Tam Giang Dam – the natural beauty of Nau land

Tam Giang Dam is a place you should not miss when coming to Nau country to feel a very charming painting.

About Tam Giang Dam

Tam Giang dam is a hydroelectric dam in Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen, which crosses the Cai River and brings water to fields in communes of An Ninh, An Thach, An Dan in Tuy An district, Phu Yen.
 dap-tam-giangTam Giang Hydropower Dam is an ideal place for hot summers (Photo: @ vieveo6121)

In the past, the dam was built with big trees, but later on, Tam Giang Phu Yen dam was built with solid cement by the government. From a distance, Tam Giang Phu Yen dam  looks like a huge waterfall with water flowing down the lake creating a beautifully natural picture. 

How to move to Tam Giang dam

Tam Giang Dam has located about 30km from Tuy Hoa city center, and about 1km from the famous Lang Lang Church. If you have planned to travel to Phu Yen in general and to Tam Giang dam in particular, first from the city where you live, you should travel by plane to Tuy Hoa airport, or take the train to Tuy Hoa station. .
 move-to-dap-tam-giangSunset at Tam Giang Dam always makes people feel light (Photo: @iamphuongtr)

From here, you just need to run towards Song Cau, from National Highway 1A. During the trip, you will see a sign that turns about 2km, you will come to the Lang Lang Church. From there you just go straight to the asphalt road about 1km from the Lang Lang Church, you will immediately see Tam Giang dam . 

What’s in Tam Giang dam?

Right from the moment you arrive at Tam Giang Phu Yen dam , you will immediately feel a sense of lightness and relaxation with a peaceful space, watching the honest and honest people in this river countryside. This place has created a very unique painting with the tranquility of the typical peaceful landscape of Nau. In addition, you will also find yourself more comfortable, lighter in spirit, as if you have exhausted the hardships of life.
 checkin-dap-tam-giangTam Giang Dam where there is charming mountain and watery beauty captures people (Photo: @ hongthi_1102)

From a distance, the beautiful Tam Giang dam is no different from majestic waterfalls. Each stream of white water flowing down the foam creates a wonderful ink painting. The peaceful and charming natural scenery will make you dispel all the fatigue and sorrow of everyday life. 
 tam-dep-o-tam-giangA romantic space makes visitors feel peaceful and relaxing (Photo: @ hongthi_1102)

In addition, this place also has a blue and poetic lake. The surface of the lake is slightly rippled, sometimes the type with a few wings flying in the sky makes the scene even more poetic. Although the lake is not too large, there are still fish species on the bottom of the lake. If you come here in summer, drop your feet in the cool water, or sit in the shade to fish, it’s really interesting, isn’t it? 
 chup-anh-dap-tam-giangCheckin is super beautiful at Tam Giang dam (Photo: @lengahniez)the-beautiful-ear-tam-giangCheckin is super beautiful at Tam Giang dam (Photo: @ hungt.ng)

Every time the sunset light falls on Tam Giang dam, you will encounter a scene where the surrounding village children go back and forth across the dam to reach Mang Lang Church, or the women carrying goods. came home after a tiring day of labor. This idyllic but loving scene has inspired many poets, writers, …

What to eat when coming to Tam Giang dam?

After visiting and having fun, remember to enjoy the delicious rustic dishes here. The Cai River eel is one of the specialties here. The skin of the fish is extremely crunchy, chewy, the flesh of the fish is firm, delicious, and when eaten, it has a very fatty leopard flavor. In addition, the eel here also has high nutritional value.
 fish-sauce-tam-tam-giangGrilled eel – a must-try dish when coming to Tam Giang dam

Eel in Tam Giang Dam can be processed into many delicious dishes such as grilled eel, fried eel with chili salt, eel hotpot, … no matter how you process it, you will certainly not be disappointed by the degree. This dish does not bring deliciousness. 

It can be said that Tam Giang dam is not only an important irrigation project in Nau country, but also an extremely attractive tourist destination. What are you waiting for without making a plan to come here to dispel all the fatigue and pressure.

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