The most complete Thanh Hoa travel experience for first-time arrivals

As a province with the largest area and population in the country, Thanh Hoa also possesses a valuable natural resource exploiting tourism very effectively. To fully explore Thanh, you need to know the complete Thanh Hoa tourism experience as provided below by Vinlove.

Overview of Thanh Hoa province

Thanh Hoa is a province in the North Central Coast, bordering the provinces of Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh, Son La, Lao PDR, Nghe An, and on the other hand, the East Sea – a coastline of 102km. Xu Thanh is not only a place to keep the glorious historical tradition of the nation with 1,535 monuments, a culture rich in identity of 7 different ethnic groups; 

This land also possesses very valuable natural tourism resources, in addition to favorable natural conditions: cool, fresh climate, primeval forest ecosystems, limestone mountains, caves, caves. , rivers and lakes are rich and varied. Geographical advantage fully converges the potentials of three economic regions: mountainous, midland and coastal plain; Convenient transportation connecting provinces across the country, Thanh Hoa is a very attractive destination for tourists from all parts of the country.Thanh Hoa tourism experience for first-time travelersPu Luong is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Thanh Hoa

Thanh tourism experience: The time should come to Thanh

Thanh Hoa climate has two distinct seasons: hot season from May to October with hot weather, flooding, drought, cold season from November to April next year with northeast monsoon, little rain, early season. dried cheese.

In general, the ideal time to travel to Thanh Hoa is from February to April or from May to July. Specifically: 

– Coastal areas such as Hai Tien, Sam Son, Hai Hoa should come in the months from August 4 to August.

– Thanh Hoa city area and neighboring districts can come in any season of the year, depending on personal conditions. 

– Traveling to the western mountains of Thanh Hoa or Pu Luong, you should choose to go in April – June or September to November.

Experience moving in Thanh Hoa

150km from Hanoi, if you go from the capital, you can choose to Thanh Hoa by bus, train or private vehicle.

– Passenger car: Depart from My Dinh bus station, Giap Bat with a ticket price of 100,000 – 150,000 VND / ticket, running daily. Travel time is about 3 hours.

– Train: Train to Thanh Hoa has only 1 straight route, so it will not be suitable for trips to the district route too far. You can buy train tickets online or buy directly at the station, train codes SE, TN, NA, TH all have this route, fares from 150,000 – 300,000 VND / ticket. Travel time is about 4 hours.

– Private vehicle: Tourists choose to go to National Highway 1A to return to the city or choose to take the Ho Chi Minh trail if returning to mountainous districts, Pu Luong …

According to Thanh Hoa tourism experience , if traveling from Saigon, to save time, tourists should fly with an average price of 500,000 – 1,000,000 VND / way. The airlines VNA, VJ, BL all operate this route. Note that the airport in Thanh Hoa is Tho Xuan airport, located about 45km from the city, after landing, visitors can travel by taxi, public bus or bus company to the city. If traveling by train from Saigon, tourists choose the SE train code that takes more than 1 day to get to the city center.Thanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitorsThe plane landed at Tho Xuan – Thanh Hoa airport

Experience of staying in Thanh Hoa

To Thanh Hoa, tourists can choose to stay at a motel, hotel or a homestay depending on their trip requirements.

There are not many outstanding luxury hotels, a few 4 – 5 star hotels in the city provide full amenities visitors can refer to Sao Mai, Nhu Y, Vinpearl Thanh Hoa, Muong Thanh Grand. .. Thanh Hoa tourism experience is high season and weekend prices, please consider carefully.Thanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitorsVinpearl Hotel is located in the central area of ​​Thanh Hoa city

The form of motels in Thanh Hoa appears much in coastal areas with low prices, an average of 200,000 – 300,000 VND / night. Particularly in Sam Son and Hai Tien, prices will be higher, remember to refer to prices in many places before booking.

Homestay appears much in the Western Thanh Hoa – around Pu Luong nature reserve. In the midst of the beautiful mountain scenery, immersing yourself in the life of highland people, homestay here is the best choice.

