Pao Ha Giang’s house – a strange and beautiful old house in the remote region

If you have been “addicted” to the movie The story of Pao, you will definitely be “fascinated” by the houses on the rocky edge of the movie. That unique house is the home of Pao Ha Giang today.

About Pao’s home in Ha Giang 

Pao Ha Giang’s house possesses ancient beauty, expressing characteristics in Mongolian culture. This beautiful house is attractive in every photo and video that many people want to visit. Pao Ha Giang's housePao Ha Giang’s houseIntroducing Pao Ha Giang's home(Photo: jtvbook)

While looking for a scene to shoot, director Ngo Quang Hai’s crew was impressed with the enchanting little house nestled in the high mountains. It is Pao’s house located at Sung La X. H. Dong Van, Ha Giang. About Pao Ha Giang's home(Photo: lnhatlee)Visiting Pao Ha Giang's house(Photo: nana_libra90)

How to move to Pao Ha Giang’s house 

Sung La is about 20km away from Dong Van, located right on Highway 4C, a road connecting towns in Ha Giang. When passing Yen Minh town, you will see a junction, turn right to Fox Street and you will reach Sung La – Pho Bang intersection. Continue going straight for a few more hundred meters and you will see Sung La commune. From here, there will be an asphalt road for visitors to move. Note that there will be a sign of Lung Cam cultural village, turn there. Go all the way through the concrete pouring that ” Pao’s house”  will appear on the left side. Moved to Pao Ha Giang's house(Photo: cuong.ha_)

The beauty of Pao’s house

Pao Ha Giang’s house was officially built about 100 years ago with a typical Mongolian architectural style and tiled roofs covered with moss. The reporter house is surrounded by earth fence, in the house is planted with plum trees. The space inside Pao Ha Giang's houseThe house is full of ancient beauty

When entering the house, you will feel the warmth also from the U-shaped architecture. In the middle of the house is a small courtyard paved with stone. The main house will be divided into many rooms including: living room, living room, kitchen, warehouse and a barn for poultry and livestock. The space inside Pao Ha Giang's houseThe check-in nooks are beautiful 

Pao’s house is like a miniature painting simulating the life of the Mong people, both wild and pure. The space of the house is attached to tile, stone porch, wood, soil, … On the porch is decorated with many flower baskets, this is also the highlight to check in, virtual life. House architecture of Pao Ha Giang(Photo: rose_nnguyen12)

Coming to Pao Ha Giang’s house, visitors can feel the time of decades ago. And it is only here that you will see moments that are only seen in movies. Home of Pao Ha Giang - an impressive tourist destination Pao’s House will help you experience many things that are unique to the movie 

Thanks to the rustic and poetic scenery that Pao Ha Giang ‘s house was chosen by the talented director Ngo Quang Hai as the main setting for filming the movie “Pao’s story”. After the series aired, this old house was sought by many devotees.Home beauty of Pao Ha Giang(Photo: hoangyen93123)

Pao’s house is now the residence and living of a family of 4 generations. When there were tourists coming, several or three children ran out with both embarrassed and amused expressions. Even though their clothes and faces are a bit streaky, those boys all hide their innocence and innocence. When given candies and cakes, I am extremely excited. Simple image at home of Pao Ha GiangThe highland babies are so lovely 

Pao Ha Giang’s house is extraordinarily beautiful in spring 

Visiting Pao’s house on spring days, everyone will be enamored with the sweet pink of the peach trees in front of the house. On the way there, you will also witness the idyllic activities of dozens of Han and Mong ethnic households. Those are children with bright smiles picking wildflowers, or playing around in fields of charming triangular flowers.Pao Ha Giang's house in spring Peach blossoms bloom when spring comes Pao Ha Giang's house in spring The sharp wings are so fresh now 

Things to keep in mind when visiting Pao’s house

Absolutely not wear clothes made of white linen when coming to Pao Ha Giang’s house . Because the Hmong people believe that white linen is a curse for the deceased. When wearing this fabric will symbolize mourning, bad omen. Instead, choose colorful, outstanding outfits. If not prepared in time, you can rent ethnic clothing nearby. Check in at Pao Ha Giang's house(Photo: nanacno)

When visiting the ethnic villages in Ha Giang, be careful not to talk or laugh too loudly. Especially, it is forbidden to cuddle and stroke the children in the village because the local people think that this is an action that will make the children sick or sick. Whistling is also forbidden here because walking while whistling means you are calling the devil, calling storm to the village.Home tour of Pao Ha Giang(Photo: mthu48_)

When you come to the Hmong villages, you will see that they hang a bunch of leaves on a high pole or put a palm tree, absolutely do not step in because at that time the people in the village are performing rituals to worship and dispel demons. . During that time, the Mong also did not receive guests in the house. 

Because Pao Ha Giang’s house is still inhabited by a family of “four great families”, when visiting, please ask for permission from the owner before entering. When inside, do not accidentally touch objects that help to avoid taboos and keep civilized. Note when going to Pao Ha Giang's houseWhen coming to Pao’s house you should keep a few things in mind 

On a foggy day on the rocky mountain, stop by Pao Ha Giang’s house , try to close your eyes so that your soul can relax, listen to the wind blowing, the hooves of the horses to come back from the fair, … all breeds like the clear music notes in the middle of the world. 

Photo: Internet