Kon Tum red noodle soup – ‘standard mother cooked rice’ for cold days

Warm-up an empty stomach when coming to the Central Highlands on chilly days by squatting to enjoy a bowl of Kon Tum red vermicelli in the spirit of “blowing and eating”, what’s so wonderful!

If the famous destination in Kon Tum is considered as “ingredients” to make delicious food; Kon Tum cuisine is considered as an indispensable “spice” to help the dish become richer and more attractive. Therefore, on the sunny and windy highland land outside the garden to enjoy famous and famous landscapes, you must definitely enjoy Kon Tum red vermicelli – one of the rustic specialties that Highlands people want to give to tourists from far away when visiting this place.

Why is it called “Kon Tum Red Noodle”?

Red noodle dish is a very popular dish of Kon Tum people and has a strong flavor of the Central Highlands land. The reason why people here call this dish is red vermicelli because the vermicelli fibers are used when the broth is poured on the bright red body, adding the crispness of the noodles and the smooth broth blends together to create a Red vermicelli bowl is delicious and attractive than other dishes.Why is it called "Kon Tum Red Noodle"?Red noodle bowl looks very attractive

What is special about Kon Tum red noodle?

The Kon Tum Red Noodle Soup is  not only attractive to the locals, but it is the favorite dish that captivates the visitors from far away by its red broth with many fragrant fillings that are carefully concocted to create a rich noodle bowl. gout, eyes full of gurgling.

Ingredients for red vermicelli

The main ingredient to make a bowl of red vermicelli is indispensable for crab, balls and quail eggs. Although they are simple ingredients that are very close to the life of Vietnamese people, to create a distinctive feature of this dish is the feat, meticulousness and esoteric method of the new Kon Tum people. Create a highland red vermicelli bowl that appeals to both color and flavor.

And to add red vermicelli to add eye-catching and a new impression, visitors cannot lack the red color of cashew nuts, the red color of tomatoes, the brown color of fish balls and crab sticks, the yellow white color of quail eggs. boiled. With a unique blend of ingredients, a bowl of Vietnamese vermicelli is rich in the Central Highlands.What is special about Kon Tum red noodle?Look at the red vermicelli bowl attractive by many ingredients

The broth of red vermicelli

To have a juicy, fatty broth of Kon Tum red vermicelli, people here use pork bones to simmer for a period of 1 hour. Then the thoroughly washed and pureed shrimp mixture with pork and quail eggs are placed in a pot of broth. Waiting for the kernel to ripen and float to the surface of the water will add the shrimp bricks. That way you will have a wonderful pot of broth. 

White noodles

The noodles used to eat have a crispy white color, but they are mixed in a pot of water made from cashew nuts and shrimp, the white vermicelli fibers turn red. This is a great visualization of the creator of the noodle dish and bears the imprint of the red basalt land.What is special about Kon Tum red noodle?The vermicelli yarn turns red when poured over the broth

Red vermicelli served with mangrove vegetables

When you put the right amount of vermicelli in the bowl and fill the bowl with broth, a little boiled cabbage with bean sprouts is bare, then add a few quail eggs, you will enjoy the delicious, rich red vermicelli bowl. And the difference of Kon Tum red vermicelli dish compared to other vermicelli dishes is that it is also eaten with mangrove vegetables, not ordinary raw vegetables. Because the needles have a special flavor, the red vermicelli bowl becomes more distinctive and passionate.

Where to enjoy Kon Tum red vermicelli?

When you arrive at Kon Tum mountain town, you will surely find red noodle dish anywhere. From simple street vendors to luxury restaurants, this dish appears. And the common point that we all easily recognize is that the places selling red vermicelli bowls are crowded because this is a famous specialty of this highland.Where to enjoy Kon Tum red vermicelli?Red noodles usually only appear in the evening from 3 to 4 pm

However, to enjoy the red noodle bowl, we also have to watch it. If you go in the morning, there is definitely no place to sell this dish for you to enjoy. However, around 3, 4 pm, the red noodle street vendors gradually appeared. And now you should go to the big roads like: Nguyen Van Cu, Le Duan to small alleys, or even alleys in the market … to enjoy this divine dish.

For local people, they often eat Kon Tum red noodles in the afternoon when the weather here becomes cool. Just sitting and gulping the delicious taste of this dish in the cold weather, what’s so wonderful, right?

Note: In the past, the famous highland red vermicelli was often located on the streets of Le Duan and Phan Dinh Giot. However, today this red noodle dish no longer retains the delicious taste as before. So, to enjoy a standard bowl of red vermicelli, come to Tan An market to enjoy.

Coming to Kon Tum mountain town, although not enjoying the delicacies of the delicacy, a bowl of red vermicelli in the rustic and pure plateau also makes people passionately miss by its elegant, rich taste and local people This is for visitors.

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