Lavender garden blooms all year round in Da Lat

LAM DONG – No need to wait for the blooming season in August, visitors can check-in at the newly opened lavender garden in Van Thanh flower village from January 1, 2021.

Previously, visitors to Da Lat were familiar with 2 lavender fields in Tuyen Lam lake and Cau Dat tea hill. Earlier this year, a new flower garden opened to welcome visitors. The garden is located at 89 Van Thanh, Ward 5, Da Lat, direction from the city center to Van Thanh flower village.

Mr. Nguyen Van Sang, the owner of the flower garden, said that the lavender here is grown for export and provides raw materials to make essential oil products. Recently, realizing the increased demand for check-in visitors at flower gardens, he decided to open more sightseeing and photography services.

Lavender Garden Van Thanh Village is a new check-in point for visitors.  Photo: Nguyen Van Sang
The lavender garden in Van Thanh flower village is a new check-in point for visitors. Photo: Yiru

For the purpose of harvesting, the garden applies a special technique to flower all year round. Normally, this flower only blooms in August.

The garden is 1.2 hectares wide, planting 20 different lavender varieties. For guests’ sightseeing and taking photos, this place is equipped with miniatures. In addition to sightseeing, taking photos, visitors to the garden can also purchase products such as lavender essential oil or fresh flowers.

Small scenes are equipped to cater to visitors.  Photo: Dung Dau
Small scenes are equipped to cater to visitors. Photo: Dung Dau

Besides the lavender, the garden also planted snowball. This is a flower from the Mediterranean that has been tested and successfully planted by the garden. The ticket price to visit the garden is 50,000 VND, with a gift with a bag of scent. According to Mr. Sang, after nearly a week of opening, about a few hundred tourists visited the garden.