Saigon Ao Dai Museum – a ‘miniature Hoi An’, sweet and dreamy!

The Saigon team has one more place to check-in on the occasion of the extremely hot New Year, making people jealous. That is the Ao Dai Saigon Museum – which is like a miniature Hoi An in the heart of the city named Uncle Ho.

Had you you go for a long time, the Travel Vietnam explore fully every corner of the Museum Tunic Saigon – To see what makes people love broth praise and drag to check-in tickling the venue visit this new Saigon !Saigon Ao Dai MuseumVisit Saigon Ao Dai Museum (FB Kieu Ngan)

Saigon Ao Dai Museum – preserving Vietnamese soul through ao dai 

Specifically, this ao dai museum is located on the isle of Long Phuoc ward, district 9, Saigon, bringing Hoi An’s breath to the bustling town. This is the dedication of artist – designer Sy Hoang built according to a 10-year creative idea with the aim to promote and honor the beauty of Vietnamese traditional costumes, with a history of more than 300 years.Saigon Ao Dai Museum - baongoctramanhThis is the heart of designer Sy Hoang. Photo: aongoctramanh

In this Ao Dai museum in Saigon , an extremely wide collection of ao dai is displayed, ranging from traditional to modern innovations to modern ao dai for designer Sy Hoang himself. More specifically, this place is also a repository of ao dai designs personally designed by designers in beauty contests or beauties who bring the quintessence of Vietnamese ao dai  to international beauty contests. again.Saigon Ao Dai Museum - a place to keep the Vietnamese Ao Dai spiritThe museum is a place to keep the Vietnamese Ao Dai spirit. Photo: FB Saigon Ao Dai Museum

Visit this corner of Hoi An in the heart of Saigon , you also have the opportunity to learn about the history of Vietnamese ao dai and our national cultural identity from ancient times stretching across regions from North to South.Saigon-huynh-quoc-thanh Ao Dai MuseumThe inside is splendid like the old capital. Photo: Huynh Quoc Thanh

In addition to ao dai, many other traditional symbols of the Vietnamese people are also displayed and restored at the museum such as conical hats, wooden clogs, turban, …, making visitors interested in learning, especially the visitors. International curiosity cannot be hidden when witnessing with their own eyes these traditional “symbols” of Vietnamese people.Saigon Ao Dai Museum - along the long history of Vietnamese ao daiCome to the museum to explore the long history of Vietnamese ao dai. Photo: FB Museum of ao dai

Ao Dai Museum – a dreamy check-in place like ‘she ther’ in Hoi An

Located about 40 minutes from the center of Ho Chi Minh City by car, the Saigon Ao Dai Museum becomes the ideal check-in point for Saigon youth to come Tet , because it recreates the traditional beauty of Vietnam. For that reason, the scenery at the museum is also ancient, very suitable with the traditional Tet concept that the virtual living team is searching for a place to take Tet photos in Saigon.Saigon Ao Dai Museum - kieu-ngan-2This place also has a scene like her ther Hoi An. Photo: Kieu Ngan

With the beauty of classical architecture, bold tradition and the color of meditation – tranquility, dreams like Hoi An ancient town, if you have fallen in love with a corner of Hoi An, you will surely fall in love with this rustic scenery At the Ao Dai museum – one of the museums with bold art space in Saigon .Saigon Ao Dai Museum -duythai.phamWith ancient architecture meditation – tranquility. Photo: duythai.pham

Coming to the Saigon Ao Dai museum , you can experience wearing ao dai to save the mark, and take memories with thousands of beautiful virtual living corners in this museum. 

Inside the museum has the colors of the city, the outer space is equally ‘shaky’, it is the tranquility, airy with the immense greenery and lake landscape, bringing the fresh air like the village. Vietnamese countryside, chill here is extremely relaxing!Saigon Ao Dai Museum-mykpoblacionPeaceful, quiet space. Photo: mykpoblacion

To get such a truly ‘Vietnamese soul’ scene, the Ao Dai museum is peacefully located on a small street, although not many people know this place, but if you have accidentally set foot in the sightseeing place in Saigon Gon this, everyone ‘sobbing’ to surprise because the scenery is absolutely dreamy and as completely separate from the town outside.Saigon-iamkoo Ao Dai MuseumCompletely separated from the crowded street outside. Photo: Iamkoo

Travel information, operating time at the Ao Dai museum

  • How to move to the Saigon Ao Dai Museum

The Ao Dai Museum is located at: 206/19, 30 Long Thuan, Long Phuoc, District 9, Ho Chi Minh. Only about 40 minutes drive from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, so you can actively choose motorbike transportation for your schedule, or else you can take bus number 88 straight from Ben market Fort. 

If you take the bus, you will walk about 700 meters more to get to the museum (Note, the museum also offers a free tram shuttle for guests with reservation)Saigon Ao Dai Museum-huynh-location for Tet photography in SaigonThis is also the place to take photos of the traditional New Year in Saigon. Photo: Iamkoo

  • Time – Tickets to visit the museum

– Opening hours are from 8:30 to 16:30 every day.

– Entrance fee: 100,000 VND (children under 2 years old are free of charge).

– For students: 30,000 VND (bring ID card)

Near the museum, there is BCR tourist area , if time is still you can combine sightseeing and fun, swimming pool and experience many extremely attractive games here. It is true that even young people cannot explore all of Saigon, a brand new and beautiful place that keeps growing like mushrooms. Therefore, taking advantage of this young age, and having time, schedule this weekend to join the association of close friends and loved ones right away.Saigon Ao Dai Museum-huynh-location for Tet photography in Saigon-kieu-nganCheck-in this dream place now! Photo: Kieu Ngan

This Tet holiday, no need to worry about ‘bumping into’ Tet photos, because there is already a brand-new Tet photo shoot at the Saigon Ao Dai Museum – bring Hoi An’s dreaming ‘lady’ to the picture! 

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