Going to Vung Tau Stone Stream is as beautiful as a fairyland, it is very cool

With a cool, fresh atmosphere, quiet space … Vung Tau Suoi Da is an extremely attractive tourist destination for tourists.

Overview of Vung Tau Stone Stream

Vung Tau Stone Stream is also known as Suoi Da and Suoi Tien, sounds like two separate streams, but actually this is a stream originating from above Dinh mountain. 

The upstream stream with an altitude of nearly 500 poured down from the top of Dinh mountain into 2 different layers of water, the upper one is called Suoi Tien, and the lower one is called Suoi Da. 
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There are many visitors coming here just to admire the majestic and strange scenery. Because of that, in recent years, Suoi Da Vung Tau has become an attractive place for tourists to visit. 

Locating coordinates of Vung Tau Stone Stream

Vung Tau Stone Stream is located more than 90 km from the center of Saigon city. To reach this Vung Tau tourist destination , from Saigon you can move along Highway 51, go to Tan Hai commune, Tan Thanh district. Next, you ask people to come to Chu Hai parish, then from there you go a little further to go to Suoi Da.

The right time to come to Vung Tau Stone Stream

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Coming to Vung Tau Stone Stream , you must definitely try bathing in the stream here. And to be able to freely struggle in the cool water, you should come in the rainy season, at this time the lakes at Suoi Da will give you water to bathe. In the dry season, the amount of water in the stream is not much, the shallow water is just enough for you to soak your feet

Beautiful scene at Vung Tau Stone Stream

Coming to Vung Tau Stone Stream, you will feel like you are lost in a “charming country” because nature here is extremely magical, the air is fresh and cool. For sure this place will be an ideal hot spot for hot summer. 
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As soon as you arrive at Suoi Da , you will find that on the lowest floor there is a clear blue lake in the middle of the green trees, locals call this lake 1. It is called Da stream, so here There are many stone slabs, ranging from large rocks to small rocks, stacked on top of each other, with smooth slabs, some with strange shapes. In many places, the rock is slippery and mossy, remember to move carefully. The lake water is emerald green, when the sun shines on, it looks extremely shimmering and beautiful. Around the lake are huge rocks, you can rest on those rocks and enjoy the cool water.
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If you go higher, you will see lake 2 lying in the middle of a small road with rows of green bamboo on both sides of the road. The water in Lake 2 is also a jade green, with different large and small rocks. Here you can also immerse yourself in the cool stream, play with friends and relatives.

In Da Suoi Vung Tau, there are 5 lakes, numbered from 1 to 5 according to the terrain elevation, You can choose any of these 5 lakes to bathe, the water is cool and clear. If you can immerse yourself in the water, let your soul admire the charming scenery surrounding water, rocks, trees, bamboo, so much trouble will disappear, feel refreshed, extremely relaxed.
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If you go through all 5 lakes, you will come to Suoi Tien . This is the upstream location of the stream, that is why the landscape of the mountains and forests here is more majestic, the stream water flows more strongly. The sound of birds singing, the sound of the flowing water, the wind blowing cool, … creates a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, helping you to get rid of troubles, fatigue, …

Coming to Vung Tau Stone Stream , in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery, immersing yourself in the cool water, check-in beautiful pictures with friends and relatives, you can also explore Dinh mountain forest or temples at here. Surely this will be one of the unforgettable memories for your trip. 

What to eat when coming to Vung Tau Stone Stream?

On the way to Vung Tau Suoi Da, there are many shops selling soft drinks and some specialties here such as chicken porridge, salad, … extremely delicious at affordable prices. If you are afraid to bring a lot of things, you can visit this place. An-uong-tai-suoi-da-vung-tauPhoto: @ vincent.foodlover

If you like to prepare, enjoy your own dishes, you can take the food away, and bake at the edge of the stream. 

A note to you is that the terrain at Suoi Da is extremely slippery, there are locations with deep pools, so you should remember to move very carefully. Especially, after camping, picnic, baking food, before going home, remember to clean up. 

The majestic and poetic landscape of Vung Tau Stone Stream will definitely make you super crushed. If you come to Vung Tau , do not miss this interesting destination. 

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