‘Go around’ at the Bay Tren Waterfall in Dak Lak

As one of the 4 largest waterfalls in the Central Highlands, it will be a huge shortcoming if you travel to Dak Lak without visiting Bay Branch.

Located on the Serepok river, in Buon Don tourist area , N’Drêch village, Ea Huar commune, Buon Don district, Dak Lak province and about 35km northwest of Buon Ma Thuot city center, Bay Trach waterfall looks like The majestic, pristine beauty has been and is an indispensable destination for tourists when exploring the great thousand.

The “liberal” beauty of Seven Branch Waterfall

Originally a single gentle waterfall on the Serepok river, but when passing through the territory of Buon Don village, met a large rocky cliff and 6 small earthy outcrops, the waterfall was split into 7 different directions, finding it so interesting that people has given a dear name as Bay Branch Waterfall .

That is why, looking down from above, the waterfall is like a giant hand, with the “wrist” being upstream 500m wide, with a gentle, gentle flow like a young, timid girl. And 7 “hands” are 7 different beauties that bring visitors from surprise to surprise.upstream - smooth flow of Bay Tren waterfall in Dak LakMellow upstream of the waterfall (Photo @ nigucci298)

Accordingly, the first branch runs through the old silhouettes, creating a mysterious, wild scene; Branches 2, 3, 4 then flow through large rocks, spreading white foam, creating misty mist that attracts visitors. fast flowing water - branches 2, 3, 4 of Bay Tren waterfall in Dak LakThe waterfall flows rapidly through the rocks (Photo @tons_ne)

Meanwhile, the 5th branch playfully ran to the place where the gravel and pebbles were located and polished them, eroding them into lovely shapes, sparkling in the sun, making viewers unable to take their eyes off.

Entering the 6th waterfall branch, visitors will be lost in a soft sandy beach stretching about 2ha, like a desert but full of succulent and fresh fruits, making everyone nostalgic.

Finally, when following the 7th branch flow of the unique Seven Branch waterfall , visitors will be led to the primeval forest of Yok Don and immersed in the green and clear atmosphere of the great Central Highlands. Forget about the stresses and sorrows of life and work.flowing through the forest - the 7th branch of the Seven Branch Waterfall in Dak LakFollow the 7th branch (Photo @kenisabum)

Interesting activities at Bay Branch waterfall

1. Join interesting games

Coming to 7 Branch waterfall tourist area , visitors will enjoy a real time of entertainment with countless extremely interesting and stimulating games.

In which, under water, there are outstanding activities: racing canoe across the Serepok river on a clear, quiet water stream and immerse yourself in beautiful beaches with cool water, turquoise blue, above Some houses have thatched roofs, making sure that the hot bags will disappear immediately.

If you do not like water, it is okay, because elephant riding to visit Yok Don National Park or experiencing the feeling of caring and nurturing wild elephants like boys and girls in Ban Don will also make You have to love it. You can even hear about the ancient tradition of hunting and taming wild elephants.elephant riding - interesting activity at Bay Trach waterfall in Dak LakElephant riding is the most attractive activity at the falls (Photo @ huongthien90)

For those who like strong thrills, driving ATV for 20 minutes in a rugged, bumpy forest road will also be a memorable experience in Bay Branch waterfall tour .

2. Discover the unique culture of indigenous people

Bay Branch Waterfall owns the longest house in Dak Lak in particular and the Central Highlands in general, so you definitely have to take some time to visit and experience it.Long house - the highlight of Bay Branch waterfall in Dak LakThe longest house in the Central Highlands (Photo @vntmxx)

Furthermore, the gong culture – “an oral masterpiece and the human intangible masterpiece” recognized by UNESCO in 2005, and the memorabilia of King Khunsanup Elephant Hunting are also preserved here for visitors to have can be admired.

So it would be great if you could sleep in the house on stilts and admire the graceful gong dance by the fire of the M’Nong or Ede ethnic groups here.ethnic people incarnation - interesting activities at Bay Branch waterfall in Dak LakTransformed into ethnic boys and girls (Photo @chutchitttt)

And before returning, do not forget to buy souvenirs made from the skillful hands of the ethnic sisters such as: woven brocade fabric, towels, bags, handicraft furniture or beautiful baskets. Beautiful bamboo … to make gifts for relatives and friends.

3. Explore rich ecosystems

The 7-branch waterfall stream in Dak Lak is covered by a lush tropical forest, so it attracts many tourists to walk in the forest, enjoy the fresh, fresh atmosphere and see unique plants such as : Cam lai, coffee, car plugs, knockers, incense, mausoleum, coffee … with cows, deer, elephants and peacocks showing off colorful feathers together. See, happiness is not far away, sometimes it’s just that simple.forest - green space at Bay Branch waterfall in Dak LakExplore the lush green forest (Photo @seamusmdaniel)

4. Virtual life

Not only being able to take your soul with the cool breeze or the melodious and melodious sounds of birds singing, the sound of leaves swaying and the sound of streams flowing, but at the beautiful Bay Branch stream , visitors can also comfortably posing to create “melancholy” pictures too.

Some “top notch” backgrounds that make every virtual live photo super and super cool are: a rustic wooden suspension bridge across the river, interwoven old roots or trails with the two sides are two straight rows of trees … will definitely make you “die in a daze” to see.Virtual life - a must-see activity at Bay Tren Waterfall in Dak LakThe virtual divine living bridge (Photo @ phuongdung193)tree roots - beautiful check-in corner at Bay Branch waterfall in Dak LakTree roots that make up the artwork (Photo @ vomy_98)

5. Enjoy delicious food

Having fun, virtual life is already in the past, there is nothing happier than relaxing, sitting freely on wooden floors, under the shade of green trees and enjoying the warm cup of wine of the Ede people in the song. It’s ok.

In addition, visitors can also enjoy the delicious Dak Lak specialties such as: green rice, banana leaf rice, venison, grilled chicken with grapefruit leaves, wild banana flower salad, yellow ants squeezed broccoli, forest leaf hotpot, fish soup cooked with leaves, bamboo shoots …Food and drink - interesting activities at Bay Tren Waterfall in Dak LakDelicious specialties (Photo @lilychangfood)

Some information to know at Bay Branch Waterfall

– Admission fee: 40,000 VND / person

– Parking ticket price: 5,000 VND / motorbike and 20,000 VND / car.

– Elephant riding ticket price: 70,000 VND / person / 15 minutes

– Rowing ticket / crossbow shooting: 20,000 VND / person

If you both want to immerse yourself in the fresh and peaceful scenery of the great, you also want to visit the beautiful ethnic village, as well as experience the unique cultural identities here in just one place, then Seven Branch Waterfall in Dak Lak is the ideal destination for you.

Photo: Internet