Thanh Hoa tourism experience: Destinations

Sam Son Beach

Located 16km from the center of Thanh Hoa city, Sam Son beach is a destination in Thanh Hoa favored by tourists from near and far and poured in a lot in the summer. Sam Son has a coastline of about 9 km with beautiful beaches such as inner-city beaches (A, B, C, D), Quang Cu beach, Vinh Son beach … Sam Son is appreciated for its wide coasts. , flat, gentle slope, fine sand, big waves … In addition, nature also gives this place vivid natural scenery such as Trong Mai island, Doc Cuoc temple, Co Tien mountain, Truong Le mountain , … Around there are many villas, motels, hotels with diverse services always ready to serve tourists.Thanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitorsThe panorama of Sam Son beach

Hai Tien Sea

Hai Tien Beach, located 15km from the city center, is one of the 3 most beautiful beaches in Thanh. The attraction of Hai Tien lies in the harmony between the pristine natural landscape, the quiet but no less modern space of the tourism infrastructure architecture. Coming to Hai Tien, visitors not only enjoy the fresh air, immerse themselves in the cool seawater, enjoy many convenient services, participate in interesting activities on the coast, enjoy all kinds of sea. The fresh and delicious products of this rich sea.Thanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitorsIn front of Hai Tien wharf – HOT check-in point recently

Hai Hoa Beach + Dong Beach

According to Thanh Hoa tourism experience . Like Hai Tien beach, Hai Hoa beach has only been known in recent years. Possessing the common characteristics of being wild with long fine white sand, cool blue water, with green casuarina groves … Moreover, when traveling to Bai Dong , visitors will be surprised with natural beauty. be exploited, freely living virtual in vacant shapes and satisfied to enjoy Thanh’s seafood dishes.Thanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitorsSolar cliffs in Hai Hoa

Ham Rong relic cluster – Thanh Hoa city

Ham Rong Mountain – Ham Rong Bridge: Besides the towering mountains on the banks of the Ma River, Ham Rong Bridge is the remnant of the nation’s war against the French, after being bombarded. was rebuilt, restored and over the years is now a bridge connecting trains to the North to the South.Thanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitorsHam Rong bridge is a symbol of Thanh Hoa province

Dragon Eye Cave: Dragon Eye Cave is located right on Dragon Mountain which is a beautiful landscape of Thanh country, since ancient times it has been a place for traveling and reciting the poetic bay of kings. The cave is located in the middle, smoothly on both sides of the mountain at the head of the Dragon, exactly where the Dragon’s eyes are. On the ceiling of the cave, the cliff still preserves the ghost stelae chewing poems of the Le kings.

– Truc Lam Ham Rong Zen Monastery: Located on the C4 hill of Ham Rong mountain, this is one of the main tourist attractions of the Ham Rong relic. Truc Lam Ham Rong standing extremely beautiful is his back against the mountain, facing directly into the Ma River, in quiet, fresh air, scenery painted marine organic situation would be sights attractive during travel your Thanh Hoa calendar .

Dong Son Ancient Village

Dong Son ancient village in Ham Rong ward, Thanh Hoa city is a small village on the south bank of the Ma River, where the typical elements of a traditional Vietnamese village converge. The back is against Ham Rong mountain, in front of the fertile fields, the surrounding three sides are small rocky mountains, lowland, alternating with the names: Dragon Mountain, Phuong Mountain, Elephant Mountain, Canh Tien Mountain …

Citadel of the Ho Dynasty

The Ho Dynasty citadel was the capital of Dai Ngu (the Ho Dynasty), located in Vinh Loc District – Thanh Hoa. As a solid citadel with unique large-scale stone architecture in Vietnam, after 6 centuries, the work is still relatively intact. The citadel was recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage in June 2011.Thanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitorsNha Ho Citadel (Vinh Loc District) is a world cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO.

Cam Luong god fish stream

60km from the center of Thanh Hoa city, Cam Luong god fish stream (Cam Thuy district) attracts tourists because it concentrates on living with dense density of a large fish species, inhabited by Muong and Thai ethnic minorities. Local preserved and worshiped as the mascots of this land. One experience of Thanh Hoa tourism is that visitors here can feed fish, take pictures, but should not play around and especially do not catch fish from the stream.Thanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitorsVery large fish live in this stream

