Cherry blossoms dyed pink in Da Lat

LAM DONG – In the middle of the cold weather at the end of tomorrow, cherry blossoms are blooming on the roads in Da Lat, along Tuyen Lam lake, Cau Dat …

Cherry plum trees fill the garden in Da Sar commune, Lac Duong district on the hillside of Lang Biang plateau, about 12 km from the center of Da Lat.

This is one of the pictures in the series “Da Lat pink cherry blossoms” by 9x photographer Tran Ngoc Anh (also known as Py Tran), who is living and working in Dalat. Ngoc Anh is known for having many beautiful works associated with Da Lat and has won several domestic awards. Recently, his “Linh Phuoc Pagoda” series of photos taken at Trai Mat won the prize at the Heritage Photography Contest – Heritage Journey 2020.

Visitors will be able to blend into the early spring space of many years old cherry apricot trees planted alternately between coffee gardens and tea hills.

Peaceful home of the Cil next to the cherry apricot tree in Da Sar. Ngoc Anh said that although the road is a bit difficult, in return, you can fully enjoy the poetic cherry blossom scene.

Depending on the weather and soil, cherry blossoms bloom sooner or later in different areas of Da Lat, so it is important that visitors need to find information from “local” Dalat to arrive at the right occasion and the moment the flowers bloom.

In 2017 flowers bloom late in early March, 2018 flowers bloom between January, 2019 and this year flowers bloom earlier at the end of the year, from December onwards.

The flowers “gracefully” in the early spring weather. This is a plant that lives in temperate climates. According to the normal growth cycle, early winter the tree will lose all its leaves, then “hibernate” for about 2 weeks before blooming, maintain 1-2 months.

When the flowers are sunny enough, the petals bloom brilliantly in Xuan Truong commune. The most beautiful time when flowers are blossoming is the whole plant, with leaves inert.

With a passion for photography, Ngoc Anh wanders around the mountain town hunting beautiful moments and taking pictures for guests each cherry blossom season. On the picture is a sample of a photo of “dressing up” for a female student taken at the road to Tuyen Lam lake, Da Lat.

In the inner city, Tran Hung Dao Street has cherry blossoms in full bloom on the nearly 500 m long road. Tourists also gather here to check-in a lot during the blooming season. Cherry blossoms also appear on Hung Vuong, Dong Da, Ho Tung Mau, Tran Quang Dieu, Tran Quy Cap, Le Dai Hanh or Dinh Tien Hoang streets.

In addition, along the banks of Xuan Huong Lake, the area of ​​Dalat University or the Sculpture Tunnel also planted many cherry apricots.

Cau Dat tea farm is dotted with cherry apricot, about 30km west of the center of Da Lat. This area is now planted with tens of thousands of cherry apricots.

People harvest tea leaves amidst the blazing cherry blossoms at Cau Dat tea farm.

“Cherry blossoms tomorrow. You leave to see the flowers in the cold weather in the highlands and let your emotions harmonize with the typical music of the mountains,” Ngoc Anh shared.

Huynh Phuong/vnexpress

Photo: Py Tran