There is a beautiful fairytale Long Bien garden right in the capital city!

In the middle of crowded Hanoi, there is an extremely large, close-to-nature longan garden, possessing a lyrical beauty that is warmly welcomed by people whenever they want to add beautiful virtual life pictures to the album. mine.

Where is Long Bien Long Bien Garden?

Long Bien Garden is located at the foot of Vinh Tuy Bridge, at the end of Thach Cau street, Long Bien ward, Long Bien district. This location is only a few kilometers from the center of the capital. The way to get here is quite easy and convenient. In fact, Longan garden is a bare natural land with lots of green grass fields. In that precinct there is a space for planting longan trees in straight rows. About Long Bien Long Bien garden (Photo: tuyt.lee)

In the garden, there are many angles to take pictures of melancholy to satisfy the interests of those who love virtual living. What are you waiting for without signing up with the friends to come here right away. Introduction of Long Bien Long Bien GardenLongan garden in Long Bien District 

Guide to Long Bien Long Bien garden 

Although the road to Long Bien district’s Long Bien District does not have an exact location, it is quite easy to find. It should be noted that you look at the signs on the road to be able to find the right garden. When passing Chuong Duong bridge, as soon as the bridge ends, turn right and move in the direction to Bat Trang dyke. Going about 2km, look to the left there is Tu Dinh Parish sign, right there is a junction. You turn there by the signboard leading to Bach Giai cuisine garden. Follow the main road that will lead you to the longan garden. Currently there is a parking service with ticket prices from 10k – 20k. 

According to Hanoi tourism experience, you should be on weekdays because the number of visitors coming here on weekends is crowded. On days when it’s just raining or raining, the road here is easy to slip, taking pictures is not beautiful. Road to Long Bien Long Bien garden (Photo: beonhing)

Ticket price to visit Long Bien Long Bien garden 

To enter the Garden of Vinh Tuy  , visitors will have to buy tickets from outside with prices from 10 – 20k / person or 50 – 70k / crew. This is a fairly cheap price suitable for many students, couples coming to wedding photography. Ticket price at Long Bien Long Bien garden (Photo: lely0853)

What is special about Long Bien longan garden?

Possessing hundreds of longan trees planted in rows,  Long Bien Long Bien garden possesses a beautiful natural picture. This place promises to become a great picnic and photography coordinate with the blue of the sky, the red of the sunset and the yellow color of the leaves every autumn. A dreamy and somewhat fuzzy beauty. Picnic at Long Bien Garden A romantic picnic in the garden 

Before, this place was just an area where people planted fruit trees. However, for some reason, the seemingly normal land is drawn by many photographers and couples to take pictures. The best time to check in is on sunny days, the space in the garden has a romantic and lyrical beauty. The green lawns combined with the white baby flowers make up the back groud to take beautiful photos for free. Explore Long Bien Label Garden (Photo: noc.noc112)

Long Bien Garden Hanoi is an attractive outdoor check-in space. Natural hands are so wonderful to have created a unique 1 0 2 photography “studio” in Ha Thanh. Nice check in at Long Bien Long Bien garden (Photo: Bui Duc Hung)

Not only romantic and wild, but this longan garden is also loved by the clear atmosphere because of its geographical distance from the city center. Perhaps that is why the tranquility and tranquility always crept into every space inside the garden, bringing a place to relax for visitors. When you come here, you will be amazed at a small road, on either side are long stretches of longan trees, on which branches and leaves are shading for those who are walking there. When autumn comes, the longan leaves turn yellow and fall, creating beautiful dry leaves, just like romantic shots in Korean movies. Long Bien Garden Tourism(Photo: lanphuongng__)

In addition, inside the garden, visitors will also see more sights such as the rough stump, the wildflowers. Meadow waving in the wind, … All bring the most poetic and charming things in the photos. Long Bien Garden has something special(Photo: jimmyvanh_3501)

Check in at Long Bien Long Bien garden chrysanthemum season

In November, at the longan garden at the foot of Vinh Tuy bridge,  there is a garden of white-lidded chrysanthemums blooming in enchanting beauty. The area of ​​chrysanthemum growing here is very large, even outperforming many other flower gardens in Hanoi. Check in the chrysanthemum flower garden at Long Bien Long Bien garden (Photo: Facebook Long Bien Long Bien Garden)

During the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum blooming season, visitors coming here will pay less attention to the longan trees because everyone’s eyes are captivated by the white-lidded chrysanthemum carpet covering all corners. The flowers here are planted in onions neatly into beds, so when visitors go to check in, the flower reward is quite easy. Due to the large area, from any angle you will see a forest of flowers blooming in the morning sun. At that time, the flowers were in the most intense bloom. Small beautiful white flowers gradually spread their petals, creating a beautiful flower picture that is irresistible. The beauty of Long Bien Long Bien garden chrysanthemum season(Photo: Facebook Long Bien Long Bien Garden)

There is no phenomenon of crowding around here, winning “view” with others, so standing here, visitors can also take out the device to record the most romantic pictures for themselves. The chrysanthemum season is right at the Long Bien garden (Photo: Facebook Long Bien Long Bien Garden)

Under the shimmering sunlight in the winter, white-lidded chrysanthemum has the opportunity to show off all of her purest and purest beauty. White flowers with yellow stamens seem to be smiling, inviting visitors to visit. Check in at Long Bien Long Bien garden(Photo: Facebook Long Bien Long Bien Garden)

In addition to white- lilies , in this longan garden, there are also many kinds of flowers blooming when winter comes. It is the yellow color of sunflower, sulfur, and wild anemone. Besides, there is also the haughty red color of rose. These are all poetic scenes, beautiful angles that make it difficult for many people to take their eyes off. Sunflower garden in Long Bien garden Sunflower garden bright yellow

Long Bien Long Bien Garden is one of the famous check-in places right in the heart of the capital that many young people love especially. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to invite your best friends to come here to live virtual and enjoy the fresh air. 

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