Tourists flocked to Phia Oac, Mau Son to watch the ice

Many vehicles moved up the mountain in dense fog, functional forces organized a diversion to reduce congestion.

On January 8, Mau Son (Lang Son) and Phia Oac (Cao Bang) appeared frozen on a large scale, due to the temperature down to minus 1-2 degrees Celsius. Many tourists were present here from early morning to admire this scene threshold.

Many vehicles moving to Mau Son cause many roads to be congested.  Photo: Nguyen Minh Chuyen.
Vehicles pouring on Mau Son made many roads congested. Photo: Nguyen Minh Chuyen

Duc Hoang, a tourist, said he was present at Mau Son at 9am. There are not many tourists in the morning, so the road is not congested, but he has difficulty moving through 2-3 sections of the road under repair and slippery. Mr. Hoang began to see ice appearing from about Km12, from the foot of the mountain to the top. He was delighted by the beautiful icy scene despite the numbness of his limbs due to the cold weather.

At the top of the mountain, the ice covered trees and grass and made a thin layer, the road surface became slippery. Due to the low temperature, make sure to keep warm with thick clothing, hats and gloves. Vehicles should stop parked in a sheltered place to avoid stalling.

Tourists check-in in the icy scene at Mau Son.  Photo: Nguyen Minh Chuyen.
Tourists check-in in the icy scene at Mau Son. Photo: Nguyen Minh Chuyen

Mr. Nong Duc Tho (Lang Son) informed that, early afternoon, a large number of tourists from the provinces rushed to the mountain, causing congestion. Functional forces were here early to divide lanes, let vehicles go up and down along 2 different roads.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Chuyen, Management Department of Mau Son Tourist Area, said frost appeared from 3am. The midday and afternoon temperatures were warmer at 1 degree C, but the ice was thicker. The frost phenomenon can last until the end of noon on January 9. The thickest glacial area is from Km13 + 500 to Km14 + 400. Due to the low temperature and mist, the power to the camera or mobile phone may shut down and affect the lens.

From Phia Oac, tourist Pham Huu Tuyen said many people were here on January 8 to admire the ice. The temperature in the area was low and the ice was falling, and it was so cold he couldn’t operate a smartphone. By noon, the ice on the road surface has melted, so vehicles are easy to move, but there is a lot of fog up there, limiting visibility.

A representative of the local functional forces said that there were many tourists coming to Phia Oac from the morning, but there was no traffic congestion. By noon and early afternoon the number of visitors increased rapidly.

In some northern mountainous regions such as Dong Van, Meo Vac (Ha Giang), Mount Fansipan (Sa Pa, Lao Cai) also recorded thin ice on trees and grass. Tourists note when visiting should keep warm with waterproof clothing, wear specialized climbing shoes, anti-slip. In particular, due to the dense fog, tourists need to comply with traffic safety regulations and avoid gathering, taking photos on the roadside or the edge.