Discover brand new Tan Tuyen Melaleuca forest in An Giang

Tan Tuyen An Giang Melaleuca forest promises to be an attractive eco-tourism destination with an unspoiled landscape and many typical works recreating military life.

An Giang is a land that makes a strong impression on many tourists not only because it is a place where there is a mixture and convergence of many unique cultures of the Kinh, Chinese, Cham, and Khmer communities. idyllic beauty typical of rivers in the West of the river but also has diverse natural landscapes. From the stretching green rice fields, dreamy Co To mountain, the palm trees of Tinh Bien soared to the high sky or the mysterious That Son mountain range and many other fascinating historical and cultural relics.Explore Tan Tuyen An Giang Melaleuca forest - a famous tourist destinationAn Giang has many famous tourist destinations. Photo: vnagrouptravel

But perhaps the place that many people remember the most when traveling to An Giang is the green and green cajuput forests. Besides the poetic and charming Tra Su Melaleuca forest becoming the most impressive check-in point in the West, recently Tan Tuyen cajuput forest is also the coordinates attracting many tourists. Let’s travel with LuhanhVietNam to this attractive tourist destination of An Giang!

Tan Tuyen An Giang Melaleuca forest has a diverse ecosystem

Tan Tuyen cajuput forest is located in Tri Ton and Tinh Bien districts. This famous tourist destination An Giang covers an area of ​​1752 hectares out of 1928.4 hectares of the total area of ​​the district.
 Explore Tan Tuyen An Giang Melaleuca forest - a total area of ​​more than 1,700 haTan Tuyen cajuput forest has a total area of ​​over 1,700 ha. Photo: FB langthang.angiang

An Giang cajuput forest in general and Tan Tuyen forest have many potentials for ecotourism development. The most important thing to mention is the extremely rich flora and fauna here. People often refer to famous An Giang ecotourism areas such as Keo Thien Tu forest, Mau Ba on Cam mountain, O Tuk Xa acacia forest in Chi Lang, mango forest of Soai So lake in Tri Ton district, ancient Thien Tu forest. trees at Co To mountain located on Tri Ton territory and now Tan Tuyen An Giang cajuput forest .Explore Tan Tuyen An Giang Melaleuca forest - potential for ecotourism developmentAn Giang cajuput forest has many potentials for ecotourism development. Photo: lamviennuicam

This place not only has green Melaleuca forest covering a large area but also possesses the dominant algae industry with many different species, including: green algae, silica algae, blue algae, Vang Anh algae, eye algae, yellow algae and Giap algae. Among them, there are many kinds of food which are good food for fish and shrimp in Melaleuca forest.Explore Tan Tuyen An Giang Melaleuca forest - Tri Ton districtMelaleuca forests are located in Tri Ton and Tinh Bien An Giang districts. Photo: lamviennuicam

Attractive tourist experiences in Tan Tuyen Melaleuca forest

Unlike other famous An Giang places such as Gao Giong , Xeo Quyt, Tra Su cajuput forest, … after the exercise program of the military zone, Tan Tuyen An Giang cajuput forest still retains an Army camps system with watchtower, Hoang Cam kitchen, …Explore Tan Tuyen An Giang Melaleuca forest - Wild beautyWild scenery with a plank system from the main shaft to the small camps. Photo: FB langthang.angiang

This is a great advantage of this Melaleuca forest because it creates favorable conditions to build complete tourism services to recreate the life of the military zone. Thereby, helping visitors to have attractive and attractive military life experiences. If you are a crazy fan of the program “ Sao Enlist 2020 ” causing fever on social networks, you should not miss this forest.Explore Tan Tuyen An Giang Melaleuca forest - a system of military campsIn Tan Tuyen cajuput forest, there are a system of military camps, watchtowers, and Hoang Cam cookers. Photo: Lang Thang An Giang

If the area of ​​Tra Su Melaleuca forest has a long wooden bridge with a beautiful bird nest-like Europe’s super hot, Tan Tuyen An Giang Melaleuca forest also has a plank bridge from the main axis to the sub-camps with total dimension. Approximately 5,000 meters long is weaved through the forest to help visitors get a more authentic experience and closer to nature.Explore Tan Tuyen An Giang Melaleuca forest - Go canoe to see the treesGo canoe to watch the storks and trees scurry around. Photo: FB Happiness Green

You can choose to take a canoe around the Melaleuca forest to watch the trees, storks or walk on the bridge under the shade of the Melaleuca forest to explore the wild surroundings and do not forget to check in with poetic photos at This new destination of An Giang.Explore Tan Tuyen An Giang cajuput forest - Cau Ban is about 5,000m longThe plank bridge is about 5,000m long in Tan Tuyen Melaleuca forest. Photo: angiangquetoi

In addition, Tan Tuyen An Giang cajuput forest also has many attractive eco-tourism activities that promise to bring you new experiences of the western floating season tourism , such as spreading nets and shedding Catch fish, shrimp, crabs and enjoy country cuisine with many delicious dishes of Chau Doc, Tinh Bien, Tri Ton, …Explore Tan Tuyen An Giang Melaleuca forest - Experience shingles to catch fishExperience shingle fishing in Melaleuca forest. Photo: angiangquetoi

Another good news for tourists who love traveling to the West from near and far is that this place is now gradually completing a stopover to serve tourists. The project is expected to be completed before the 2021 Lunar New Year.Explore Tan Tuyen An Giang Melaleuca forest - a list of protected wetlandsTan Tuyen Melaleuca forest is included in the list of nature conservation wetlands. Photo: FB Happiness Green

The area is being planned for ecotourism development

With a total area of ​​1,672ha, Tan Tuyen An Giang Melaleuca forest is currently being included in the list of nature conservation wetlands. Among them, there are 250 hectares in Zone A currently in the planning of exploitation and development of tourism activities. And the protected area of ​​Melaleuca forest landscape will include 3 functional subdivisions, all in plot 1, sub-area 30B. In particular, the most strictly protected subdivision has an area of ​​81.85 ha with lots 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 (the area adjacent to An Giang Provincial Forest Enterprise).Explore Tan Tuyen An Giang Melaleuca forest - includes 3 functional subdivisionsThe Melaleuca forest landscape includes 3 functional subdivisions. Photo: FB langthang.angiang

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Particularly, the ecological restoration subdivision is about 94.06 ha wide, including lots: 7, 8, 9 and 16 (belonging to plot 1 of sub-zone 30B). Finally, the administrative – service subdivision has a total area of ​​80.48ha, including lots: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

In addition, according to the above regulation, the buffer zone of Tan Tuyen An Giang Melaleuca forest landscape protection zone covers an area of ​​380.9 hectares, located in the hamlets: Tan Duc, Tan An and Tan Loi, Tan Tuyen commune. , Tinh Bien district, An Giang province. With plans and special investment regimes, this wild cajuput forest promises to be a brand new destination in An Giang in early 2021, let’s plan to explore this place with a group of close friends right away.

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