Eliminate all troubles at Long Trung Tay Ninh eco-tourism area

Besides the majestic Ba Den mountain or the romantic Dau Tieng lake, you may not know yet, Tay Ninh also has a beautiful Long Trung eco-tourism area that forgets melancholy.

Located at 17 Thuong Thau Thanh Street, in the territory of group 7, Long Trung hamlet, Long Thanh Trung commune, Hoa Thanh district, about 5km from the center of Tay Ninh city,  Long Trung eco-tourism and food area, With a total area of ​​about 3 hectares and construction cost of more than 5 billion, it has been an extremely attractive weekend resort.

The poetic beauty of Long Trung eco-tourism area

Separated from the lavish and bustling town, Long Trung tourist area brings us to the peaceful and poetic river landscape typical of the southern river floating hamlet.crisis like the river region in Long Trung eco-tourism areaCharming river scenery (Photo FB Eco Entertainment & Long Trung Cuisine)

Typically, 16 hut houses are made of bamboo, the roof is made of coconut leaves and are connected by beautiful wooden bridges, making visitors feel familiar and peaceful when entering.leaf hut - interesting point of Long Trung ecotourism area in Tay NinhThe rustic huts, close (Photo Fb of Eco Entertainment & Long Trung Cuisine)

Even more interesting is that these houses are also named after famous landmarks such as Bac Lieu, Ca Mau, An Giang, Ben Tre, Can Tho, Long An or Soc Trang … So, just If you need to go to Long Trung ecotourism area, you have been walking around the whole southwestern region.

In addition, the green, tree-covered streets lead inside the restaurant, and a vast emerald green lake surrounds, making the space always cool and comfortable. in the sweltering summer, from there, all the hot and tired days of the long day will be dispelled.Poetic entrance - the attraction of Long Trung eco-tourism in Tay NinhThe entrance is very romantic (Photo FB Eco Entertainment & Long Trung Cuisine)

However, the most special mention is the lotus lake at the entrance to Long Trung Quan , normally one color is blue, while in the lotus season, it feels like wearing a bright pink shirt, shining the whole sky. . At this time, visitors can stand on the bridge to admire its poetic scenery, also sit on a wooden boat and go out to the middle of the lake to immerse in the pure flowers and ecstatic scent of the lotus flowers. Oh, just thinking about it makes me feel so happy.lotus pond - the highlight at Long Trung eco-tourism area in Tay NinhSuper attractive lotus lake in the tourist area (Photo @ kk.kem)

Experiences not to be missed at Long Trung eco-tourism area

1. Join exciting entertaining games

It will be a mistake if you visit Long Trung eco-tourism area without trying so many interesting games here.

If you are a patient person and like to play gentle games, then fishing will be your ideal activity. As for those who like to move and love experiences with water, it is certain not to miss the canoeing game and playing water polo … somewhere. Rest assured that everyone is equipped with life jackets very carefully, so whether or not they can swim, they are comfortable with passion.Water games - interesting activities at Long Trung eco-tourism area in Tay NinhExciting water games (Photo Fb Eco Entertainment & Long Trung Cuisine)

Not only the water games but the terrestrial space of Long Trung amusement park in Tay Ninh is also designed very spaciously so that families or groups of friends can organize teambuilding or camping and party. attractive outdoor grill. So this is a super great gathering and meeting place for friends.

2. Enjoy delicious cuisine

Called with another familiar name is Long Trung ecological food area , visitors coming here of course cannot ignore the typical dishes of the rustic countryside but extremely delicious and attractive. .

Some of the bestseller dishes that you must try at the restaurant are: fried crickets, grilled hamsters, spring rolls, salads, snails, beef dishes, eel rolls, crispy snakes, … or some dishes. Other specialties such as bamboo chicken, quail, soup from, seafood and vegetables … are also “delicious to swallow”.Grilled chicken - delicious food at Long Trung eco-tourism area in Tay NinhSuper attractive chicken dish (Photo FB Eco Entertainment & Long Trung Cuisine)

Moreover, the chefs in Long Trung eco-tourism area are those who have long-term experience and are professionally trained over a long time, so the taste of the food is always very rich and varied but still retains features of the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine.

In particular, with the booty fish that tourists can hand-fish can also give to the chef for processing as required into attractive dishes, this is something that is not a restaurant or resort. also whereFried fish - attractive food at Long Trung eco-tourism area in Tay NinhThe fish dish is made from the medicinal results of guests (Photo Fb of Eco Entertainment & Long Trung Cuisine)

The dishes are both fresh and unique, the prices are also extremely affordable, only from 30,000 VND to 220,000 VND / piece, but the staff is super enthusiastic and friendly, why do customers come to Not stopping like that.

3. Virtual life

Having been eaten and played for a long time, but even more amazing is that at Long Trung ecotourism and food area, it also provides extremely beautiful views like a film studio so that visitors can take pictures to save the centuries. Memorable memories after the trip.

You can immerse yourself in the lively spring full of life at the pink cherry garden, you can also live virtual “fire engine” on the curved monkey bridges, green climbing trusses, beautiful flower pots hanging. dangling by the eaves, or returning to childhood with bamboo rows, coconut trees … Make sure to go once a year to post photos.virtual life - attractive activities at Long Trung eco-tourism area in Tay NinhBeautiful flower pots (Photo @ nguyenlinh060294)checjkin - exciting activities at Long Trung eco-tourism area in Tay NinhThe unique water wheel is also a great virtual life angle (Photo @ xiur.zhong)

Although not as famous as Long Dien Son tourist area, but for those who have once set foot in the Long Trung eco-tourism area, they do not want to go there.

Photo: Internet