Hoi An people took to the street to ‘warm-up’ the old town

For the first time, the People’s Committee of Hoi An City (Quang Nam) mobilized many shows, mass art groups to the pedestrian streets, the area surrounding the Covered Bridge to perform the scene to serve tourists.
Hoi An people take to the streets to warm up the old town - Photo 1.

Hoi An Impression Park art team and a mass art team take to the streets to warm up the old town atmosphere – Photo: BD

One of the biggest shows ever to be held in the ancient town of Hoi An at 20:00 on January 30 is the program “Hoi An show – Gratitude”. And from the beginning of this year, on Saturday and Sunday evenings, actors from Hoi An Impression Park and street art troupes will be performing scene snippets serving the audience at Hoi’s walking streets. An.

Hoi An show – Gratitude co-organized by the Voice of Vietnam, Quang Nam Tourism Association and Hoi An City People’s Committee. In addition to the professional cast, it is expected that about 100 public actors including: artists, students, relatives, familiar faces of Hoi An who live every day in the old town will also re-enact “reality. “Best old town photos. The organization of these shows aims to warm up the old town’s old atmosphere for nearly a year, awaken tourism activities and open up new art products to  the public.

Chairman of the Quang Nam Tourism Association Phan Xuan Thanh said the total budget for the program was about 5 billion VND, mostly contributed by the business community, residents and tourists; People’s Committee of Quang Nam province, People’s Committee of Hoi An city  provide partial support.

Before the show of Hoi An show, from the afternoon of December 28, 2020, the rows of lanterns hanging upstairs in two houses in the old town were simultaneously lit up. Down the street, hundreds of girls wearing white ao dai in hand holding lanterns walk through the streets and sing songs about Hoi An. On the Hoai River, colorful decorated boats approach the pedestrian streets. 

Hoi An is suddenly lit up by the sound, lanterns, art boats and the flow of people. For the first time a “concert” with performances of hundreds of actors of Hoi An Impression Park, hundreds of students at schools and performing arts Center of Hoi An Culture, Sports and Television went to the street to light Hoi An. The program drew a huge number of visitors from  all over the world.

“Hoi An used to be a lot of tourists every night, but epidemics, storms and floods have quieted the guests today. We are very touched to see the business community, the people accompanying and organizing many honest art shows. The atmosphere will definitely heat up and visitors will come to Hoi An “- Chairman of Hoi An City People’s Committee Nguyen Van Son expected.

Hoai River and Cau Pagoda become a real scene

According to the People’s Committee of Hoi An City, Hoi An show – Gratitude will reappear the history of Hoi An through many forms of performing arts, faithfully restore the scene of Hoi An commercial port in the 16th to 19th centuries, the process of rising and creatively keep pace with new life. The show stage of the program is the space of the Cau Pagoda, the Hoai River and the old town, the street is the stage, the stage is the street.

Tuoi Tre