Tet ‘away from home’ is still fun with a series of attractive tourist destinations in Dalat

Tet is a time to be with loved ones more, how to not experience boredom? Come to the foggy city to explore all the tourist attractions of Da Lat for attractive families to welcome the new year with many interesting activities together. 

Dalat travel destinations for family impressions

1. Zoo ZooDoo

The zoo is designed in a unique Australian style, located about 40km from the city center. This place is located in the middle of immense green space in Da Nhim commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong. A destination that is fascinated by both adults and children, along the way, you can admire the poetic scenery through immense pine hills, brilliant flowers along the road.Dalat tourist destination for family - Zoodoo zooPhoto: @ tee.eit.jan.77Dalat tourist destination for family - visit Zoodoo zooPhoto: @zoodoodalat

Owning a large and friendly space, suitable as a place to relax, forget all troubles, is a place for parents and children to immerse themselves in the wild natural scenery. To zoo ZooDoo Dalat children have a chance to visit a whole animal world that seemed visible on television, such as the sheep wool white, ponies lovely, kangaroo, monkeys, … Hand feeding them and playing around will make the little ones extremely excited. 

– Open to visit: from 9am to 4pm.

– Entrance fee: from 50,000 – 100,000 VND.Dalat tourist destination for family - Zoodoo zoo funPhoto: @thaogarcia_bunny

2. Strawberry gardens

Dalat is a temperate climate, so it is very suitable for growing vegetables and fruits. In it, strawberry farms and gardens are a favorite destination for families. Parents and children experience farming in the green mulberry gardens. Hand-picking succulent red strawberries grown using clean organic method, ensuring everyone is eager to participate in this memorable activity.Dalat travel destination for family - visit the strawberry gardenPhoto: @ linhphan1404Dalat travel destination for family - visit the strawberry gardenPhoto: @emmachanshouse

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3. City garden

Referring to the tourist destinations of Da Lat for Tet’s family , it is impossible to ignore the flower garden area of ​​the city. Located near the center, moving will not take much time. Here, everyone is admired with beautiful views overlooking the romantic Xuan Huong Lake. As expected of a flower city, the spacious garden is decorated with all kinds of beautiful and beautiful flowers to watch and check in brilliantly.Dalat tourist destination for family - check in city flower gardenPhoto: @ meltr.91

There is also a horse rental service for parents and children to take souvenir photos. If arriving at the end of December, when the Dalat Flower Festival takes place, this place is even more attractive with impressive activities such as festivals, exhibitions, flower displays, … For those who love flowers and want to bring some. When the air comes back from Dalat, you can choose any tree like that to be planted at your home. Dalat tourist destination for family - sightseeing city flower gardenPhoto: @hiimbellacollins

4. LangBiang Mountain 

LangBiang Mountain is not only a favorite check-in place for young people, but also an interesting family picnic destination. Located in the midst of majestic highland mountains, here people are immersed in the vast nature, admiring the miniature city of Dalat right under the eye. At the foot of the mountain is the space of gong culture, ethnic-style eco-tourism resort.Dalat tourist destination for family - check in Langbiang MountainPhoto: @_nga_dtn

The family experiences a Jeeps ride to the top of the mountain, sitting on a hill enjoying the cool air in the mist. Dress up with the kids in dusty cowboys, try horseback riding and take pictures or watch them leisurely graze. A trip out of the city breathing fresh air for everyone unforgettable moments together.Dalat travel destination for family - visit Langbiang MountainPhoto: @ minju0708

5. Dalat Milk Farm

The dairy farm is located on Lam Vien plateau , famous for its very peaceful Dutch style. The most typical examples are the classic European bungalows, the green fields, the statue of grass. Coming to Dalat tourist destination for this family , children will be the most excited because they can run and dance as much as they want, struggling on the soft grass like velvet rugs.Dalat tourist destination for family - visit DaLat Milk FarmPhoto: @moymyngamy

