours easily and in the least time. Going through the immense pine hills of Dalat, enjoying the fresh and fresh air will be a memorable thing in your journey.

7. Mimosa Pass

Located parallel to Prenn pass is Mimosa Pass, also called Prenn 2 Pass, the pass named after a special beautiful flower of Dalat.

This pass has a length of 10km connecting directly to the center of Da Lat city, passing Mimosa pass will be pine forests and then immense green, gradually entering Dalat city to welcome visitors with brilliant mimosa flowers. yellow.