Lam Kinh relic area

The historical site of Lam Kinh is 50 km northwest of Thanh Hoa city, located in Xuan Lam and Tho Xuan communes. The character who created Lam Kinh is Le Thai To. After the victory of the Lam Son uprising (1418 – 1428), he was crowned emperor stationed in Dong Kinh (Thang Long), at this time the king built a capital city called Lam Son in his homeland. Kinh. In the complex of the relic area, there are many areas to visit such as Lam Kinh palace, Le Thai To king’s mausoleum, Vinh Lang stele, Le Loi temple …Thanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitorsIn Lam Kinh there are heritage trees that are hundreds of years old

Elephant Waterfall

Located in Thanh Van commune, Thach Thanh district, Elephant waterfall has long been an attractive tourist attraction for tourists. The scene here is like a charming painting with a combination of waterfalls, streams and regenerating forests. The water overflowed on the sedimentary rock, and then poured down from a height of about 5 m to form silvery-white currents, under the green, fresh and green trees.Thanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitorsElephant Waterfall is the ideal wedding photography spot

Ben En National Park

About 36km southwest of Thanh Hoa city, in the territory of 2 districts Nhu Thanh – Nhu Xuan, Ben En national park is considered as “terrestrial Ha Long bay” in Xu Thanh. Ben En has a mountainous terrain, with many rivers, streams and squid lakes on the mountains, 21 floating islands. The garden is also home to many species of precious creatures, with 1389 species of plants (green iron, flower slices, coriander, mussels, etc.), 1004 species of animals, 66 species of mammals (with 29 species names in the Vietnam Red Book such as: red wolf, horse bear, black gibbon, phoenix land, chicken in cash gold …Thanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitorsBen En National Park has a charming landscape

Pu Luong

In recent years, resort in Pu Luong is becoming a trend, in a wild and cool place. Although far from Thanh Hoa city to 130 km, many people do not hesitate to go a long distance with mountainous terrain to come here, enjoy a wonderful vacation, live in harmony with the close nature and multi-ecosystems. rich form. According to Thanh Hoa tourism experience , you should visit this place this summer.Thanh Hoa tourism experiencePu Luong is a cool, unspoiled mountain area suitable for vacation trips

Thanh specialties must try

Thanh Hoa sour spring rolls

Thanh Hoa fermented pork roll is different from other regions because it possesses a sour, spicy, salty aroma of peppercorns, cloves … The spring rolls have lean and sour meat, crispy, crispy skin with more chili , garlic and clove leaves … very suitable as a snack in party parties.

Thanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitors

Harrowing gear

Similar to Banh Banh of the North people, but Thanh Hoa people call it a “messy” tooth because it resembles a familiar farmer’s tool. The cake is wrapped with dong or banana leaves, filled with fried bacon, wood ear, pepper and chopped dried onion. The delicious cakes taste the aroma of fat onions, taste soft and very tasty.

Thanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitors

Package of Nga Son guava

In the fish salad, there are ingredients: Sliced ​​fish meat, marinated with spices and mixed with hearing made from golden fried sticky rice, crispy fish skin, sliced ​​from crushed fish bones. This dish is served with a variety of leafy vegetables such as lime leaves, fig leaves, basil, perilla, and mint. Even in Nga Son hometown, fish salad is also eaten with chili leaves, familiar fresh fish in the garden creating a very special flavor for the dish.

Thanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitors

Duck Neck

Duck Co Lung is a famous Thanh Hoa dish in the highland district of Ba Thuoc. Ducks are raised on streams and streams, naturally foraging in the water flowing from the rocky mountains, so the meat has a delicious taste, firmness, leanness and very small bones.Thanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitorsCo Lung is famous for being delicious

In addition, according to Thanh Hoa tourism experience , if you stop in the city, visitors should not miss the opportunity to enjoy street delicacies such as spring rolls, rice rolls, Nam Ha bread, shrimp cakes … 

See more of Thanh Hoa street delicacies

What do Thanh Hoa tourism buy as a gift?

Do not forget to buy Thanh Hoa specialties as gifts for your loved ones after this trip, according to Thanh Hoa tourist experience , popular gifts are Thanh Hoa spring rolls, Tho Xuan Tu Tru gai cake Phu Quang lam tea, Ha Yen shrimp paste, Ba Lang fish sauce, Nga Son sedge mat, handicrafts made from shells or marine products …Thanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitorsTu Tru hemp cake – specialties of Tho Xuan, Thanh HoaThanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitorsPhu Quang green teaThanh Hoa travel experience for first-time visitorsSeafood is a gift to buy when traveling to Thanh Hoa