Not only that, the whole family visited the dairy farm, took the grass for the cows by hand, visited the pasteurized milk processing factory. Tired of playing, don’t forget to immediately enjoy the delicious milk boxes to regain energy. Especially, if you come to Dalat Milk Farm around November and December, then the golden flower season here begins to bloom. A poetic scene of yellow flowers appeared in front of them, everyone was spoiled for watching and taking pictures to check in. Dalat tourist destination for family - flower DaLat Milk FarmPhoto: @fynahereDalat tourist destination for family - DaLat Milk Farm fresh milkPhoto: @ kul.lntruong

6. Bao Dai Palace

Da Lat in the past was chosen as the resort of kings, mandarins and the name most closely associated with this place was King Bao Dai – the last king of Vietnam. In this city, there are now 3 palaces: Palace I, Palace II and Palace III of him are still intact, each with monumental architecture. Located in a lyrical and passionate natural environment, it is a tourist destination in Da Lat that is loved by many people.Dalat travel destination for family - visit Bao Dai PalacePhoto: @ delly3110

With the family here, you will learn about the cultural beauty, admire the royal items used in ancient times. Wearing ancient costumes to transform into a king, queen, and prince to save memorable moments. Take pictures with wax statues, ride a horse cart around or visit the working areas, accommodation, dining, garden … of the king and family at that time. Dalat tourist destination for family - check in the Palace of Bao DaiPhoto: @raunhot

7. Cu Lan Village

This tourist destination for family Da Lat is a picnic area located at the foot of LangBiang Mountain, surrounded by poetic pine forests. Come here with your family to feel the peaceful atmosphere with nature and colorful flowers during the 4 seasons. This village has lovely little houses, garden corners, lakes, … so taking pictures with your family is a difficult opportunity to ignore.Dalat tourist destination for family - visit Cu Lan villagePhoto: @ yakult_milo1720

Cu Lan village is full of traditions of the people of the Central Highlands, peaceful and distant from the chaotic outside life. Take a walk around the village, if you want to experience the new feeling then go by Jeep. In addition, there are many other interesting activities to experience with the members such as rafting on the lake, visiting traditional houses, camping overnight with dancing by the flaming fire, … Dalat tourist destination for family - Cu Lan villagePhoto: @ tientien9.6

8. Tuyen Lam Lake

An ecotourism area is located in a breathtaking city umbrella, where there is a vast lake and tranquility amidst the cool blue sky, creating a charm to visitors. Traveling to this place, you can take a boat ride, enjoy the scenery by the lake with brilliant cherry apricot trees. If you take a boat upstream, you will visit the maple leaf forest, the green strawberry garden. Dalat tourist destination for family - boating Tuyen Lam lakePhoto: @ taigioi_95

Try the fun kayaking on the lake, visit the dam. Romantic check in on the wooden plank bridge stretching out in the middle of the lake. If you want to stay longer than your family, you can book a room to rest in the luxury Terracotta resort like Europe. The houses are fully equipped, with a panoramic view of the lake for everyone to gather and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Dalat tourist destination for family - resort by Tuyen Lam lakePhoto: @ benz.mind

9. Golden Valley

Lost in the vast scenery of pine forests, Dalat Golden Valley is like a fairyland with so many attractive landscapes. This family tourist destination Dalat is chosen by families to be immersed in the dreamy natural atmosphere. Be admired and photographed by flower gardens, small landscape and bonsai, … brilliant. Experience canoeing, duck riding or overnight camping by the misty lake.Dalat tourist destination for family - Golden valley flower gardenPhoto: @ c.april61Dalat tourist destination for family - Gold valley campingPhoto: @ thangwin13

10. Dambri waterfall eco-tourism area

The resort is an interesting destination for relaxing moments with family. Here, people go to the chute or hike to see the majestic beauty of Dambri waterfall, go fishing on the lake. The challenge of walking on a steep bridge in Chau Ma village to explore the lives of indigenous people. Or learn about traditional brocade weaving, participate in Tay Nguyen Gong Festival.Dalat tourist destination for family - check in Dambri waterfallPhoto: @boy_quyetDalat tourist destination for family - duck pedal Dambri tourist areaPhoto: @ zamina60

The gentle, dreamy city of mist is famous as a destination for couples. However, there is no shortage of tourist destinations in Da Lat for families to explore and have fun together. Weekends, Holidays or New Year, everyone experiences interesting activities here to both relax and still have time together.

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