Enjoy the beauty of the green Tu Nham beach

The beach is long and wide, the sea is clear and blue with white sand like a fairytale scene. Travel Phu Yen to Tu Nham beach to immerse yourself in the windy space, inhale the aroma of the sea passionately and not forget to explore meaningful experiences.

Tu Nham beach in which province?

This beach is located only 7km from National Highway 1A, in Xuan Thinh commune, Song Cau, Phu Yen. Beach with the width and length of the top of Phu Yen, about 8km. This place is like a masterpiece of nature endowed with a wild and very clean scene. The topography of the jade eye has been deposited and deposited over the centuries.Tu Nham beach - Phu Yen bridge riverPhoto: @ haing13Tu Nham beach - enjoy campingPhoto: @ksorhothuy

Like the beaches in Vung Tau , this place is divided into 2 front and back beaches. If the front beach runs out of water, only rocks and algae will cover everywhere, possessing colorful coral reefs of all shapes and eye-catching shapes. Then the back beach is impressed with the clear blue water, next to the white sandhill, seemingly endless. Going to this beach through a beautiful road, enjoying the cool air and relaxing for the tiring days is nothing better.Immense Tu Nham beachPhoto: @fridaalbiinTu Nham beach - rocky beachPhoto: Long Thi

Guide to Tu Nham sea

This beach is located in the north of Tuy Hoa city, from there you follow Highway 1A. Then turn on and run along the edge of Xuan Dai Bay , continue running through Dong Tranh mountain range. Just go 7km and you will see the beach appear right in front of your eyes. The road is easy to go plus the coast, the rice fields on both sides, so tourists can come easily, take a taxi or travel by motorbike, is the most reasonable choice.Tu Nham beach - wayPhoto: @liemdang

Explore Tu Nham beach with interesting activities 

There is immense white sand, the ocean in front of it is immense deep blue. In the distance are the mountains and casuarina groves lying dormant, Tu Nham Phu Yen beach has a wild beauty with new features. However, when you get lost, there are also many memorable activities for you to experience.

Immerse yourself in the wonderland of the beach

If you once witnessed the romantic scenery of this beach, you will not be able to take your eyes off the beauty of it. A blue water color, pristine white sand in the sun becomes more peaceful and gentle. Waving in the scent of the sea breeze is the vast green color of the casuarina forests. Let bare feet step right into the sea and immerse yourself in the cool water you can see layers of fine sand under your feet.Tu Nham beach - watching the sunsetPhoto: @jig_duyenle

As beautiful as Xep Phu Yen beach , lying on the white sand to bask in the sun and breathe the passionate fragrance of the sea is refreshing. Or lean back under the ocean to admire the scenery and feel the extraordinary tranquility that makes you feel real peace. Along the coast is a charming painting with magical changes in nature. Tu Nham beach - clear waterPhoto: @Vietnamplus

Going from the white sand of the skin, struggling freely in the cool water to relax and dispel the sun of Central Vietnam. Down Ong Dien cape at the end of this beach, climb up rugged and rocky outcrops. Sit with your eyes wide open to enjoy the peaceful landscape with only nature and clouds blending together. Listen to the calming music of the waves, the wind ringing on the swaying poplar rows.Tu Nham beach - bathingPhoto: @ indy.tre

Explore a simple fishing village

From Tu Nham beach, crossing the asphalt road running between the poplar rows, you will come to Tu Nham fishing village . The life of the gentle and friendly people here is simple with small houses, everyone is likable so you can talk freely. Or listen to stories about seafaring, playing with children familiar folk games.Tu Nham beach - way to the fishing villagePhoto: @ haing13

Coming to the fishing port area, watching people weaving nets, watching basket boats and small boats parked along the beach, this is the main tool for fishermen here. Capture souvenir pictures with the sea at sunset. If you arrive at the right time, you can also buy fresh, cheap seafood to bring back through processing to have a full meal. Tu Nham beach - afternoon view of the fishing villagePhoto: @huynhliemphoto

Have fun sand hill Tu Nham

In the midst of a wide green beach, next to it is a surprisingly beautiful white sand hill. If anyone comes to Phu Yen but has never set foot on Tu Nham sand hill, it is also a mistake. To get to the top of the hill, you must go through the two-way street, the casuarina, appearing before your eyes, the scenery that makes you vibrate. The smooth grains of sand caress the feet, making walking tiring.Tu Nham beach - white sand hillPhoto: @myvietnamhomestay

On the sand hill, you have the opportunity to see the panorama around, with friends, have fun, try skateboarding skills on the sand. In the afternoon, sit down on the sand dunes to witness the sea turn yellow-orange. When dusk falls, everywhere changes color brilliantly, at night camping, watching the starry sky. It feels like being able to reach out and grab the whole galaxy right in front of me. Tu Nham beach - photography on the white sand hillPhoto: @ tungsc78Tu Nham beach - camping on the sand hill Photo: @ alolove.sc102

Enjoy rich cuisine

Journey to discover Tu Nham Phu Yen beach after hours of fun, watching the sea do not forget to enjoy attractive cuisine. Go into the fishing village or the roadside eatery, you will find famous duck dishes sold everywhere. The duck meat here is typically chewy, sweet and firm. Sipping a bowl of hot duck soup or sipping a plate of sweet and sour papaya salad with a cup of spicy fish sauce feels all the taste of this peaceful sea.Tu Nham beach - enjoy foodPhoto: google sites

Attractions near Tu Nham beach

– Ganh Da Dia : this is a famous scenic beauty on top of the land “yellow flowers on green grass”. Lying rocky rapids lying on the coast layered natural layers with unique geological meanings. Coming here to visit and take pictures will definitely bring a very artistic and interesting perspective.

– Bai Hang Ran : located in the north of the city of Tuy Hoa, it impresses with aesthetic beauty of crystal clear water Mieu, green grass and white sand under the vast sky. Tourists and locals love coming here to bathe because it is clean and there are super nice check-in corners.Tu Nham beach - Da Disc ganhPhoto: @ thuymai.ngTu Nham beach - Xep beachPhoto: @iamphuongtr

– Nhan Tower : This tower on the top of Nhan mountain is a special national relic dating from the late 20th century. Near Tu Nham Song Cau beach , ancient Cham architecture stands tall and stands out in the sky Green always attracts many tourists to visit, explore and take pictures.

– Mang Lang Church : Catholic church located in the commune of Thach An is one of Vietnam’s oldest church. The perfect combination of European architecture with the Gothic domed frame and Vietnamese culture brings a superficial and artistic work. Going outside or exploring inside will surprise you with the sophistication of each texture line.Tu Nham beach - Nhan towerPhoto: @kthyenTu Nham beach - Lang Lang churchPhoto: @myhangoiii

Phu Yen tourism has never let the traveler down, the destinations you discover always bring their own charm, even in its simplicity and simplicity. Like Tu Nham beach, when you know that there is such an interesting wild place, it will be hard to forget when you go.

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