“Warm-hearted” with the list of simple but delicious Da Lat night dishes

At night in the city of flowers with cool weather, after a long walk around the city, this is also an ideal time for food lovers to enjoy all the attractive night dishes of Dalat. The hot dish, the delicious taste will make you forget all tired after a long day of discovery. 

Enjoy all the attractive Dalat night dishes

1. Baking rice paper

Referring to baked rice paper, there is no more ideal place to enjoy than in Dalat, especially under the cold weather of the night. The dish is known as “Vietnam’s pizza” with ingredients such as: rice paper, egg, sausage, onion fat, … grilled on embers. Wander through the small streets where there are shops, crowded and most famously at the night market. Grilled rice paper cut into pieces or rolled into a circle and bite into a piece will enjoy only.Dalat night food - baked rice paperPhoto: @maryderouxDalat night food - baked rice paperPhoto: @ 1201.foodiz

2. Snail

There are no shops, no bright signs, but the snail bags in Da Lat always attract tourists to come at night when exploring Dalat cuisine . Different types of snails are contained in each burden, you can choose whatever you like and cook in different ways such as: boiled, fried tamarind, fried with coconut milk, … In addition, there are clams, oysters Scallops are also hot and smelly served with a bowl of extremely attractive dipping sauce, very suitable for gathering with friends. Da Lat night food - snailPhoto: @Baodep

3. Potatoes, corn, baked eggs

Wandering to discover Da Lat night food , the embers are always crowded with young people. On which the seller baked potatoes, corn, baked eggs. Sitting right next to, holding hands and enjoying the warm radiating from the kitchen, you will feel warmth dispel the cold. The rustic snacks are only enough to fill the stomach without being afraid. Dalat night food - baked potato cornPhoto: @phmanhthu_

4. Bun rieu, banh canh, and noodles

These are not the specialties of this city, but enjoying in a private way under the cold night sky of this city also brings an unforgettable experience. The delicious, hot-smoky, deliciously-flavored bowl of banh canh, noodles or vermicelli are really the ideal choice to warm your stomach. These food stalls are often open at night, so they are easy to find.Dalat night food - banh canhPhoto: @ancungnhanDa Lat night food - vermicelliPhoto: @ nnquynh.91

5. Night porridge

After going around the Da Lat outings in the evening, wanting to choose a night dish but light-hearted, this could not be more appropriate. The night porridge shops here usually open very late, so they are always visited by many people. Smooth and fragrant porridge bowls served with fried tofu, fried fish, pickled radish or braised meat, … increase the attractiveness. You can go to the area of ​​Phan Dinh Phung Street, where many famous shops often gather to enjoy.Dalat night food - night porridgePhoto: @Foody

6. Crab soup, sticky rice with corn

Among the late night dishes Da Lat is also quite popular, loved by many tourists when coming to Da Lat. Walking in the night market or the alley will find the street vendors. Stop choosing to buy for yourself a bowl of crab soup filled with meat, quail eggs, mushrooms, corn, … smooth. Or the package of corn sticky rice sprinkled with little shrimp and onion fat is cheap, full of stomach but equally quality. Dalat night food - crab soupPhoto: @kanyphoto

7. Yogurt

Seeing here, many people may wonder why yogurt is a Da Lat night dish that must try once. But enjoy once, you will see its unique difference. Unlike elsewhere, yoghurt in this place is warmed, not chilled, and scooping with a spoon will make it fragrant and fragrant. Eat fat, so enjoy the night without fear of cold. Stroll into the shops in the market with countless types for you to choose from.Dalat night food - special yogurtPhoto: Nguyen Anh Kiet

8. Mixed grilled skewers

If we say which restaurant in Dalat at night has the most attractive taste, then surely there are stalls selling grilled skewers mixed. Here as a “food paradise” miniature with all sorts of different colors oblique to choose from: meat skewers, vegetables, Fried fish, seafood, opened puller, chicken legs, sausages, … Takes For the seller to bake on the charcoal stove and slowly enjoy, no need to hesitate because the aroma is difficult to resist. Dalat night food - grilled skewersPhoto: @ hientran3293

9. Banh mi sandwich

Famous banh mi banh mi is one of the dishes under 50k that you can eat freely. Breakfast or night meals are very suitable to sit and eat while watching the street. The special feature of the tiny commercial bowl here is the toughness because it is made entirely of lean meat, adding a few pieces of pork skin, green onions in a rich broth that is always hot. The bread is also crispy, dipping it into a small bowl of commerce to feel the delicious taste in the unforgettable mouth.Dalat night food - tiny commercial breadPhoto: @ mingcheng96

10. Hotpot

At night, it is cold, but being gathered together with a group of friends in the hot pot is so good. Across Dalat, there are many restaurants selling hot pot in different styles, the most famous being the chicken leaf hotpot cooked with bamboo shoots or the giant Thai squid hotpot Khap Bun Kha. In addition, there are also fresh seafood hot pot, beef hot pot, … with all the fresh ingredients, not bored eating.Dalat night food - chicken leaf hotpotPhoto: @vaniithii_Dalat night food - mixed hot potPhoto: @_locvu_

11. Cakes, soy milk

Not too special or outstanding, but these are famous Dalat night dishes that everyone who comes here wants to try once. At night, walk through the alleys and you will find the shopkeeper sitting by a pot of soymilk, always hot and smoke. Stop and sit on plastic chairs and try to take a sip of the whole, fat but delicious milk. Order a few more pepper cakes, cream puffs to eat with warm heart in the cold night.Dalat night food - bean milk pastriesPhoto: @ 9756linhngo

12. Fruit shake

As a land with a temperate climate, the fruits of Dalat are always grown very delicious, in addition to eating without to feel the freshness, you should not ignore the fruit shake. In addition to shaking mango, shaking toad, shaking guava, … like other places, the strawberry dish shaken with sugar and shrimp salt is a new choice that you must definitely try. The address that many people look for, especially in the busy night market, is also very reasonable.Dalat night food - strawberry shake the night marketPhoto: @ mint.90

13. Cake can 

Banh can is also a recommended Da Lat delicacy that you should try to eat at night. The cake is hot cast on round molds with eggs, the outside is crispy and crispy inside the eggs. Dipping cake with hot char siu sauce served with sausages. A rustic gift of the mountain townland but brings its own unique taste that when you try it once, you will remember forever.Dalat night food - banh canPhoto: @catvuness

14. Grilled spring rolls

Although not famous in Dalat, if you are looking for delicious food at night, do not miss this divine grilled spring rolls that are attracting this youth. The grilled spring rolls are filled with fragrant smoke, rolled with crispy rice paper, raw vegetables, pickled papaya, mango, … Dotted with sauce is individually modified, each serving is filled with a full stomach, yet gently. Not afraid of being overwhelmed.Dalat night food - grilled spring rollsPhoto: @ khanhnguyen_64

Wandering around the foggy city at night is not only about the bustling atmosphere, but Da Lat night foods also create a great attraction to visitors. Do not hesitate to explore and explore to try, there are countless options to fill your stomach without fear of emptying your wallet!

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