Get a ticket back to childhood at Truong Thanh Farm Hai Phong

Are you crazy about the movie “The Lord of the Rings” and have a strong dream that you want to once set foot in the world of hobbit dwarves, then wait without coming to Truong Thanh Farm in Hai Phong?

Nestled by the Lach Tray river of Thuy Giang village, Truong Thanh commune, An Lao district, about 15km from the center of Hai Phong city , Truong Thanh ecological area with a unique beauty is an extremely attractive destination. .

The space like the fairy world of Truong Thanh Farm

Surely everyone’s childhood has dreamed of setting foot in a poetic wonderland in cartoons or fairy tales. Understanding that mentality, Truong Thanh Farm tourist area has transformed a 7-hectare livestock farm into a dreamlike fairy world.fairy space - the highlight of Truong Thanh Farm Hai PhongDream fairytale-like space (Photo @ thuytran.291)

You do not have to set foot to New Zealand, right in Hai Phong you can see small curved houses in the shape of a crescent moon, nestled under the green hillsides, surrounded by flower pots. colorful and eye-catching round wooden doors of green, yellow, orange …, making everyone who is witnessing must be surprised.Hobbit house - the attraction of Truong Thanh Farm Hai PhongThe Hobbit house is super love (Photo FB TruongThanh-FARM)

Not only that, Truong Thanh farm also fascinates visitors by countless mysteries and interesting things such as wooden stilt houses suspended on branches, circular gates filled with strange pebbles. Eye or rabbit village of Indians with strange architecture and shapes …Aboriginal village - a unique feature of Truong Thanh Farm Hai PhongThe mysterious aboriginal village (Photo by FB Nguyen Thi Lan Anh)bungalows by trees - attractive whore of Truong Thanh Farm in Hai PhongImpressive log cabin (Photo @ imhuong.1502)

Even when you come here you can also find style halls of many countries around the world, all covered by a green lawn and clear lakes, will definitely make you “ to see.floor - the impressive point of Truong Thanh Farm Hai PhongChinese style echoes (Photo @ dthao_2508)

Not stopping there, like the dreamy city of Da Lat Truong Thanh Farm also has a field of colorful flowers blooming seasonally with: sunflower, yellow canola flowers in the sun, triangles of white and pink gently, The lotus flower, the beautiful lilies or the seductive bright red roses … make the whole space as bright and attractive.flower garden - the highlight of Hai Phong Truong Thanh FarmThe flower garden of pure lilies (Photo by FB TruongThanh-FARM)

Fun “forget the way” at Truong Thanh Farm

Standing in front of a poetic scene in Truong Thanh eco-tourism area , no one can hold back without “crazy” taking pictures of virtual life. Because any corner can give you dreamlike “magic” pictures.virtual waves - interesting activities at Truong Thanh Farm Hai PhongA divine virtual living corner at the farm (Photo @ahotuavietnam)Japanese space - super beautiful virtual living corner at Hai Phong Truong Thanh FarmA pretty corner of Japan (Photo @ djraml0802)

Besides, because initially, this place was a farm, people still left aromatic fruit gardens such as mango, grapefruit, orange, jackfruit, guava, longan, lychee … or ornamental plants. valuable, so that visitors can not only satisfy their eyes but also have a stomach.

For those who want to experience the feeling of becoming a farmer who raises and takes care of ducks, wild boars, chickens or crocodiles … or for the little ones to discover and understand the fun of it. By marrying horses, giraffes, … the farm in Truong Thanh Farm will be a great wedding - children's favorite activity at Truong Thanh Farm in Hai PhongRiding a horse (Photo by Fb Ngoc Cake)

In addition, to meet the needs of relaxation and weekend relaxation of tourists, this resort also organizes a series of exciting recreational services such as boating, cycling or fishing … They are not Only helps you relieve stress effectively but also connects family members together very well.canoeing - worth a try at Truong Thanh Farm Hai PhongAttractive boating activities (Photo by Fb TruongThanh-FARM)

You can also have fun by sliding down the grassy hill down or lying on the green lawn under the shade of shade trees to guess the picture of white clouds floating in the blue sky, guaranteed is a childhood memory that will come back strongly to see.lying on the grass - great experience at Truong Thanh Farm Hai PhongLying on the grass and watching the clouds and sky (Photo: Fb Le Thu Huyen)

Best of all, join your friends to camp and have a hearty barbecue on the grass at Truong Thanh Farm . This will be an extremely ideal experience because now you can both roast meat in the white smoke while chatting and laughing, oh, heaven is here.barbecue - activities worth a try at Truong Thanh Farm Hai PhongA delicious barbecue party outdoor (Photo FB TruongThanh-FARM)

Some note when visiting Truong Thanh Farm

Opening hours : 7:00 to 23:00 all days of the week.

Ticket price : 80,000 VND / adult, 50,000 VND / child over 5 years old, and children under 5 years old are free. Note: fares may change on public holidays.

How to get to : From Hai Phong city center, go along Highway 10 in the direction of Hai Phong – Thai Binh, after going over Tram Bac bridge about 100m, turn right to Truong Thanh commune, continue along the road with the king’s areca Standing about 200m more, then turn right to the communal cultural house and go straight up Cong Don dike, continue about 100m on the dike and look to the left to see the farm.

Modern life makes you overwhelmed, the deadline on your shoulders makes you feel tired, so do not wait but bring your backpack to Truong Thanh Farm in Hai Phong to return to a childless childhood. carefree, will definitely make you miss a thousand lives.

Photo: Internet