Missed “drunk” before the poetic beauty of Krong Kmar waterfall in Dak Lak

Going to the great Central Highlands in general and Dak Lak in particular, without visiting the waterfalls, such as Krong Kmar waterfall with wild and mysterious beauty will be a huge shortcoming.

Introduction of Krong Kmar waterfall

Krong Kmar is a beautiful waterfall located in Krong Kmar town, about 3km from the center of Krong Bong district and about 60kmfrom the center of Buon Ma Thuot city, Dak Lak province . Krong Kmar waterfall in Dak Lak Waterfall is a popular destination in Dak Lak (Photo Fb Oanh Nguyen)

If most of Dak Lak’s other famous waterfalls such as Gia Long waterfall or Dray Nur waterfall all originate from the legendary Serepok river, Krong Kmar waterfall has a unique origin from the river above Chu Tang mountain. Sin – the place is known as the roof of the Central Highlands.

Today, the waterfall is not only a beautiful landscape in Dak Lak, but also one of the must-visit destinations for visitors, especially on hot summer days.

The liberal beauty of Krong Kmar waterfall

Krong Kmar waterfall poured straight from above a towering rock downwards without any obstruction, so looking back from a distance looks like the long, soft hair of a young girl sleeping in the middle of a thousand bags. immense.White water - the beauty of Krong Kmar waterfall in Dak Lak White water poured out (Photo Credit Hong Jerry Fb)

However, at the foot of the waterfall are countless large and small rocky outcrops with other shapes layered layers, so when the water flows down and hits the rock, the foam splashes, creating a misty mist. like elephants enjoying fun in cool water.Big rock - the highlight of Krong Kmar waterfall in Dak Lak The rocks rise up like elephants taking a bath (Photo @hang_ttlady)

More interestingly, after the water flowed through the rocks, it seemed to be affected by some magical force, suddenly becoming gentle and gentle, slowly drifting out to a clear, green and peaceful lake. like a giant mirror in the distance.Clear water - the attraction of Krong Kmar waterfall in Dak Lak The lake is clear and blue as jade (Photo by Fb Phan Thanh Duong)

In particular, Krong Kmar waterfall is also embraced by a lush forest, green all year round, forming a water-based painting that is both wild and extremely charming and poetic, making everyone want. just watch forever.

Great experiences at Krong Kmar waterfall

If you come to Krong Kmar tourist area in the summer, surely no one can ignore playing with the cool water or immerse yourself in the clear blue lake that illuminates each pebble below and enjoy the cool waves. away from your body, make sure to get off the table.bathing - interesting activities of Krong Kmar waterfall in Dak Lak Bathing in cool water is very interesting (Photo @ tranglight07)

Or you can also take advantage of the large, wide rocks near the foot of the waterfall to make a camping or barbecue, under the melodious music of the mountains, birds singing and the sound of leaves ringing, and the breeze Cool wind, sure how hard, the pressure will disappear immediately.food and drink - activities not to be missed at Krong Kmar waterfall in Dak Lak Utilize water to cool food (Photo courtesy of Nha Pham)

After having fun at Kmar Kmar waterfall , visitors can walk around to explore the beauty of Chu Yang Sin National Forest with countless mysteries by exotic forest trees and animals. The rare and precious objects listed in the red book are being preserved.

If you are a person who likes to move and likes to explore new things, conquering the top of Chu Yang Sin mountain – where the waterfall origin is is also not a bad activity. Because the higher you go, the more spectacular and majestic scenery, you can even see the rare and beautiful forest flowers and the majestic mountains of the surrounding thousands.conquering Chu Yang Sin peak - interesting activities at Krong Kmar waterfall in Dak Lak Conquering Chu Yang Sin Peak (Photo @ huong2go)

In addition, discovering the unique cultural features of the Ede ethnic group is also a very interesting experience that you must not ignore. At this time, you not only can ride an elephant to travel around the village, see beautiful girls in the melody, but also enjoy the village’s specialties such as grilled fish next to the village. Warm streams, fish and saffron stock, green rice and Tay Nguyen celery … are extremely delicious.

And of course, you can’t forget the virtual live photography, because at Krong Kmar waterfall , from the white waterfall, the towering trees, the white rocks, to the trees. Bridge with strange design … can become a genuine background that makes your photos extremely impressive and attractive.virtual life - attractive activities at Krong Kmar waterfall in Dak Lak Psychedelic living corner (Photo Fb Ngan Pham)

Some notes when visiting Krong Kmar waterfall

– Should wear sports shoes, preferably anti-slippery shoes because the terrain here is quite difficult to go and there are many stones with moss.

– Prepare sunscreen, skin cream, mosquito repellent and necessary medical equipment in case of uncertainty.

– Bring snacks and drinks, a tent, a thin coat and a grill (if camping).

– Do not stay overnight or come back too late because the jungle is quite dangerous.

When life is too stressful, the work piling up on your shoulders makes you tired, visiting Krong Kmar waterfall in Dak Lak and immersing in the fresh, peaceful atmosphere of the mountains and forests will be an extremely active activity. ideal and necessary

Photo: Internet