Wedding photography group for people with disabilities

HO CHI MINH CITY – FOR nearly 4 years now, the group of 56-year-old Tran Khac Huynh has sponsored wedding gowns, makeup, and free wedding albums for more than 50 disabled couples.

Charity Wedding Photography Group was established by Tran Khac Huynh, 56 years old, in District 10 with the aim of helping disabled couples own a set of dream wedding photos.

Huynh said that he was a photographer, but he rarely sees a couple with disabilities enter a wedding photography studio. Later, he heard many couples say because they were afraid, even some people just wanted to hire some kind of souvenir but still did not dare.

“After returning to help a friend to take wedding photos for a disabled couple back in 2016, I immediately thought of forming a team that specializes in taking photos for free for people like them”, he shared.

In the picture is a wedding photo shoot of the couple Le Thi Branch, 58 years old and Ngo Thuan, 61 years old in early 2017. When Huynh went downstairs to take measurements to prepare clothes, both husband and wife were paralyzed. buy stuff right away two drawers to help them move while shooting.

Shooting outdoor scenes in the studio often has to move to many different points, so photographers often carry the task of holding the neck of the bride and groom.

In the photo, a motorbike is holding the groom Ngo Thuan to the photo shoot.

“I am heavy and the children are also enthusiastically picking up the hammock to take a beautiful picture, the hammock is swinging so they are very hard. The wedding is old so we have no children now, but the meeting Wedding photography is something we do not dare to dream of, it is the best memory, although happiness comes late “, recalls Ms. Branch.

The couple not only were photographed by Huynh’s group for the wedding photo album, but also took one more free photo at the wedding reception

After contacting and coming home to verify the situation, taking the couple’s measurements to prepare outfits, Mr. Huynh posts on the group to call for support from the members. The photo session that day was attended by many cameras. They are both studio owners, professional photographers.

In the photo is a photo session for groom Vo Tan Phuong, 51 years old and bride Pham Thi Ha, 44, working together as lottery ticket sellers. Although they have two children, it was not until July 2018 that Charity took a wedding photo.

Groom Le Thanh Bao, 36 years old, from Binh Dinh, is working as a lottery ticket seller in Saigon. He was paralyzed when he was a child, and had difficulty walking and was dressed by the logistics team before shooting.

“The lives of people with disabilities are often closed. They rarely communicate, rarely hang out, rarely take pictures, so when they are dressed in luxurious suits or posing for pictures, they are often shy,” said Huynh.

The bride Truong Thi Nu, 34 years old, his wife Thanh Bao is hunchbacked. They have a 6-year-old child in the hometown with their grandparents. They were photographed by the group in September 2019.

In addition to “the photographer”, the costume and makeup are indispensable. At the beginning, Huynh had a hard time finding a sponsor for clothing and makeup. Currently, the group has become a professional team with all parts from photography to logistics. Not only that, the group also gets free entrance tickets from film studios every time Huynh makes a schedule to shoot for people with disabilities.

In September 2019, during a photo session for a couple Nguyen Thi Van, 40 years old, it suddenly rain. Because she was paralyzed with one leg and difficult to walk, the logistics team picked Van up in the rain shelter.

Usually, the makeup artist will concurrently carry out the outfit. There were times because of negligence, so the make up worker held the wrong outfit too small. After trying to wear it for a while, but it didn’t fit, Huynh had to run to a nearby wedding dress shop to rent two other suits.

After the photographers take pictures, they will choose the photo, post-production and send it to Huynh. The group leader is responsible for synthesizing, designing the album and then printing it. Usually, the group will give them an album with about 60 small pictures inside and a large wooden laminated picture for wall hanging, beautifully designed.

On average, the group shoot for 1-2 couples each month, but couples preparing to get married will take priority to shoot earlier.

Ngoc Nhi groom, 32 and her bride Bich Hang, 30 years old, live in Thuan An town, Binh Duong. The two have a wedding ceremony in the countryside but have not been able to take a wedding photo, supported by the group in August 2019.

The bride’s body is very weak, has lost the labor force, has to use an electric wheelchair, and the groom is blind. Every day, Bich Hang makes eyes for her husband and he goes to sell lottery tickets. And Ngoc Nhi is a limb, helping his wife in living. This is the couple with the most severe disabilities that the Charity team supports.

In addition to sponsored wedding attire, the disabled couple was also given a couple shirt to wear to take pictures.

If wearing wedding dresses makes them shy and shy, when wearing casual clothes, they are more comfortable making and laughing. The group members also instruct and make jokes so that they can take pictures with beautiful moments. Photographers move, shoot at different angles to avoid defective parts of their body.

Tran Kim Phuoc and his wife, 50, and Pham Thi Dung, 49, both have been paralyzed since childhood and have difficulty walking. They are living in a 4-square-meter apartment in District 1, working as a lottery seller. The couple was photographed for their wedding by Huynh’s group in February 2018.

Later, sometimes Mr. Phuoc invited Huynh to have coffee, once showing off his medal in an archery competition of the disabled. This is also the first couple to be supported by the film studio for free, the group used to shoot at the park.

After developing pictures, Huynh and group members often come home to give gifts to couples.

Pictures of a photo shoot for two couples who are paralyzed. Because they announced their situation in advance on Facebook, the shoot that day included 16 manipulators and two makeup artists.

Huynh (leftmost) said: “For me, when taking pictures, I do not consider them to be disabled. They are still happy, still happy, still yearning for beautiful pictures like ordinary people. Only when I received the album, many saw many people crying, many people were confused about how to open it, cherishing it made me realize that what I and the group are doing is meaningful “.

vnexpress/Ảnh: Nhóm Charity