Ha Giang travel experience self-sufficient, full from A – Z

Known as the northernmost province of the Fatherland, in recent years Ha Giang has become a favorite tourist destination of many people. In order to help you have a safe and convenient trip, in this article we would like to share extremely useful self-sufficient travel experiences in Ha Giang.

Ha Giang travel experience self-sufficient

The right time to travel to Ha Giang

What time should I travel to Ha Giang? Coming to Ha Giang land, you can go at any time of the year because each season, each time of travel, has its own special interesting things. But according to  Ha Giang’s self-sufficient travel experience  of those who went before, shared that:

Ha Giang fun and self-sufficient travel experience

The right time to travel to Ha Giang

  • January and February: Considered  the happiest time to travel to Ha Giang , because this is the traditional festival season such as buffalo fighting festival, horse fighting, gong festival, Tay longevity celebration, …
  • March: Is  the most beautiful tourist season in Ha Giang , with cherry blossom forests, plum blossoms in full bloom. Looking at this romantic natural landscape, many people still think of the water-color painting that captivates people’s hearts.
  • April: Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in Ha Giang’s biggest festival, the Khau Vai Love Market. Coming here, not only will you be immersed in the exciting and bustling space, but also discover the human beauty of the Khau Vai love fair. 
  • May and June: This is the season when water falls, people start to go to the fields to prepare for the new crop.
  • August and September: The rice season is ripe, with golden fields, stretching to the horizon and this is also the  most beautiful tourist month of Ha Giang .
  • October and November: The season of flowers is triangular vein, with fields of purple rose flowers covering the hillside.
  • December: The season of yellow canola flowers is in full bloom.

Means of travel to Ha Giang

Ha Giang is about 300km from the center of Hanoi city, there are many means of transportation for you to choose, but the most popular ones are motorbikes and passenger cars.

Travel experience in Ha Giang by motorbike

Means of travel to Ha Giang

  • Traveling to Ha Giang by motorbike: If you are a backpacker, motorbike is the ideal vehicle. According to  Ha Giang travel experience, self-sufficient, cheap,  if you go by motorbike, you can follow the following road:
    – Hanoi city center -> Vinh Yen -> Viet Tri – Doan Hung – Phu Tho – > Tuyen Quang -> Ha Giang.
    Note: When  the experience of  traveling by motorbike Ha Giang from Hanoi , you just ask for directions, combine using GG Maps to avoid getting lost, it is very time consuming to move.
  • Going to Ha Giang by passenger car: It seems simpler, you take a bus to Hanoi – Ha Giang at My Dinh bus station for about 200k / person. Then, when coming to Ha Giang, rent a motorbike for about 120k / car and start to explore Ha Giang.

Nice place to visit and travel in Ha Giang

Like other tourist cities, in Ha Giang, there are also many beautiful sights. However, the short travel time you do not know  where to go, what to play when traveling to Ha Giang? Here are the most famous tourist destinations in Ha Giang  you should refer to, to have more choices in your trip. 

Royal crown

If you love adventure and adventure, Hoang Su Phi is a great destination. Located in a highland border district, about 50km from the center of Ha Giang city, the way up here is quite rugged, but that adventure is the highlight that attracts many tourists to visit. When you arrive, in front of your eyes are terraced fields, stretching to the horizon, whether it is the wet season or the rice ripe season, all of them have unique and impressive beauty.

Hoang Su Phi - Tourist destination in Ha Giang

Hoang Su Phi – Tourist destination in Ha Giang

Thanh Thuy international border gate

According to  Ha Giang ‘s travel experience  of the previous people, Thanh Thuy international border gate is also an ideal tourist destination in Ha Giang . About 22km from the city center, here you can take a photo check-in at landmark 261, a landmark marking the Vietnam-China border.

Lung Cu flagpole

What is Ha Giang tourism? Going to Ha Giang without visiting the Lung Cu flagpole is a major shortcoming. This is a national flagpole located atop Lung Cu, also known as the summit of Dragon Mountain. To get here, visitors will have to ride to the middle of the mountain, then conquer 286 large stone steps to reach a height of 1700m.

Ha Giang travel experience

Lung Cu flagpole – Famous sights in Ha Giang

Quang Ba Heaven Gate

A place where visitors can fully enjoy the beauty of Co Tien twin mountains, at first glance, people think of fairy breasts, sleeping in the green valley – A masterpiece that is loved by nature , donated to Ha Giang land. Along with that, from above you can also see the miniature Tam Son town, with a cool climate all year round.

Dong Van Ancient Town

The place where you’ll discover the old market built in stone since 1920 is still intact. In addition to the beauty of ancient architecture, coming to Dong Van, you also have the opportunity to participate in exciting and bustling markets on weekends, discover the cultural features of the highlands, enjoy sweet corn , … and many other interesting things. Perhaps because of that, the image of Dong Van old town was inspired by many writers and poets to compose. And this is also a beautiful sightseeing place in Ha Giang .

Ha Giang travel experience self-sufficient

Dong Van ancient town – Ha Giang

Ha Giang fair market

The timing of the markets depends on each location, there are crowded buyers and sellers here, helping you to learn about the lifestyle and customs in Ha Giang. Along with that, with a variety of items on display, you can freely watch and choose to buy the items you love.

Delicious dishes and specialties in Ha Giang

Enjoy  the specialties in Ha Giang  is also an indispensable experiences during the trip. There are many delicious, attractive and outstanding dishes to mention such as:

Ha Giang travel experience self-sufficient, full from A - Z

Delicious dishes and specialties in Ha Giang

  • Dong Van Roll Cake: The cake is thinly coated, dipped with bone broth with spring onions, Chinese aroma and distinct spices, creating an attractive aroma.
  • Triangular vascular cake: Made from the seeds of the triangular vascular tree, has a soft, soft taste with a typical flavor of the forest tree.
  • Sticky five-color sticky rice: With 5 eye-catching colors, sticky rice is made from delicious, flexible upland sticky rice.
  • Thắng try: The “horror” dish is cooked from horse and beef organs and served with corn wine, but is loved by many people. That is why it becomes a  delicious dish, famous specialties in Ha Giang .
  • Kitchen sausage: Made from Ha Giang pork, processed by a special recipe, mixed with the smell of kitchen smoke, creating a different taste.
  • In addition, there are still many other dishes you should also try such as: Lam rice, grilled moss, sour pho, amaranth, porridge, …

With the economic  experience of Ha Giang travel details: The timing, route, playing what, eat what  we’ve shared on here, hope you will update yourself a lot of useful information. Have a safe, fun and memorable trip!