Experience Klu Dakrong hot spring relaxing on weekends

Coming to Klu Dakrong hot spring, you will be immersed in relaxation and learn about the life of the Van Kieu ethnic minority here with many unique cultural features. Let’s start the journey of discovery through the following article.

Klu Dakrong hot spring address 

Where is Klu Dakrong hot spring ? About 50km from the center of Dong Ha city, Klu spring is located in Dakrong commune, Dakrong district, Quang Tri province, located on the legendary Dakrong river. Coming to Klu hot spring, you can not only relax in mineral springs, but also admire the pristine mountains and forests and learn about the life of the people here. 

Quang Tri tourism to Klu hot spring you can go at any time is suitable. Not only in winter, but you can also completely go to Klu hot spring in summer to bathe and enjoy the fresh air. However, it should be noted that from October to February next year is the rainy season in Quang Tri, there may be big storms affecting your trip. 
Klu Dakrong hot spring - attractive sightseeing placeKlu hot water Ssuoi is an attractive destination in Dakrong 

Instructions on how to move to Klu hot springs

Experience in Klu Dakrong hot spring , to get here you can travel by plane, train, bus or motorbike depending on the departure location. 

Airplane : For you in the Hanoi / Saigon area, it is most convenient to travel by plane to Phu Bai airport, Hue or Dong Hoi airport, Quang Binh. Ticket price ranges from 1.5 to 2 million VND / time. After that, take a bus or rent a motorbike to move Dakrong. 

Train: Take the train to Dong Ha station from Hanoi with a ticket price of about 700,000 VND / way. With a distance of 50km from Dong Ha city to Klu hot spring, you can go by bus or taxi. 

Passenger car : Departing from Hanoi and Saigon you can also go by bus, ticket price ranges from 500,000 VND / person. You should choose a garage with a schedule to go through Dakrong to not waste time traveling. 

Motorbike : For those who are near you can go by motorbike to take the initiative in time. Or when you come to Dong Ha city, you can also rent a motorbike and move to Klu hot spring.
Klu Dakrong hot spring - how to moveHow to get to Klu hot springs

Bathe in the spring, learn about the village when going to Klu Dakrong hot spring

What is Klu Dakrong hot spring ? Studies show that the water in Klu hot spring contains a large amount of metasilich, calcium, carbonate … which are good for health, help treat inflammation and stimulate the digestive system. So, the first experience when going to Klu hot spring is relaxing onsen. Klu spring water is clear and has a moderate heat, suitable for the elderly, children. 
Klu Dakrong hot spring - bathing on springsRelaxing bath at Klu Quang Tri hot spring

Around Klu stream is a charming natural landscape with lush greenery and majestic mountains. What is better than having a relaxing spring bath while watching the beautiful scenery dispel all fatigue of life. Klu hot spring baths are completely free, making it an attractive destination for locals and tourists on weekends. 
Klu Dakrong hot spring - cool bathKlu hot spring attracts visitors on the weekends. Photo: greenx

Coming to this Quang Tri tourist destination , you will also learn about the life and unique culture of the Van Kieu ethnic minority. After bathing, you can visit the village of the people living nearby. The people here are very friendly and hospitable, so you can comfortably chat and learn about the culture. 
Klu Dakrong hot spring - unleash funHave fun with many attractive entertainment activities. Photo: greenx

Enjoy the gong dance, stall dance and singing with the people of Van Kieu – Pa Co. Let’s learn about the weaving and knitting craft village of ethnic people here. Besides, you can also enjoy specialties such as wine, wine, grilled fish, rice lam, wild chicken, wild vegetables … If you want to stay here you can contact the landlord in advance to stay overnight. fees. 
Klu Dakrong hot spring - learn about the villageLearn about the life of the people of Van Kieu

In particular, there are 15 houses on stilts decorated with leaf roofs that are both rustic and preserved. Visitors can take pictures as souvenirs or stay here to learn about the culture of the Van Kieu ethnic minority. In general, the service at Klu Dakrong hot spring has not been developed yet, there are not many types of entertainment, restaurants, restaurants … So when you go to Klu hot spring, you should bring full toiletries. Personal birth, drinking water. 
Klu Dakrong hot spring - enjoy specialtiesEnjoy specialties of mountains and forests in Dakrong

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Visiting famous places in Dakrong 

After Klu Dakrong hot spring , you can combine to visit other famous tourist destinations in Dakrong such as: 

Dakrong River : This legendary river originates from the Truong Son range and flows into the Cua Viet sea. The two sides of Dakrong live are majestic mountain scenery, with towering cliffs and white foam. In the distance on the hill are stilts of the Van Kieu ethnic group living. In 1986, the Dakrong River was recognized as a national relic associated with the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
Klu Dakrong hot spring - explore Dakrong riverCombine visiting the legendary Dakrong river

Dakrong suspension bridge : The famous iron bridge is 6m wide and 100m long, serving the travel needs of the people here and is also an attractive tourist attraction. Standing on Dakrong suspension bridge, you will be able to admire the wild mountains on both sides and do not forget to take pictures as a souvenir. 

Ta Lung Mountains : Visiting this place, you will admire the high cliffs and rare old forest. There are many forest trees up to 1 meter in diameter that stand tall creating a green landscape. Ta Lung mountain range is attached to the Ho Chi Minh trail in the struggle to liberate the South. 

Klu Dakrong hot spring is a place that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit the “fire land” of Quang Tri. Not only healthy spring bathing, but also many interesting things at Klu eco-tourism area are waiting for you to explore. 

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